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#798 - Well, no of course you won't feel the money coming back to you…  [+] (1 reply) 05/22/2012 on socialism sucks 0
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#839 - drdres (05/22/2012) [-]
It's a shame that it's the only way, though... I wouldn't mind lower taxes here in Sweden, but we got close to 50%. I mean 40% would probably work.
#192 - I live in Scandinavia, Denmark to be precise. Sure, I pay 50% …  [+] (101 replies) 05/22/2012 on socialism sucks +447
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#1505 - Ruspanic (05/23/2012) [-]
The problem with socialism is that when people receive services for "free" they begin to feel entitled to those services. Therefore it's very hard to go back. What happens when the government can no longer afford to pay for your education?
Worse yet, what happens if the government goes bad? Consider how much power it'll have over the people, who now rely on it for so many things.
If you're ok with the government having a monopoly on such essential services as education or healthcare, then you'd better have unwavering faith in your government.

At least in capitalism you can be sure that anything in demand will be provided (though not always at an affordable price). Nearly always it will be provided by a variety of independent sources, which compete with each other. Capitalism runs on self-interest, a force that will always exist in any society. With some government regulation it can be quite a good system.

The other thing you should consider is that people do have property rights. They own their money and should in theory be able to choose how to spend it. We generally make an exception when it comes to taxes - mainly for practical purposes. But the more money you take from people to redistribute in the form of government services, the less freedom you allow them to use their money as they wish. When the government takes and spends tax money, it's basically asserting that a) you don't have a right to your money, b) others have a right to your money, and/or c) the government knows better than you do what to do with your money. Luckily our governments derive power from the will and consent of the governed, but even so it means that the majority that dictates public policy can control how others spend their money.
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#1508 - Ruspanic (05/23/2012) [-]
Long post is long.
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#1520 - ddaappoo (05/23/2012) [-]
Would you rather live in a free market state?
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#1529 - Ruspanic (05/23/2012) [-]
That's hardly the only alternative. I favor a market economy with some regulation to protect individual rights.
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#1523 - drdres (05/23/2012) [-]
No civilized country have a closed market. Altough a lot is owned by our governments, private corporations are all free to do as they please.
#1503 - anon (05/23/2012) [-]
There is a lot of manifestations going on in here in Québec (Canada). Students are outsides of classes fighting a raise of 85% in the education fees. According to many, countries from Scandinavia are examples for us. Our situation is better than USA but it could be better and I wish the world will show a bit of support for our students because they are having a really big fight against capitalism.
#1490 - FuckingLugia (05/23/2012) [-]
#1456 - bigbohner has deleted their comment.
#1418 - dcj (05/23/2012) [-]
I was happy to give you your four hundredth thumb.
#1365 - joemand has deleted their comment.
#1374 - joemand (05/23/2012) [-]
Really? You're are comparing a country of your size to the USA? You clearly have no understanding of how your economy works, let alone that of the US. With Denmarks GDP only being 208 Billion thus ranking it as 54, it's hardly something to be proud of. Especially compared to the US which is over 15 trillion.

I find it to be a shame that you don't even know what your own country is facing right now, all the while I do. What's more shameful is the amount of people that have thumbed you up.

With this being said, do not try to make judgments on another country when you can't even understand your own. What "greediness" are you possibly referring to? At that, do you not understand the amount of executive orders which Obama has passed? Do you not understand that he has risen our debt 4.6 trillion in his first 3 years, which is more than Bush could do in his entire 8 years? All of which has been used on catastrophic failures such as the billions given to Green energy companies which were already going bankrupt.

Nothing in this world is free. Everything must be paid for eventually, or it will catch up to you and make your life miserable.

P.S. I still can't believe how ignorant you are to economics.
#1494 - kindofcool (05/23/2012) [-]
Thank you so much. Thank you.
User avatar
#1495 - joemand (05/23/2012) [-]
The intelligence of the creature known as a crowd, is the square root of the number of people in it.

Sadly the amount of people who have common sense is diminishing here on Funnyjunk. Thanks for being that one who still has it.
User avatar
#1381 - norbit (05/23/2012) [-]
Thank you, now i don't have to worry about typing 3 paragraphs to this guy just to relieve the stress I got from reading it.
User avatar
#1385 - joemand (05/23/2012) [-]
Haha oh trust me, I was deciding on writing a 10 page paper dedicated on dismantling every aspect of his argument when I decided it just wasn't worth it.

