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#138 - If he's not Wron then who is?  [+] (1 reply) 03/17/2016 on Chinese Love Doll 0
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#139 - arzyk (03/17/2016) [-]
#54 - >Best gun >Springfield 1911 instead of Colt What…  [+] (3 replies) 01/25/2016 on Gun Porn: Modern Pistol... 0
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#76 - throwawaytroll (01/25/2016) [-]
the colt doesnt even have an external extractor, this is a MODERN pistol post.

colt does NOT make the best 1911s anymore.
#155 - kfdnpah (01/25/2016) [-]
While I agree with you that Colt does not make the best 1911's, as far as I know, the best 1911's (Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, etc) as well as Springfield Armory's 1911's use internal extractors, so I'm not really sure where you were going with that. There are new 1911's coming out every year, and it's still used by many parts of the US military, so I think the 1911 definitely still counts as a modern pistol.

Furthermore, while Colt is far from the best, for the 1000-1500 price range, they make a fine pistol. I'd take a Wiley Clapp Gov't model or a NM Series 70 over a Springfield TRP, but that's just me. Springfield's 1911's are made in Brazil and are filled with mim parts, while Colt has machined parts. The jury is still out on whether or not this drastically impacts practical performance but usually, you don't buy a 1911 for practical reasons. Honestly, a Glock 21 does everything a 1911 does and more for a fraction of the price. You buy a 1911 for the history, feel, and craftsmanship, so little things like finishing and mim can matter a lot.

Just my 2 cents, and make no mistake, I love any and all 1911's and my fellow 1911 enthusiasts!! Happy shooting y'all!
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#70 - softlyrustled (01/25/2016) [-]
The higher end Springfields shit all over Colts.
#5 - delahk 01/24/2016 on Cats don't wait 0
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