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I am neutral to all parties simply because there is very little I give a fuck about. (Little means nothing)

I prefer getting my thumbs through the comments.

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#133 - AWAKEN MY MASTERS! 06/24/2016 on 2nd Ammendment +2
#197 - Thank you anon. 06/24/2016 on Louis Rossman Hates Apple 0
#196 - nah, I made that one myself to test out the legit version of s… 06/24/2016 on Louis Rossman Hates Apple 0
#139 - Picture 06/24/2016 on twoderrick's profile 0
#10 - Just don't use apple products  [+] (57 new replies) 06/23/2016 on Louis Rossman Hates Apple +656
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#168 - hairydawg (06/24/2016) [-]
If I'd had been able to fully understand that sentence 5 1/2 years ago I surely would've just stuck to my 120g iPod classic and nothing else.
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#151 - otisriedel (06/24/2016) [-]
any more HD memes?
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#196 - twoderrick (06/24/2016) [-]
nah, I made that one myself to test out the legit version of sai paint tool after I bought it.
#78 - zeroqp (06/24/2016) [-]
**zeroqp used "*roll picture*"**
**zeroqp rolled image** wrong reaction picture for that comment. this is better.
#65 - anon (06/23/2016) [-]
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#197 - twoderrick (06/24/2016) [-]
Thank you anon.
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#22 - tazze (06/23/2016) [-]
I have a OnePlus One, the times I almost brick it while installing new custom ROMs because I get bored extraordinarily easily can't be counted with an 8 bit unsigned integer, it's still hella fun.
#42 - atomschlumpf (06/23/2016) [-]
OnePlus One bros. Tho I only use the rooted stockOS. I can remember my time playing around with different ROMs, tho. These days it's not really worth my time anymore
#48 - tazze (06/23/2016) [-]
I've tried using OxygenOS (2.1.4 I think) but it just goes apeshit, half of the time it refuses to recognize my SIM, and when it does, it says it's roaming all the time (it's not), it also doesn't recognize my MVNO and doesn't show networks properly, it does it like this.
User avatar
#49 - atomschlumpf (06/23/2016) [-]
Wait, there's a OxygenOS for the OnePlus One? I'm still running the CynogenOS which recently got updated to Cyanogenmod 13 with Android 6.0.1
User avatar
#51 - atomschlumpf (06/23/2016) [-]
Huh, oh well there's no real reason to change for me. I love CyanogenOS
User avatar
#55 - tazze (06/23/2016) [-]
well I'm picky as fuck so I was getting some fairly mild but for me very annoying problems with network connectivity, like, suddenly dropping out of the network for no good reason so I decided to start trying different ROMs, I fucked the recovery up once during that time but now I have a custom CM13 ROM and TWRP is functioning normally
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#14 - satanicllladvocacy (06/23/2016) [-]
but their phones are kinda nice

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#206 - defski (06/24/2016) [-]
Jesus, the android circlejerk is strong here. Personally, I like iPhones because they just do what I want them to do. So yeah, They Just Work™
Every iDevice I've had has lasted me 4+ years. Just don't break your shit and your're golden.
User avatar
#207 - satanicllladvocacy (06/24/2016) [-]
i see androids as training wheels for the iphone. i mean honestly ive been using an iphone for 6 years now and ive never broken one. i guess i just know how to appreciate the value of something.

#18 - marno (06/23/2016) [-]
They're decent. But way overpriced. I never understood people that pay more than $60 for a phone though. There are loads of phones you can get, cheaper plans, barely noticeable gap in specs. I have been using $50 phones since phones were all actually $50. I have never paid more than $45 monthly and have the same data plan as everybody else that's shelling out like $80 to Verizon and ATT.
User avatar
#242 - yodaiam (06/29/2016) [-]
Could you give me an example of a _$50 phone that meets or nearly meets an android flagship? For this example, we can use the Motorola Droid Turbo 2
Specs www.gsmarena.com/motorola_droid_turbo_2-7713.php
User avatar
#252 - marno (06/30/2016) [-]

There are some gaps, but you would probably only notice if you wanted to watch or shoot an HD movie or something. If you want to spend an extra $450 on a slightly better movie experience, be my guest. In every other way, these phones are just fine. They exceed the Turbo 2 in some areas.
User avatar
#253 - marno (06/30/2016) [-]
Also, I made a mistake. I meant to do the Lumia 640 not the 650.
#224 - anon (06/25/2016) [-]
Good luck getting a decent phone for that little these days. Besides, a smartphone like an iPhone or Galaxy is really more like a handheld computer with a phone function built into it than a proper cell phone.
User avatar
#225 - marno (06/25/2016) [-]
Exactly the fool I'm talking about. Fucking anon.
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#203 - frostdrachen (06/24/2016) [-]
45$ per month? What the hell? I get unlimited 4g internet and unlimited messages / calls for 30€ (about 34-35$)and it's probably the most expensive packet for normal consumers. You can get it on higher speeds than 50 mbps but they're unnecessary.
#193 - firsttimecaller (06/24/2016) [-]
I was offered a free Iphone 6 from sprint when I needed a new phone, declined.