Glad to know there are still people who aren't as "special" as these people.
#1391 - norbit (05/23/2012) [-]
You are the true hero in this thread, and I don't care if I'm the only one who realizes it.
#1255 - elguso (05/22/2012) [-]
Good sir may I present you with all the internet. You win them today.
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#1127 - aesguitar (05/22/2012) [-]
It may not be all Obama's fault, but he ain't helping much.
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#1048 - Krystoking (05/22/2012) [-]
The problem we have with socialism here (Canada) is that the public sector is ruining the economy in many ways. For example;
where I live, a public transit coin collector (this job does not even require a high school diploma) gets paid more than double what a private sector engineer would be paid. Public sector workers also don't really care about their work, since their jobs and income is guaranteed. They also don't pay taxes. The service in our public hospitals is also terrible. I don't know how it is over there, but here we have a lot of lazy shits. There's also thousands of people that sit on welfare and live off of it, not even bothering themselves with finding a job. Why? Because they can.
A more expanded private sector gives people more incentive to work, improves quality of product and service (since there is competition) and reduces the amount of money that the government uses.
#1045 - USAFflyboy has deleted their comment.
#1014 - moggycore (05/22/2012) [-]
Well, I live in Norway, and I know some facts here. Denmark(and Sweden) isn't really that socialistic anymore, Norway is the only remaining fully socialistic Scandinavian country, and let me tell you this, it isn't really that good.1. I can't become a doctor for free if I want to, I need to take up a big loan(studentloan) which takes a lot of years to pay down. I do get SU, which is good. I could go to the dentist as much as I wanted until I turned 18, now it costs a fortune. I can't go to the doctor as much as I want, because it costs incredibly much, they don't really give you all the medicine you need. Our oldhomes(the place where we store the oldfags) is in terrible condition, it's a complete disgrace. Our roads are crap for the most part, they're just good around the capital. I don't mind paying taxes, but not as much as we do, because too much of it goes to the government workers, something that's bad considering that we have too many of them compared to what's needed. I don't think we should either have a socialistic or convservative government, I think we need to have something in between
User avatar
#1511 - drdres (05/23/2012) [-]
Seeing a doctor for an appointment costs about 20$ in Sweden, a dentist check is about 50-100$ depending on the doctor. But you won't get a bill if you have an accident or have baby. The student loan is there if you can't live at home or can't afford the books needed, the courses are free and we get paid to take them (300$). Of course the government can't pay for your residence, if you want to study and not take a loan there are two choices. 1. You live at home. 2. You get a job.
#1016 - moggycore (05/22/2012) [-]
Inb4 butthurt
#989 - mahnamesjakers (05/22/2012) [-]
You have to remember though that a good amount of my fellow Americans are lazy and do not want to work.

Pic unrelated.
#927 - gnegg (05/22/2012) [-]
50% So Sweden isn't worst then!
User avatar
#825 - whiteyswag (05/22/2012) [-]
people blame Bush for the economic downfall which it was partly his fault, but the downturn of the American economy started in the Carter era with the great society. Everyone is to blame (politicians that is)
#694 - thecamwin (05/22/2012) [-]
I couldn't agree with you more. Some people need to be less biased and actually just think about political situations. It doesn't help that influences like Fox News force people into going against anything thats not Republican. Even if you don't like Obama, you should try to understand his goals before resorting to people like Mitt Romney. He's honestly the only presidential candidate who knows what he's doing, without Obama, the public would have been left with another George Bush.
User avatar
#626 - ttotheroll (05/22/2012) [-]
Proud to be a dane.. I fucking love you man.

