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#8 - *little sister's best friend yanderes are loyal t…  [+] (20 replies) 02/10/2016 on Nisemonogatari / Oreimo 0
#9 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
Her bitchiness, for whatever reason, is exaggerated in the anime compared to the novels, and they left out quite a bit of her "dere" parts.

Kyousuke figures out pretty early that she actually cares a lot about a great deal of things. Knowing that, he finds her abrasiveness endearing in a weird way. I also think it's endearing.

Don't get me wrong, I understand why people dislike tsunderes and think they're annoying. I've just always had a thing for em. For some reason I think it's adorable as shit.

As for yanderes, I wasn't aware killing your significant other if they so much as spoke to another woman was considered "loyalty."
#10 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
yanderes don't necessarily kill their significant other for "just" talking to another girl

I mean, if my girl (if I had an actual one, from animes not included) and she were a yandere and saw me talking to another girl, I'd go and answer her questions truthfully if she were to ask these questions
#11 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
But we're talking about animus, not real life. Man this picture is getting some mileage.

Regardless, if I had to choose between high maintenance and a at least potential serial killer that belongs in a psych ward or prison, I'd definitely go with high maintenance.
#12 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
high maintenance? like...pay attention and do maintenance on the girl?

but being a guy, I think I'd need a girl to keep me in check sometimes.
though it didn't work out too well last time, but she (my now ex) kept arguing and I got tired of it

good thing Ayase doesn't really show her yandere side that much in the series.
in the games, however....
just pick the choices that any loyal boyfriend would do
#13 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
Some people need little arguments to keep a relationship from getting too stale. I'm one of those people.

As far as Kirino and Kyousuke go, bickering is seriously their favorite pasttime. They legitimately enjoy it.

I have played Ayase's route in the game. While not my favorite type of character, I did enjoy seeing her go full yandere. It was satisfying in a weird way. Fun fact, as you can see in the picture, Kirino also has a yandere ending.

High maintenance meaning keeping them happy is an active effort. Taking them on dates, paying attention to them etc. Still pretty normal "good boyfriend" stuff.

#14 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
my ex liked arguing a lot. and it happened a few days into the official relationship. I mean, we could talk just great, but she just loved arguing. and I got tired of arguing.
especially the kind of arguing where I tried to use different arguments to make her see things my way and her using the same argument over and over. and when I finally gave in, she still insisted on arguing, until I told her not to argue with me anymore and that she had won.

I didn't play the game. I watched this guy DizzyZiddy or something on youtube.
I don't have a ps3, ps4 or handheld playstation thingy, whatever the newest is
I had no idea Kirino had a yandere ending. isn't there also some sort of a lesbian ending somewhere? someone's stalking Kirino and Kirino gets so tired of it, she seeks her best friend's comfort and her best friend promises to always protect her (while looking pretty yandere at the same time) I might be wrong, but I think that Ayase was the stalker here.

and Ayase has a stalker in the anime as well, but that hasn't been explained anywhere.

yeah, no, just make the right choices. be honest so you don't get stabbed. I can talk my way out of pretty much anything, but still, I'd have to be honest with a girl like that, especially when there's a blade at my throat
User avatar
#16 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
Oreimo PSP IF Routes  Kyoto Trip Part 2 Ending English Closed Captions

There's the Kirino yandere ending. Also, I don't know if you like AMVs, but you might enjoy these:

Ayase: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VhHjXUh4NA
Kirino: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrjd27pv690
#17 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
seen the Ayase one

personally, I liked another AMV a bit more. the bloody Ayase one scared me. not that I am easily scared or anything. okay, yeah, I am. I think
at least it has Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba (same voice actors/actresses as Kyousuke and Ayase)
#15 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
Considering it's a visual novel, watching DizzyZiddy's videos is pretty much the same thing as playing it. I forget how you get Kirino's yandere ending, I just know you slip up somewhere. She loses it, tells Kyousuke they'll "be together forever," and breaks his arm. She also calls him "onii-chan," which even makes it creepier considering it's Kirino.

There is a "Forbidden Yuri" route. I haven't played it yet (I need to), but I do have the picture you're talking about.

As far as yanderes go, I'd rather not even have the possibility of dying horribly, thank you very much.
#18 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
onii-chan scary?
isn't it so that Kirino calls Kyousuke "aniki"?

I'd like to know that I'm dead when I die
I wouldn't fancy being buried alive, thank you very much
doubt a crazy yandere girl will remain yandere as soon as you've started a family with her
User avatar
#19 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
Oreimo AMV  Clarity Rework

It's just that she never calls him "onii-chan," which is more cutesy, while "aniki" is more respectful (as far as I know, at least).
I have seen Irregular at Magic High School. I liked it, although it's not really my cup of tea. I believe Manami and Kuroneko's VAs are also in it.

Since you seem to like sappy stuff too, I whipped this AMV up a week or two ago. I'm still new at editing, so it's pretty rudimentary, but hey, gotta start somewhere.
#28 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
levann polka
I know it under a different name

replying here
cause out of space
shitload of purple lines

that just means that I'll have to REALLY look around
but hey, I got like six days in Tokyo
that does not mean I'm spending every breathing moment of it in Akiba, though
Harajuku 2 hours or something like that
and some time at Nakano Broadway. huge-ass mall I believe
and of course, need sleep
haven't booked anything in Akiba, but something a few stations off
#20 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
it's pretty good
slow start, but pretty quick after the first minute

do you know which episode it is where Kirino, Kanako and Ayase are at the beach?
because I can't remember which one it is
User avatar
#21 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
I kinda tried to have the video follow the pace of the song.

That scene is actually from one of the openings.
#22 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
shit, one of the openings?

I mostly skip every opening
because they're 1 minute 30 seconds of time wasted if the song isn't to my liking
User avatar
#23 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
Irony Porter Robinson Remix HARAGASHI VOCAL EDIT

But...but Irony, man.
#24 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
I liked Oreimo, but not the opening songs
not really

personal taste
#25 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
I mean...okay.
It's just so damn catchy.
#26 - trevanman (02/10/2016) [-]
to me there's other stuff that's really good
one of these DizzyZiddy videos had an april fool's thingy going on with Ayase/Saori Hayami laughing like a maniac.
downloaded that, cut out all of the talking so there was just the laugh
I use that laugh as my alarm on my phone
was doing some grocery shopping the other week when I heard a familiar voice and realized my alarm was still on. luckily nobody heard.

any idea if they're still selling Oreimo merch in Japan, or anywhere in Akihabara?
going there this summer and a vlogger Abigail-somethingsomething (no idea what her name is, but she's a friend of MaxMoeFoe) showed that there's less and less Oreimo merch every year
User avatar
#27 - IrishSasquatch (02/10/2016) [-]
Ha, it's okay, my alarm was set to Hatsune Miku doing Ievann Polkka and it went off in a job interview once. The interviewer started dancing.

I'd imagine there is still a decent amount in Akihabara. Hell, they still sell it at cons and stuff. It's been a few years since the series ended, but there are still new figures and stuff being made. E.g. (Not NSFW, but kind of risque) www.crunchyroll.com/store/p/174669/KURONEKO-From-the-bedroom-17th-Scale-Figure-Ore-No-Imouto-Ga-Konnani-Kawaii-Wake-Ga-Nai