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User avatar #410 to #418 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
Times moved quickly for me, 2-3 weeks ago a same sex relationship would've just been kinda weird in my eyes, a lot of emotions got thrown about and boop, now I think "yunno, I could really do this"
#411 to #439 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
Maybe because mine was online and it wasn't me that wanted to get into a relationship, but the other person

But it kind of ruined it forever after that experience. I was always uncomfortable.
User avatar #412 to #440 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
Never a relationship if it get's based on pity or it's forced :/ Well mine is basically fully online and I still like the guy. Well no-ones going to force you, but just saiyan, some guys are different *shrugs*
#413 to #441 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
I think I'll just stick to real life, and women. No matter how silly they act.
User avatar #414 to #442 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
^ I just wonder to my self, what's going inside of people like theirs heads? I find it hard to even comprehend you can be that dumb.

Sound logic I suppose
#415 to #443 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
Well here's one about one of my guy friends for comparison
User avatar #390 to #418 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
talk to me...
User avatar #391 to #419 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
Just kidding

User avatar #392 to #420 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
d'aww I was kinda in the mood for helping someone, meh

User avatar #393 to #421 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
I need no help, I'm pretty much perfect

So what goes on
User avatar #394 to #422 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
Oh hush nobodies perfect, genuine impossibility

Well I was kinda angry for no apparent reason earlier, changed my music taste forever now, I drew a pic out of it if you wna check my profile pics
#395 to #423 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
Anger for no reason....

I found this song again after not hearing it for years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJJsoquu70o
User avatar #396 to #424 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
It felt so good, like such a rush

I nostalgia'd a bit actually but me right now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acgvRle07GI
User avatar #397 to #425 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
So what are you doing now
User avatar #398 to #426 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
Musics and talking

User avatar #399 to #427 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
WoW and Pandora
User avatar #400 to #428 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
You more pve or pvp orientated in WoW?
User avatar #401 to #429 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
pve, but only because I never pvp. If I started, I might get an interest. I just don't right now though.
User avatar #402 to #430 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
Yeah I getcha there, with cata though you can switch from pvp to pve relatively easy
#403 to #431 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
Cata is easier than Wrath :s

Anyway, you have a girlfriend? (Or similar)
User avatar #404 to #432 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
for sure, blizz is just dumbing down to recruit new people, not caring for the oldies.

I half-have a boyfriend, bit of a blurry topic
#405 to #433 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
User avatar #406 to #434 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
We told eachother we like eachother, but we've decided to just stay friends until we get a good ground
#407 to #435 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
Well I hope it all goes okay

I could never date a guy, something about being called 'babe' or similar just doesn't feel right.
User avatar #408 to #436 - totalrpg (05/18/2011) [-]
Cheers, and probably about 2-3 weeks ago I would've totally agreed with you
#409 to #437 - JohnE (05/18/2011) [-]
Why 2-3 weeks ago?
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