It's not the price point, it's the company.
User avatar
#181 - etfhan (06/24/2016) [-]
See about getting a new Verizon plan. I'm moving back to America soon, so I am looking at service prices. Last I was there, I paid $45/mo for unlimitied text and calling, and .25 gb what a joke . Now, according to the website, $45/mo gets you several gb/mo, and there's even a $30 option with 1gb.

Also, never buy phones on contract, just pay for them up front. Contract phones are like leased cars, a nice scheme companies use to squeeze you for more money.
#177 - phuquogh (06/24/2016) [-]
$45 monthly? where do you live? and what do you get for 45 dollars monthly?
User avatar
#149 - poordutchguy (06/24/2016) [-]
Did you guys not listen to his videos? Apple products are of great value if the device does what YOU want it to do. Maybe the motherboard is a piece of shit, that can't be argued, but if you spend 30 minutes less on your phone making business calls or typing e-mails, than on an android, that means an iPhone is more valuable for YOU.

I am not saying that an iPhone works faster, does things faster or anything, all I'm saying is that the value of a product is measured by the requiremens that YOU have.
User avatar
#139 - captchakid (06/24/2016) [-]
I'll gladly pay for a $600 S7 Edge for the novelty of the screen and the specs within. Why? It'll last me a good 5 years at the very least and will do everything I need it to. I'll also gladly pay Verizon 100+ for a 4 phone plan with 6gb shared data and have 4G LTE literally everywhere in the United States, and even in many places in Canada/Mexico, at no extra charge, rather than get Sprint or something and get 4G in my hometown, maybe, and probably not anywhere that isn't a major city.

That's why people pay for Verizon (The largest and most successful carrier in the US) and for more expensive phones (They will last and be useful for a very long time, as well as looking good).
User avatar
#182 - etfhan (06/24/2016) [-]
#181 I just commented about this, saw your comment and needed to share.

Prices have gotten really good! 18gb for $100/mo, and 6gb for $60. At&t also got even cheaper, but idk about their service.
User avatar
#204 - frostdrachen (06/24/2016) [-]
What the hell? I get unlimited 4g internet and unlimited messages / calls for 30€ (about 34-35$) and it's probably the most expensive packet for normal consumers. You can get it on higher speeds than 50 mbps but they're unnecessary.

Welcome to Finland I guess, the home of the mobile phones.
#191 - anon (06/24/2016) [-]
....i pay 2€/month for unlimited data use BUT the speed is quite slow... Still fast enough for casual browsing

Texts and such are couple cents each though.. But i mostly use the internet anyways
User avatar
#79 - zeroqp (06/24/2016) [-]
I paid 1 800 SEK for my phone, and pay 95 - 145 SEK a month for it (most of the time, 95 SEK), and I'm happy.
User avatar
#75 - mypickinuraxe (06/24/2016) [-]
I hate when people use "It's overpriced" as an argument for something. I'm not poor and can afford an expensive phone. I saw this one /b/ thread where the guy said how he's getting a new laptop and you had to convince him not to buy a mac, assuming money wasn't an issue. I don't have a screenshot, but I'm pretty sure no one could really come up with anything other than it's harder to play games because you have to dual boot to windows. I was given a mac as a gift so I use it for everything but gaming.
User avatar
#52 - makomirocket (06/23/2016) [-]
$50, ha
I need a 5.5"+ 1080p+ screen because I'm stuck watching stuff on my phone for 3+ hours a day
4000mAh battery to keep it going all day streaming video over 4G
A decent camera too

