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    Pooh Pooh
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    Not off to a great start Not off to a great start
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    Hank Dosen't mess around Hank Dosen't mess around
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    I Almost Died I Almost Died
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    Too Soon? Too Soon?
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    Things Black People Never Say Things Black People Never Say

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#37 - mrswagly (10/20/2014) [-]
Just because something naturally occurs doesn't mean it's morally right and why do think you can give someone the perfect life they'd want? Are you so financially stable that you could support someone their whole life time and are your genes what the child being born would want physically? I also never said my life was shitty, but I don't like the fact that I'm experiencing consciousness and I know one day it will end and that will be it, an eternity of nothingness. No one considers the fact that THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY FOR AN UNBORN CHILD TO CONSENT, SO DON'T FUCKING HAVE KIDS. I'm not gonna go out and enforce this shit, I'm just saying you can't be morally in the right unless it was involuntary.
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#58 - trevcars (10/20/2014) [-]
But creating life isn't morally wrong just because you think that. I mean creating life is important. No child has ever literally meant "I wish I were never born." Everyone knows they will eventually die. Most will ignore death until let's say they're about 45-then for the rest of their lives they just mentally prepare themselves for the inevitable. But is that a reason to just not live? Is that really why we should just stop creating life altogether? Because we're going to die anyway? I feel like if this is your true thoughts on life that there must be something missing in yours. You should never feel selfish for having a child and I think it really sucks for you that you feel that way. Also I just wanted to make it clear that although I feel continuing the human race and getting to experience the love of raising a child is important, I do not agree with young unemployed people having babies. Being financially stable is a must in my opinion.
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#54 - corropted (10/20/2014) [-]
woude you like to never have been borned? do you see that peaple who had good family's dont regreat life? woude you stop a life from being born even if it COUDE be something great? are you going to stop some one from experiencing the wonder of living? you may say that being born without your ok, is a bad thing i understand, but if you woudent have experienced this at all, how woude you feel? in the sence that you coude