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#51 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
Why didn't canterlot fantasy make it anywhere anyway?
I think we talked about it for about a week and then stopped. It was kinda weird.
#78 to #68 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
The Royal Castle can be the main brony thread (/b/ equivalent?)
Ponyville can be the RP section
The Moon can be the more mature part of the site
Canterlot can be the moderator section

and sub-locations inside of the areas (except for the moon, which has three areas: The Light Side, the Dark Side, and Luna's Crater) The Light Side houses intimate RP, the Dark Side has gore, and Luna's Crater is full of both?
#79 to #95 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
In ponyville, Will it only consist of ponyville or will it include all of equastria?
#80 to #96 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
I think Ponyville has enough locations.
#81 to #97 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
True, But seeing how I am going to celestia I was hoping I could roleplay in canterlot.
Maybe just the major locations, Ponyville and canterlot.

#82 to #98 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
We'll highlight the more important locations in both Ponyville and Canterlot. (Luna's Room maybe?)
#83 to #99 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
Maybe in the RP section we can have 2 or 3 major threads that represent the major locations, And then in those we can have smaller locations such as housings made by the users and then have larger threads stickied up on top, Things like town square and canterlot castle or something. Then, Maybe we can have even smaller locations inside those, Like in canterlot castle there can be the throne room, Kitchen, And celestia's and Luna's rooms. Basically one big threadception.
Its may seem complacated on paper, But it can be easy to do. Of course most of the RP will be happening inside major locations like town square.
Also, The registration should be set up like an equestria immigration form, Our /b/ should be called something silly like trollestias toilet, And I think the moon should be for locked thread we don't like, As if there are banish.
Just my opinions.
#84 to #100 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]

I think our /b/ should be something like "The Royal Canterlot Basement" and our mature threads should take place in the royal bedrooms. The gore threads can be in the attic.

The courtyard can house one or two "normal" threads
#85 to #101 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
I think the gore should go on in the basement. The basement just seems like a good place for gore.
The /b/ Needs to be called something as random as what goes inside so it won't be mistaken for a roleplaying section.
Maybe something involving discord.
#86 to #102 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
Hmm...Discord's Closet?
#87 to #103 - pinkamenadianepie (02/11/2012) [-]
Discord's banana bag?
The canterlot garden might be a good place, See how it houses the statue of discord.
#52 to #68 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
I honestly have no idea...
#53 to #69 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
Heh, I just googled canterlot fantasy, The first two links are to pony thread 2.
#54 to #70 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
07/06/2011 - The birth of Canterlot Fantasy

I think the only reason why we tried to create CF is because of the "war"
The H.A.R.M.O.N.Y is still online...
#55 to #71 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
I still think its a good idea.
#56 to #72 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
We WILL create this website.

#57 to #73 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
If we ever get a team back together.
And we actually do something productive.
#58 to #74 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
Are we still going to add the "Dark Side of the Moon" once we actually buy a domain?
#61 to #75 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
I don't know if this is the nostalgia talking, But I am as excited for this as I was when we first thought of this.
#62 to #78 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
Maybe it's the fact that we might actually finish this.
#64 to #79 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
Maybe, Maybe not.
I have ADHD so its hard to focus on a goal for an extend period of time, So you'll have to do that for me.
#66 to #81 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
That's why we'll "hire" people to do it by offering them moderator positions.
#67 to #83 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
And maybe roles as important characters.
#68 to #84 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
Now, we must wait for the proper time to recruit.
#59 to #75 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
I don't remember saying that, But hell yes.
Add all of the locations.
All of them.
#60 to #76 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
It was supposed to be a section for...more intimate RP experiences.
I think Harpica was supposed to be in charge of that.

I think the Royal Castle should be the main hub and Ponyville should be the RP main-subsection
#63 to #77 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
Maybe, I was thinking of an older roleplay I used to play where each area was split up into different threads, So their would be a ponyville, Canterlot, Ect ect, And inside will have its own sub sections, Like twilights house, Suger cube corner, Stuff like that. Not sure if that would actually work, Though.
#65 to #80 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
That actually might be potato enough to work.
#69 to #82 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
Well see, Firsts things first, We need a domain. I have a lot of birthday money laying around but I don't think my parents would like be buying a website.
#70 to #86 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
A proper domain isn't really that expensive.

Hell, I found a domain for $2.00 a year.
#71 to #87 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
Well like I said, I don't think my parents would like me trying to buy a website, They don't like paying for anything they aren't familiar with, And by extension they don't like me buying anything they aren't familiar with. Do you have any money?
#72 to #88 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
Cash? Yes.
Credit? No.

Say it's for the greater good of the internet and it will improve your overall interaction with people.
A main-mod need to communicate with their community and we can move the fabulous fillies from here to there
#73 to #89 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
I could do that, Buuuut...
I really don't want to, Even just sitting here I really can't muster up the courage to even think about it that hard.
And besides, My parents aren't here anyway, They won't get back until sunday.
#74 to #90 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
We still need to confirm the layout before we buy a domain.
#75 to #91 - pinkamenadianepie (02/10/2012) [-]
True, What are you thinking?
#76 to #92 - trixiepinch (02/10/2012) [-]
A top-down map?

We can have a map of Equestria as a directory.
#77 to #93 - pinkamenadianepie
(02/10/2012) [-]
That is a really good idea actually, Why didn't I think of that?