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I think we have just about everything figured out. We just need to make it. into reality.
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Of course they are going to report on us. We are a new pony website, That at least deserves a spot in a roundup.
User avatar #239 to #256 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
They even referenced FJ at one time...
User avatar #240 to #257 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Yeah, They are going to mention us.
User avatar #241 to #258 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
Only if we finish.

Or maybe even before it's completed.
User avatar #242 to #259 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
We need some sort of psysical evidance we are going to do this.
As such, We need a domain and at least a few working web pages before trying to spread the word that much.
User avatar #243 to #260 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
We'll save that for another day.

Tomorrow, maybe?
User avatar #244 to #261 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Tomorrow. We get the domain tomorrow, I do NOT want this to fade back into the background so we get it as soon as possible.
User avatar #245 to #262 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
Alrighty then.
User avatar #246 to #263 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
I'm going to go to bed now, See you tomorrow.
User avatar #247 to #264 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
G'night Will.
User avatar #216 to #212 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
We need to find a graphic designer first...
User avatar #217 to #234 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
We are going to need a bit of help.
Think the promise of an important role will be enough to buy a few designers?
User avatar #218 to #235 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
I hope so...
User avatar #219 to #236 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Hey, fabulous fillies are nice. We can find at least a few people willing to help in some way.
User avatar #220 to #237 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
Nice to some extent.

Would moderator positions suffice?
User avatar #221 to #238 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Just about any of the mane characters are most likely to be moderator. We could also ask for donations to help keep the site up and/or put up adds, And give the ones helping make the website a cut.
User avatar #222 to #239 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
This is either going to turn out really good or really bad...

But, it never hurt to try.
User avatar #223 to #240 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
It only hurts when it fails.
User avatar #224 to #241 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
But think about the success...

We could be the new Equestria Daily!
User avatar #225 to #242 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
But were not equestria daily, Were canterlot fantasy.
We are talking about an entirely different site here.
Saying were going to be the new equestria daily imply s they are going to fail.
User avatar #226 to #243 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
Who knows, we might actually finish this.

If lemonparty.org was created, Canterlot Fantasy can rise.
User avatar #227 to #244 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Oh me, Don't even mention that horrid website.
The only reason THAT became mainstream was because it was fun to troll people.
But yes, Canterlot fantasy will get there. Eventually.
Of course I have trained my self to always expect failure but keep trying anyway. If I do fail, I won't be as disappointed. If I don't fail, It make success all the more sweeter. Savvy?
User avatar #228 to #245 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]

We should start recruiting tomorrow and see how it goes from there.
User avatar #229 to #246 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Savvy. Have I ever told you how much I love that word?
Savvy savvy savvy.
User avatar #231 to #247 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
I just love slang that isn't amerifat. American slang is terrible.
User avatar #232 to #248 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
So, Got any ideas if the website does take off?

User avatar #233 to #250 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
...We can try to bring the old fabulous fillies into Canterlot Fantasy,
User avatar #234 to #251 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Once we have a site up we can always try and get a spot on equestria daily. Our users will go up by atleast 20%.
Did I depress you with the whole "Expect failure" Thing? Its not supposed to be depressing. And besides, We are REALLY damn close to actually getting something done. We started the project A YEAR AGO, We just pulled this straight out of development hell.
User avatar #235 to #252 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
It takes a lot for someone else to make me depressed, so no.

Maybe we should ask Equestria Daily to advertise it for a little bit.
User avatar #236 to #253 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Its a my little pony news site, So they are going to talk about us when they find use any way. And they are eventually going to find us.
User avatar #195 to #212 - trixiepinch (02/14/2012) [-]
We just need to recruit a team to do it for us.
User avatar #196 to #213 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Where do we look?
User avatar #197 to #214 - trixiepinch (02/14/2012) [-]
We could ask the thread or Ponybooru.
User avatar #199 to #215 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Both. Why not both?
User avatar #200 to #217 - trixiepinch (02/14/2012) [-]
Lets start recruiting tomorrow when there's more people.
User avatar #201 to #218 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Sure. Anything else we should cover before hand? Otherwise we should really write what we have down.
User avatar #202 to #219 - trixiepinch (02/14/2012) [-]
Hmm...A layout?
User avatar #203 to #220 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
I think we have an idea for the layout, We just haven't agreed on one of the ideas yet.
User avatar #204 to #221 - trixiepinch (02/14/2012) [-]
So, a bird's eye view of Equestria?

When we click an area, we need a transition instead of a changing screen.
User avatar #205 to #222 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Maybe we can have a brief flying noise (The sound of wind flying by) as the camera zooms in fast?
User avatar #206 to #223 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
Maybe just a blur and fade?
User avatar #207 to #224 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Thats actually what I was going for, The camera blurs with the wooshing noise, (Making it look like it zoomed in) And fades to the next screen.
User avatar #208 to #225 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]

We should make the noise optional though.
User avatar #209 to #226 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Of course, Why not just build it into the profile options?
User avatar #210 to #227 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
Alright, should we allow them to change the account layout?
User avatar #211 to #228 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Why not just make it like every other profile, And they can put as little or as much information about themselves as they want. I not sure how much changing the profiles would do.
User avatar #212 to #229 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
What about the banners?
User avatar #213 to #230 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Well, Of course they can change banners.
You know what, Let them change the background too.
The default should be a file paper on them, Like they were pulled straight from the canterlot archives. Or whatever.
I want the profiles to be of the ponies, Not of the players behind them. Of course you could make it about the player behind them but I would encourage making them about ponies.
User avatar #214 to #231 - theprincessluna (02/14/2012) [-]
I was talking about the site banner...

But that works too.
User avatar #215 to #232 - pinkamenadianepie (02/14/2012) [-]
Oh, I apologize, You didn't really change the subject all that well.
Site banner? That's a tough one. I'm thinking something...Royal looking. Big fancy Shakespearean letters saying "Canterlot fantasy" In gold trim, Curved slightly. We can leave a lot of it up to the graphics designer, Though.
Or we could change the banner every so often, Like equestria daily.
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