You're speaking the speech of our people
User avatar
#624 - profarnsworth (05/22/2012) [-]
Our problem is that we pay taxes but it doesn't come back to us. A large part of our tax money goes to paying these politicians pay checks and other projects that do not directly affect the american people.
User avatar
#713 - drdres (05/22/2012) [-]
But that's beacuse your shit is corrupted, ours is not. I don't say this to bash on americans, it's just how it has been explained to me.
User avatar
#738 - profarnsworth (05/22/2012) [-]
It is corrupt and we can't really do anything about it. There are no politicians today who fight for the people. The original commenter was talking about how paying higher taxes is good and what not. Its fine and all until your government becomes a major world power and starts making more and more taxes without giving the money back to you. When your country has as many projects and interests as the United States that money you payed into taxes does not come back to you in any way shape or form. Obama has tried to alleviate the national debt but what he has done is only caused more problems for future generations. People want solutions now, and Obama tried to give them one but solutions take time and thats what Americans don't understand. The real problem with America is that people have become to lazy. We used to have a drive about us, people wanted the "American Dream". We were a hard working, blue collar country with people who took it upon themselves to make their lives better. Now we are a white collar country, who are lazy, and complain about things being so terrible and how someone should help us.

I got way off topic but my point is this. You can pay as much taxes as you want, but if that tax money is not being used for what you want then you will never be happy. For the US we have so many things to pay that the tax payers will never see that money affect them directly. However with all the projects we have in the long run we will benefit from paying taxes. Americans just want immediate gratification, which we will never have.
#798 - thevibe (05/22/2012) [-]
Well, no of course you won't feel the money coming back to you right now, I mean your debt is enormous! It will take a loong time before your economy is back on track, but high taxes is a good way to speed it up :)
User avatar
#839 - drdres (05/22/2012) [-]
It's a shame that it's the only way, though... I wouldn't mind lower taxes here in Sweden, but we got close to 50%. I mean 40% would probably work.
User avatar
#617 - joutei (05/22/2012) [-]
Same here in germany
User avatar
#592 - zignario (05/22/2012) [-]
Wrong, it came before clinton... Watch SIcko by Micheal moore. Interesting film, partly propoganda but stil, a very nice movie. ( and you will learn som shit )
User avatar
#506 - lean (05/22/2012) [-]
Our government doesn't have programs like that...... for taxpaying people.
The system is abused and it is not fair to take higher taxes off the people who have stable income to support more and more people who don't.
#474 - Viggiator has deleted their comment.
#955 - anonymousforlife has deleted their comment.
#977 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Johanne is not insane??
#990 - anonymousforlife (05/22/2012) [-]
Insane might be a bit too much, but imo she has got some pretty crazy ideas who are, in no way, realistic. Just look at the Utopia Enhedslisten wants, it's one of the most unrealistic things i've ever heard.
#974 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Yeah, right. Because equality is insane?
Let's make a few rich people and a get economical raise, and the poor can just die
#471 - asgerfh (05/22/2012) [-]
Socialism ≠ Capitalism

I certainly hope you realize that... I is my personal believe that everyone deserves universal healthcare, because it truly is great. Though I have to say that the reason I think it is possibly to have a working universal healthcare system in the Nordic has to with the fact that we have 'good faith' in our fellow countrymen, due to the fact people are very alike since we don't have such a big country. Neither do we live that many people in the different countries in the north... Due to this, we have to stand united. Unlike the United States of America, we do not find it hard to give away money to our countrymen, since we know they are us very alike, and that the money will come back to us,- in one way or another. Also do we not have 'that' separated ethnic groups...

That is my belief, at least ;-)
#426 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
we have the same system in germany. fucking awesome to live here.
#364 - straken (05/22/2012) [-]
Dude, who's awesome? That's right, you're awesome. Brofist.
#397 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
User avatar
#295 - xuviuz (05/22/2012) [-]
Dane here.

The only thng i can see that is wrong with our system is the ones that just sit on there asses and doesn't have a job, and still get money from the state year after year.

And if you dont belive that this happens i can tell you it does, my mom works with this and she got a client that have been on Kontanthjælp (kan ikke huske det engelske ord) for over 20 years.
#1101 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Norwegian here.

Yes, that is true, but when you get 4000 NOK (norwegian kroner) per month you can't afford nearly as much as you could with a job.

The average norwegian makes between 400000 and 450000 NOK per year. that make about 35000 a month, and then you would have to pay tops 45% in taxes. that will leave you with almost 16000, and in a country as expensive as Norway you 'll need most of that money for food and bills. You can't do shit with 4000 a month.

The biggest problem is that people get "sick", because they will for a period still be payed.
User avatar
#657 - melioracogito (05/22/2012) [-]
Agreed fellow Dane, and it's roughly translated into "cash benefit". According to Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger.
User avatar
#414 - drdres (05/22/2012) [-]
Yeah, but there's always idiots who does nothing to society, they're parasites basically. But as a whole our systems is great.
User avatar
#408 - ost (05/22/2012) [-]
Welfare? Same in sweden, people living on our tax money which could be used for things 10x more useful to society.