what can you possibly point to that is $300, let alone $60
User avatar
#32 - pokemonstheshiz (06/23/2016) [-]
"way overpriced" isn't really a valid argument anymore. Look at Android flagships of the same specs, they're all around the same price. Sure, there's cheaper Androids that work decently, but no one is buying an iPhone because they want a "just decent" phone, they want something with all the bells and whistles
#210 - anon (06/24/2016) [-]
"over priced" is the definition of a product NOT having the bells and whistles one is paying for. le mark up
#152 - anon (06/24/2016) [-]
And within a couple months realize they only needed four features and the rest never get used.
#39 - anon (06/23/2016) [-]
android phones usually have much better specs though
User avatar
#241 - lisreal (06/29/2016) [-]
My Droid Turbo supposedly has better specs than the 6 Plus, but its battery is disappointing and is laggier than my 6 Plus that I use for media mainly. I love my Turbo and all I've owned is Android (Droid, Droid RAZR, S3, Turbo), but I walked into that store with my mind set on a 6 Plus last year. After seeing the prices though I quickly said fuck that and got the Turbo for literally the price of tax not including a $150 account credit promo for trading in my S3. I basically got paid for taking that phone out of the store so Android phones tend to be much cheaper since there are so many versions and (at least in Verizon) a lot of promotions going on. I hate to say it but I like the look and simplicity of the 6 Plus, but structurally its a fragile piece of shit, overpriced, and sickeningly unsupported by Apple like everything else they make. Unless they have a budget friendly phone (not like the 5c) that I can get, I am sticking to Android or I'd even try Windows before shelling out $600+ to them.
User avatar
#36 - marno (06/23/2016) [-]
Android flagships are overpriced too. Any phone over $100 probably isn't worth all the parts inside. They use marketing schemes to get you to pay literally 6 or 7 times the phone's value. And people actually do it.
User avatar
#37 - pokemonstheshiz (06/23/2016) [-]
"Any phone over $100 probably isn't worth all the parts inside."
So, companies charge more than the cost to make the product? Who'da thunk it
As someone who's used low end phones, there's a big difference if you use it often. Mid-tier phones are still expensive, but for the most part the high end phones do have a lot of features and reliability, you just have to determine for yourself if they're worth the extra cost. Being a product a lot of people carry around and use all the time, they deem that worth spending the extra money on.
User avatar
#41 - marno (06/23/2016) [-]
Not unless they last 20 years! Because they would have to in order to meet the cost to use ratio of the phones that I buy. I really don't care if you have a "dual core typhoon processor" you won't be playing angry birds or sending texts any faster than me, your internet won't be any better, and both our phones will crack if dropped from high enough. Maybe you can take nicer pictures, and your speakers are better. So that's something. Pretty much everybody uses earbuds on their phones anyway. I don't think I'm missing out on enough to shell out an extra four or five hundred dollars every couple years.
#93 - anon (06/24/2016) [-]
Lol, dual core? Shiiit mine has 8 cores. And for all the productivity done on phones now. There are plenty of places that can use or need it. So phones over your price range are quite worth it if you can use it
User avatar
#45 - pokemonstheshiz (06/23/2016) [-]
Most phone companies have upgrade plans that let you get a newer version every X years for a couple hundred. Either way, you're obviously not the type of person who enjoys/appreciates things like this, so why do you care? I'm sure you spend extra money on some useless bullshit occasionally, just to splurge. So why judge people who splurge on a product that will last them several years?
#47 - marno (06/23/2016) [-]
User avatar
#62 - moronsky (06/23/2016) [-]
if you don't think that high end smartphones are worth it, that's fine, but as pokemonstheshiz said, why judge people who do think so. There are people who may use their phone more often than you do, or use it as a multimedia device for watching series and other stuff.

And of course they will cost more than the raw cost of the material, someone has to design and concept that shit, code the android skin they want to ship with it, give customer support and give updates. Of course there are companies who charge WAY more than it is worth, but there are also companies who don't (oneplus one basically sells the same phone like the samsung galaxy s7 with the only major differences are that it's "only" FHD and has a slightly worse camera for 399$, which is still a lot of money, but costs at least 300$ less than it's competitors)

Besides, "you won't be playing angry birds or sending texts any faster than me, your internet won't be any better, and both our phones will crack if dropped from high enough." this are the exact reason why they pay more, because of better build quality(yes there are also flagship smartphones who can survive a drop), to surf faster, be play games better, have little conveniences to write faster/more efficently or to multitask better

If you don't like it, that's fine, but other may find it unreasonable that some of us pay so much for a gaming PC or a nice car. Choose what makes you happy, just don't be dick about it or be to naive when you buy something
User avatar
#169 - oneentity (06/24/2016) [-]
I have got Oneplus One for more than a year now and that shit runs perfectly.
It's fast, smooth, makes great photos and batery lasts forever.

I've even dropped it on concrete/stone from 1+ m height several times and only damage I got was slightly splintered edge of the screen protector.
User avatar
#30 - ChewyConor (06/23/2016) [-]
$45 per month is still retarded to pay out.

Buy a half decent phone outright with cash or on just about any credit card and pay it off monthly and then get a sim-only plan. It will save save you money.

