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#85 - What the **** did you just ******* say about me, you little bi…  [+] (1 reply) 01/06/2013 on Asian driving -13
#87 - anon (01/06/2013) [-]
I don’t give a fuck who you are or where you live. You can count on me to be there to bring your fucking life to a hellish end. I’ll put you in so much fucking pain that it’ll make Jesus being nailed to a cross in the desert look like a fucking back massage on a tropical island. I don’t give a fuck how many reps you have or how tough you are IRL, how well you can fight, or how many fucking guns you own to protect yourself. I’ll fucking show up at your house when you aren’t home. I’ll turn all the lights on in your house, leave all the water running, open your fridge door and not close it, and turn your gas stove burners on and let them waste gas. You’re going to start stressing the fuck out, your blood pressure will triple, and you’ll have a fucking heart attack. You’ll go to the hospital for a heart operation, and the last thing you’ll see when you’re being put under in the operating room is me hovering above you, dressed like a doctor. When you wake up after being operated on, wondering what ticking time bomb is in your chest waiting to go off. You’ll recover fully from your heart surgery. And when you walk out the front door of the hospital to go home I’ll run you over with my fucking car out of no where and kill you. I just want you to know how easily I could fucking destroy your pathetic excuse of a life, but how I’d rather go to a great fuckng length to make sure your last remaining days are spent in a living, breathing fucking hell. It’s too late to save yourself, but don’t bother committing suicide either… I’ll fucking resuscitate you and kill you again myself you bitch-faced phaggot. Welcome to hell, population: you
#63 - "Its OK, I have my... BAT CREDIT CARD"  [+] (1 reply) 01/02/2013 on Fuck. +5
#70 - scarytown (01/02/2013) [-]
AHAHAHAHAAAA!!! That part was SO corny!!
#58 - Smells a helluvalot like /r9k/ in here of late... feel threads…  [+] (4 replies) 12/28/2012 on Today's World +1
#73 - swagbot (12/28/2012) [-]
Sorry for the stalkerposts, but I read this a few hours ago and it's been in my head since; this... is a damn-good comic.

The girl's diatribe at the end is the best-written explanation of a "girl's-side-of-the-beta-sad-friendzone rebuttal" i have yet read on this site, and as such it has advanced the discussion I've been having with myself about this subject:

To repay the favor, here are some things i noticed in that post;
- I think I, as well as a lot of other 'nerdy, introverted' guys, want a relationship of a certain quality with a girl.
- Thus, the conflict like in the comic happens because;
1. Guys (in their youth) aren't able to reconcile the stuff that they feel is interesting in video games, manga etc. with ACTUALLY DOING COOL STUFF in the real world.
2. Thus, they never appear as alphas to the girls they are interested in.
3. Thus, the girls start getting to the 'crush/dating' age, and start picking out the assholes.
4. And then, the guys see this, and start doubting the quality of the girls they were interested in in the first place.
5. Then, the conflict like in the comic ensues.

Sorry for over-intellectualizing this, but I have found that the first step to solving ANY problem is understanding its structure and source. I don't like leaving these posts in the murky area of "Oh that gave me a feel.' Most adults don't realize this, but the nerdy-guy-never-gets-the-girl problem described in your comic is actually indicative of a serious societal problem (step 1 in my progression). I think it is preparing our generation for dangerous familial malfunction as we grow into our middle age and assume responsibility for the world...
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#70 - colossusshadow (12/28/2012) [-]
Yeah, I guess r9k has just been infecting fj.
Tis a horrible time indeed
#59 - anon (12/28/2012) [-]
seen two of your comments.

somebody's depressed tonight.
#60 - swagbot (12/28/2012) [-]
#136 - Yup...  [+] (3 replies) 12/28/2012 on Dat childhood feel +7
#162 - siq (12/28/2012) [-]
Why did you have to post this, man?
#150 - acidreign (12/28/2012) [-]
well fuck. You just summed up the cause of my depression.
#151 - supermandan (12/28/2012) [-]
Here, take this image.
I use it often.