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    OP's wife is dead OP's wife is dead
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    Oh youtube Oh youtube
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    Dogs are loyal Dogs are loyal
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    Morgan freeman - 1  God - 0 Morgan freeman - 1 God - 0
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    Oh youtube Oh youtube
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#74 - I agree with you I don't notice much of a difference between 7… 09/27/2015 on Scambag YouTube 0
#204 - Thanks OP, I snapped my tendon in my left hand at work I thoug…  [+] (3 new replies) 09/18/2015 on Feels Good -2
#238 - aizeinstein (09/18/2015) [-]
> Has serious tendon problem.
> Does somethint that says "how to fuck your tendon"
> Blames others

You're special snowflake, buddy.
User avatar #219 - culinaryexplain (09/18/2015) [-]
You thought that a picture captioned "How to fuck your tendon" would make your pain better? Not to mention thinking something on the internet would help.
#207 - gigabowzer (09/18/2015) [-]
**gigabowzer used "*roll picture*"**
**gigabowzer rolled image** I did something stupid, so I am going to blame someone else. hurr durr.
#54 - Why is it the government's duty to get you employed? Not tryin… 09/16/2015 on asdfasdfasdf +3
#9 - Must be pretty poor to not be able to afford that phone bill. … 09/10/2015 on What's the emergency? 0
#30 - This guy in the content is actually a dick imo. The former ob…  [+] (8 new replies) 09/10/2015 on Airline passenger's complaint +44
User avatar #61 - alfrebecht (09/11/2015) [-]
I gotta second anon here.
We have no reason to believe that story.
User avatar #55 - ManicalMayhem (09/11/2015) [-]
After reading both articles and letters I feel it probably was the "blogger" that was being an asshole. I mean in his letter he did not even take the time to get to know the Attendants names, and if you have a legitimate complaint to make you make note of people's names who wrong'd you. So I think the Blogger was an entitled asshole, and the "Large guy" maybe admittedly should have bought 2 seats if he had to think about it then it should have been the case, but in no way does he deserve to be ridiculed.
User avatar #40 - purelemon (09/11/2015) [-]
what's stopping someone making this shit up? Like it was believable until he started listing the names of the flight attendants he would of met a year ago briefly. Complete bull.
#77 - comradewinter (09/11/2015) [-]
Exactly what I was thinking. And that the names look so generic. Pretty easy to pull them out of the ass. Even if it had been true, it's still his word against Rich's. And frankly, I'm more inclined to believe Rich's story, given how ridiculous it'd be for him to complain about an overly obese, smelly man if he's not even obese nor smelly.
User avatar #79 - distortedflare (09/11/2015) [-]
Oh because the asshole could not possibly be lying? And the photo that the dude so called took of the obese man has been circulating the internet for years so he lied about the photo at the very least.
User avatar #82 - obese (09/11/2015) [-]
Someone took a picture of me?
#81 - comradewinter (09/11/2015) [-]
Why would you openly harass someone for something they haven't done? It's an excellent way of getting your ass kicked at the very least. For all we know, both stories could be faked.

Came across this trying to get to the bottom of it. Has no relevancy, but too cringe-gold not to share. Tumblr-feminist goes on an airplane:

#37 - anon (09/10/2015) [-]
This sounds like bullshit. A fat person that wanted some attention and took some picture in a plane, made up some names and that's it.
#29 - Knew it was fake. Horrible acting the girl is half ass smiling… 09/05/2015 on Brutal execution +1
#75 - I can't handle feels right now I'm missing my mom too much. … 09/05/2015 on Straight in the feels 0
#164 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 new reply) 09/02/2015 on (untitled) 0
#197 - vegasstoner Comment deleted by tyroneisanigger
#210 - I just want to add something, if you want good service at a pl… 09/01/2015 on i hate deliverys boys 0
#191 - I want to point this out, I'm not a fan of Hillary or Dolan bu… 09/01/2015 on Politics +1

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