I'm in the UK soay be different but I recently bought my phone for £130 ($200) and pay £14($21)/month for 4GB data and more calls and texts than I can get through (Ive been on that plan for a while now so could probably find a better deal).

Total cost over 2 years is £466 ($700) or an average of less than £20 ($30) per month.
User avatar
#140 - captchakid (06/24/2016) [-]
Okay on Verizon I got my phone new (Galaxy S4) for $200 on a 2 year contract, after that I owned the phone (Its been 5 years). My parents pay for 4 lines, on 6gb shared data (Have never once ran over 4gb used in a month), costing each of us ~$30/m per line. It has unlimited calls/text for everyone.

That's $920 bi-annually if i upgraded every 2 years (I don't, because phones last well past their upgrades). I get 4G LTE everywhere in the US and free international calls/text. I have never once not had service in any of the 20+ states I've traveled in over the last 5 years, including towns with populations less than 2k and cities with more than 2 million.
User avatar
#35 - marno (06/23/2016) [-]
The monthly plan you describe does not exist in the US. We have a bad problem with telecom monopolies and collusion. You can buy a phone and a sim, and do prepaid. That is what I do. But no US citizen has paid a $20 phone bill since the mid 90's for a landline. And even then it was rare.

$45 is pretty cheap by our standards. I had a plan for $30 but they took it away and made me switch to something with less data, and twice as expensive. So now I'm on the $45 thing, which isn't the CHEAPEST I found, I could go lower, but it would be on a network that doesn't service my home. So I got what I got.
User avatar
#38 - ChewyConor (06/23/2016) [-]
Fair enough. That is some bullshit there though. That must suck. I'd have expected it to be cheaper over there but certainly not THAT much more expensive.

My landline phone at home cost me literally negative money; I told my broadband provider I might look elsewhere if they didn't give me a better deal so they lowered my total bill by throwing in a landline and calling it a combo deal.
User avatar
#20 - satanicllladvocacy (06/23/2016) [-]
if given the choice of any free phone which would you choose
#33 - anon (06/23/2016) [-]
Whatever is the most private whilst also being a smartphone.

And it should be water restiant with a dedicated camera button and have a lanyard that attaches to the lower left corner of the phone.
User avatar
#21 - marno (06/23/2016) [-]
Blackberry PRIV probably. But that's just for the physical keyboard. I also actually remove and replace my battery and use SD card slots so apple products are not for me. But the specs are good, and the OS is nice. Windows phone OS is my favorite, I love being able to organize my home screen with all the live tiles in whatever shape and size I want. But there are almost no apps for it. I'd take iOS over Android, but android phones usually have better design options.
User avatar
#24 - satanicllladvocacy (06/23/2016) [-]
fair enough, I hate full keyboard and I used to have a blackberry, biggest complaint is how difficult it was to keep clean, especially in so-cal where you sit in your car 6 hours a day sweating on your phone. the iphone 5 is the best phone design there is imo, it didnt take me long to get used to the keyboard, but i use talk to text 90% of the time anyway so it doesnt matter. i just like the size and weight of it...like it has actual weight and it is pretty durable despite how much i abuse it.

#13 - karvarausku (06/23/2016) [-]
**karvarausku used "*roll picture*"**
**karvarausku rolled image** I use superior android but you still gotta give him credit.
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#15 - satanicllladvocacy (06/23/2016) [-]
wow you beat me to it
#39 - People have different tastes.  [+] (1 new reply) 06/23/2016 on That Hitbox +25
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#98 - themanwithavoice (06/23/2016) [-]
Different strokes for different folks
#8 - There are some things that you might miss but nothing major. 06/23/2016 on MGS 0
#309 - **twoderrick used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **twoderrick rolls 96… 06/23/2016 on Roll dubs, get banned 0
#2 - literally took 2 seconds to find  [+] (6 new replies) 06/22/2016 on moon +1
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#3 - kamusioso (06/22/2016) [-]
So what's it's name? The big one is Luna, the small one?
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#7 - jimdon (06/22/2016) [-]
Diana maybe?
User avatar
#8 - kamusioso (06/22/2016) [-]
Sounds about right
#4 - seatherten (06/22/2016) [-]
User avatar
#5 - kamusioso (06/22/2016) [-]
I would have said Desmond, but okay
#6 - seatherten (06/22/2016) [-]
Well actually right now its just an asteroid with an ID that is called "mini-moon"
#597 - **twoderrick used "*roll picture*"** **twoderrick rolled image ** 06/22/2016 on What's in the bag, FJ? 0