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#104 - Are you referring to only the 1st crusade? Of course the crusa… 9 hours ago on Religion of Peace 0
#43 - I thought funnyjunk was moderately alt-right but then I actual…  [+] (1 new reply) 10 hours ago on How to trigger a dude #5 0
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#48 - brokentrucker (9 hours ago) [-]
#9 - Wait...are you serious? Any basic research into the inquisitio… 16 hours ago on Religion of Peace +14
#7 - To be fair the 1st one was in response to Muslims invading Chr…  [+] (18 new replies) 16 hours ago on Religion of Peace +52
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#205 - enlightednatzie (2 hours ago) [-]
Spain should have stayed muslim tbh. Now thei'r a bunch of lazy mexicans
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#177 - captnnorway (5 hours ago) [-]
But you know, if you were to talk to one of the IS grunts, they would probably tell you they are fighting against an oppressive power that has brought instability to the region, or that that fighting was the only thing left they could do because their life was destroyed by the conflict.

People never set out to be evil, "everyone wants to be the hero in their own story". Now I'm not saying terrorist attacks and beheadings and all the other war crimes aren't evil, but it's probably justifyable from their point of view. Imagine if aliens attacked earth, suddenly you have 1000s of ordinary citizens who lost too much who are willing to pay anything to harm the aliens. Add that with constant indoctration and suddenly you have lots of people who thinks blowing up civilians is an acceptable way to harm the invaders.

Remember, if you've never seen or heard anything of the enemy, except the sound of their bombs somewhere in your city, then it's easy to think that they aren't here to save you, but rather exploit the fact that your country is in ruins in order to get more oil or power or whatever.

This actually turned into a way longer rant than I wanted, and now I'll be late, and I might have derailed completely, but oh well. Sorry bout that
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#98 - failtolawl (10 hours ago) [-]
The Crusaders sacked and killed Jews, they sacked and killed Hungarians, they attacked, sacked the Byzantines.

Once those countries started protecting themselves, the crusaders turned to taking over.

If they were merely "defending themselves" from the Muslims in Spain, they wouldn't have gone to the other side of the fucking world to attack Jerusalem.
#149 - lulzdealer (7 hours ago) [-]
The Crusades weren't one unified movement. They came in individual waves led by individual lords.

Basically everyone took their own private armies and used them in a vaguely common goal.

With that in mind, yes, some of the lords who headed some of the armies were grade-A assholes.

#104 - trickytrickster (9 hours ago) [-]
Are you referring to only the 1st crusade? Of course the crusades were a military invasion. I didn't say the Crusades were caused by the Moors in Spain, that was my second point. They were mostly caused by Muslims attacking the Byzantine Empire. You don't amass that large of an army and just stop when you won one battle. They fought their way through enemy territory for 4 years and won it all. You think the Persians or the Romans or any other army were kind to their enemies? Why are the Crusaders trying to stamp out Islam and keep it from coming back at the Byzantine Empire treated so differently? Were they ruthless? Ya. So were the Muslims though. It was the 1000s, shit was a lot more ruthless.
#20 - firereadyaim (13 hours ago) [-]
logged in just to type this but you already had
#18 - anon (13 hours ago) [-]
If the First Crusade was really a completely defensive war, then they wouldn't have conquered Jerusalem. Part of the Holy Land was under a completely different Muslim state (Fatimid Caliphate) than the one the Byzantines asked for help against (Seljuk Empire). Hell, the two followed completely different branches of Islam and were enemies; the Fatimids even sent an envoy to the Crusaders to discuss an agreement where they wouldn't attack each other (which the Crusaders rejected).
#8 - failtolawl (16 hours ago) [-]
#11 - shepshifter (14 hours ago) [-]
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#23 - hatedpanda (12 hours ago) [-]
>two sources
>both written by the same person that made the picture
>look up the book
>doesnt show any references
All you did was prove him right
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#179 - severepwner (5 hours ago) [-]
9 times out of 10 this is what happens. When information is presented to you that disagrees with your initial statement, simply bullshit your way to invalidating your opponents source! That way no matter what information, citation, or fact he presents you, he can never be right because you won't let him! Genius!
#47 - shepshifter (11 hours ago) [-]
If you want more info it isn't hard to use google for information, This was an image that I had saved off hand simply because it presents the information well.

"both written by the same person that made the picture"

You got me confused by that. one is an article by Paul Crawford, the other a book by Rodney Stark, I assure you they are different people.

The infographic was made three years after Crawford's article and not by crawford if that is what you are getting at.

Yes the book doesn't have a massive page of sources, many don't; but, it is likely that the evidence it presents is factual due to having a fairly reputable author.

looking into Crawford's article, which you clearly did not, one would find a lot more info alongside a wall of sources if that suits your fancy

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#49 - hatedpanda (11 hours ago) [-]
I can use google to prove Monster Energy drinks are the work of the devil, it doesnt prove shit right.
Why would you trust something knowing full well it doesnt reference any historical document that would back its claim?
#58 - shepshifter (11 hours ago) [-]
You didn't click the link, did you?

Don't be dense. You can google anything and find people who believe it. Difference is one is a suburban mom, the other is a pulitzer prize nominee who has been a professor at multiple universities. Placing both on the same level of reputability is very illogical.
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#65 - hatedpanda (11 hours ago) [-]
Oh ive clicked the link, ive been to religionofpeace a bunch of times, its like reading a teenagers conspiracy blog.
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#79 - shepshifter (10 hours ago) [-]
you have me confused, I never once mentioned religionofpeace
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#80 - hatedpanda (10 hours ago) [-]
replied to the wrong guy
#9 - trickytrickster (16 hours ago) [-]
Wait...are you serious? Any basic research into the inquisition will teach you that it is nothing like the way the media portrays it (shocker). I mean I would say fake Jewish converts got the bigger brunt of it (and some were certainly not even fake), but Muslims certainly were targeted too. Do literally any research of your own.

As for the crusades....I hope you're not asking for sources on the justification of the crusades...The first crusade was in response to parts of the Byzantine Empire falling under Muslim control, as well as Spain, battles for Southern and Central Italy, Northern Africa, Syria, and Egypt, all Christian countries. They were knocking on Constantinople door.
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