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#59 - Actually it's just for butt ******* random people  [+] (22 replies) 11 hours ago on im back homofags +8
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#60 - kavrick (11 hours ago) [-]
well shit
User avatar
#73 - latadam (9 hours ago) [-]
Actually it's very possible to meet someone who wants a relationship/friendship.
User avatar
#74 - kavrick (9 hours ago) [-]
doesn't seem lik eit
User avatar
#75 - latadam (9 hours ago) [-]
Well i see it all the time, not "i'm only looking for a relationship" but "we'll hit it up some times, and if a relationship seems doable, sure why not".
Maybe people are different where i live, more chill. From what i see in the comps i assume they are.
User avatar
#76 - kavrick (9 hours ago) [-]
I was just thinking about trying out gindr but i have no confidence or experience whatsoever
User avatar
#77 - latadam (9 hours ago) [-]
Just try it out, maybe you'll get a cool guy for your first time who eases you into it (like me).
Always take the due precautions tho, if you have a friend you trust send them the address you're going to and keep them in touch, safe sex, all that stuff.
User avatar
#79 - kavrick (9 hours ago) [-]
I doubt I'd give someone my address, i hate yet to move out and my parents dont know i'm gay. And i'm not the kinda person who does casual sex so i wouldn't fuck someone i just met
User avatar
#80 - latadam (9 hours ago) [-]
Most times people (at least with me, i like meeting older people as they are much more mature and offer good advice, also they already have their life together for the most part) have a place.
Remember grindr isn't only for fucking, i've made quite some good friends in it, one of them even got me a job interview. Of course you wouldn't fuck someone the first time you meet unless it's very special, otherwise i just feel like it's a little bit skanky.
Also goes without saying that if someone tries forcing into you, you cut ties asap. Desperate people tend to be most unpredictable.
User avatar
#81 - kavrick (9 hours ago) [-]
Yeah i had quite a few experience like that on a dating site but i feel like most dating sites are dead nowadays, i'm not really sure if it's worth even giving grindr a shot though, i dont consider myself attractive enough for someone to like, but yeah, confidence issues, which is a even bigger pain because confidence is attractive apparently
User avatar
#85 - latadam (8 hours ago) [-]
Yeah, sites like manhunt and many others are definetly dead. Grindr is thriving tho.
I feel you on the attractiveness shit, i had the same feeling too, but then i learned that personality plays a big factor in the relationships you have. Like i know i'm not attractive and still i get messaged by cute guys and whatnot (I like chubby guys myself, so i don't pay them much mind).
As for the confidence thing i don't think i can offer much advice, i'm a chill guy by nature, either we fit together or we don't, it's all good. Don't try and think "shit what should i be doing am i talking too much do i look him in the eyes am i sitting right", just be you, be chill, and people will reciprocate.
User avatar
#86 - kavrick (8 hours ago) [-]
My main problem is my weight, i'm not sure how exactly bad i am because i honestly dont know what people like or mind, i lost a lot of weight a while ago but recently i've kinda just stopped and that's got my down a lot, but yeah i dont really know what guys find attractive so i worry about that a lot.
User avatar
#87 - latadam (8 hours ago) [-]
Don't worry about your weight (unless it's "can't-get-out-of-bed" weight), lots of guys find chubby people attractive, there's even people who are in Grindr only for chubs.
I weight 242 pounds, 6 feet tall and i'm doing just fine. Hair is a big plus tho. Not exclusive big plus, just a nice plus.
If beefed guys are your type you may find some resistance from some tho, but that's just what they like/don't like which is fine.
You don't have to be a model to be on Grindr, you just have to be a guy and that's basically it, then either people find you or you find them.
I'm not trying to force you into it or anything, just saying it's not only for fucking, and people don't focus only on the physical aspect of the person.
User avatar
#88 - kavrick (8 hours ago) [-]
I'm probably around the same height and weight as you i think, and i prefer cute guys over muscular ones, but i am planning on losing more weight, i'm going to the gym again starting next month, and what did you mean by hair?
User avatar
#91 - latadam (8 hours ago) [-]
Also props on the gym dude, you can do iiiiit
User avatar
#92 - kavrick (8 hours ago) [-]
Hopefully, last time i had a trainer and he really put me off, wanted me to come in every day, do weights, and change my entire lifestyle to fit the gym
User avatar
#89 - latadam (8 hours ago) [-]
Just body hair in general, you know chest, belly hair and the likes, just a little fluff for extra coziness.
User avatar
#90 - kavrick (8 hours ago) [-]
I cant seem to grow body hair... maybe it's just because i'm still young but i dont have luck in that area...
User avatar
#93 - latadam (8 hours ago) [-]
Probably, i don't know what age you are, i'm going to assume 18~21?
User avatar
#94 - kavrick (8 hours ago) [-]
User avatar
#95 - latadam (8 hours ago) [-]
Yeah don't worry, that's definetly normal. I started growing it very young but i've seen people older than me who can't even grow a beard yet, then people younger than me who look like a lumberjack. It'll start growing at some point, i assume it has to do with hormones and whatnot, also remember we end puberty at around 18-23 ish.

Also on the trainer thing, that's just wrong, but don't renounce a trainer if you can get one, they are a BIG aid, both motivationally and routine-wise.
Anyways, imma hit it off now, any other stuff you wanna talk about feel free to hit me up at any time, i'll answer as soon as i read it.
Good luck man
#96 - kavrick has deleted their comment.
User avatar
#78 - latadam (9 hours ago) [-]
And by the (like me) i meant that i got a cool guy for my first time, not that i think of myself as a cool guy. I'm a lame legume.

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