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#695 - yea, because they then most likely would have shot each other …  [+] (1 reply) 12/16/2012 on Gun Control -1
#735 - toethumb (12/16/2012) [-]
I'm done read "most likely would have shot themselves and a few kids" and well you win that situation would totally would happen because when i shoot my guns thank goodness there aren't people shooting around me because I might up and shoot my coworkers or mistake the guys with guns for small children or even risk their lives by firing at said bad guy with children caught in the crossfire
#561 - germany 100 million, america 300 million. still a factor of 12…  [+] (2 replies) 12/16/2012 on Gun Control +2
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#565 - bostpost (12/16/2012) [-]
it's sad isn't it...god, what's wrong with the world?
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#602 - chickenfarting (12/16/2012) [-]
Population per Deaths
England & Wales=1,437,858
#552 - the difference between meth and a semi is that meth can be mad…  [+] (2 replies) 12/16/2012 on Gun Control 0
#559 - creepyunclebob (12/16/2012) [-]
Why did you say that to me? I didn't make any comments on the shooting or gun control, I just didn't think ninjalazor's comment made sense.
#567 - underaserpentsun (12/16/2012) [-]
sorry, heat of the moment. you got caught in the crossfire.

(get it?)
#537 - try this article for an overview:  [+] (1 reply) 12/16/2012 on Gun Control -1
#574 - jrondeau (12/16/2012) [-]
Your own article claims that you are full of shit sir:

"Perhaps the most popular statement made in the case against guns, is that a gun kept in the home is more likely to kill a family member than an intruder. This stems from a 1986 article by Arthur L. Kellermann and Donald T. Reay which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Although several aspects of Kellermann’s work have drawn criticism from peers, it may indeed be true that a gun is more likely to kill a person in the home than an outside invader, especially considering that more than half of all lethal gunshots are self-inflicted. But that doesn’t mean guns are more likely to harm their owner than protect them. In fact, guns are used to defend their owners more than a million times each year, according to Criminologist Gary Kleck. Unlike Kellerman’s study, Kleck examined all reported incidents involving guns instead of just those resulting in fatalities. What he found was that when guns are used defensively, the overwhelming majority of the time they are never fired. Because no one is killed, these incidents generally were never considered by researchers such as Kellerman. If they were, he would have found that a gun kept in the home is twenty-seven times more likely to stop an attacker than it is to harm anyone—including the attacker.

While we certainly have more of them, and more murders involving them than other countries, the number of privately owned guns continues to increase while the number of murders committed with them continues to drop.

And finally, the chances of a gun being used to harm a family are incredibly low, especially compared to the chances it will be used to protect one."

Gun deaths where the someone the owner knows is killed are almost always suicide according to this article.

Here's a chart you may find useful in your future endeavors to advocate gun control.
#520 - imagine you are on the other side of that pistol. how would th…  [+] (1 reply) 12/16/2012 on Gun Control 0
#527 - cheastnut (12/16/2012) [-]
this guy (swing and-a miss)
#514 - ironically, no. every idiot can grow weed. to build and sell a…  [+] (1 reply) 12/16/2012 on Gun Control 0
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#522 - dawgfan (12/16/2012) [-]
Mexico is where the gang lords will go and plus what about the guns people already own?