User avatar
#311 - jakim (05/22/2012) [-]
Agree.. And of course this is happening.. This is also the only thing I think is wrong about our system..
I believe it's called social assistance or social service in English btw.. :)
User avatar
#319 - xuviuz (05/22/2012) [-]
Alright cheers:)
#280 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
It's a nice observation from the rest of the world looking in, thinking Obama is just prancing around America solving all of our problems and all he needs is "more time". While Bush HELPED get us into this shithole, Obama's not helping get us out. He's already spent more than Bush did in his eight years. He had Congress under his control for the first two years and if he honestly had any good ideas, he could have passed them.
My family earns their money. Combined we make over $150,000 a year after taxes but that is also after working 60 hour weeks, cross-training, and doing extra work for more than one person. We don't get to benefit form any of those social programs because even if we applied, we wouldn't qualify. We also don't have the opportunity to take a "vacation" and hardly take sick leave". There's some who say I'm just a 1%er out for himself and greedy because I'm mad Obama wants me to pay for things I don't agree with. What do I know though? I'm just an 18 year old American who's probably a bugger with a stick up his ass.
#1139 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #4824629 at FJ Pony Thread ** Anon's so silly when he tries to sound like he knows what he's talking about
#272 - ost (05/22/2012) [-]
Skandinaviska bröder
#523 - kongalkohol (05/22/2012) [-]
fak ye - norge!
#307 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Hey, guys! :)
#254 - drdres (05/22/2012) [-]
Everything has laready been said, Scandinavia have been the least affected by the economical crisis for a reason.
#245 - justlikeontv (05/22/2012) [-]
#236 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Supporters from Norway reporting in.

We have the exact same tax system as you Danes. i pay 48% of my income in taxes.

and you know what USA? most of us have a good life, good educations, stable jobs, stable loan and economy, free health care, the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. and don't you come here and say its the oil that have made us this way. Norway is a rich country, buy the people and just as rich as you. We haven't seen a red dime of that oil income. its all put away on a account and saved to pay for pensions, roads, and other stuff. we the people don't enjoy the goods of the money until we turn 65.

all of Norway is payed for by tax money, (most of it at least). we have the highest gas prices in Europe and possibly the world even though we make the shit! but you know what, we still live a good life, because we're not raised to be capitalistic in all our way of thinking.

imo Republicans should be ashamed for being so afraid of a more socialistic politic. The republican way of thinking as fucked really, they fear everything that is free and call it communistic and super Red. even your Democrats is still way more Blue than our countries Bluest party. and Norway is still not communists. neither is Denmark or Sweden.
Having a hints of a socialistic approach in your politics does not make you Russian.

The republican politic remind me of the cowboy era, every man for himself, with no help from no one.
Times change, you can't only think of your self. the choices taken in the USA actually affect all of the world. and if this is the case it means that if all of the US is greedy and have a capitalistic way of thinking, it would crack your economy... just like it did back in 2008.
i personally think that a even more socialistic politic would stabilize the poor economy that the US are experiencing today

not trying to offend anyone, but please see what I'm trying to say before thumbing me down. some new blood in your senate wouldn't hurt.
#1357 - anon (05/23/2012) [-]
#1317 - bemysenorita has deleted their comment.
#1414 - anon (05/23/2012) [-]
Thank you, people who actually work and contribute to society should reap benefits.

Not the unemployed assholes who expect to stay afloat when they don't do anything.
User avatar
#1393 - DivderOfZero (05/23/2012) [-]
So basically you're a selfish asshole. Good for you.
#1444 - bemysenorita has deleted their comment.
#1131 - fluidkarma (05/22/2012) [-]
As an American, I pretty much agree with everything you just said. Your country really seems to know what its doing and how to actually support its own people. It must feel good to know that your success will be someone else's benefit. Thanks for throwing your viking helmet into the ring, jakols.
User avatar
#1119 - kravjohn (05/22/2012) [-]
well said sir
#239 - jakols (05/22/2012) [-]
eeehhh... forgot to log in, sorry about that
#228 - lilnuggetbob has deleted their comment.
#212 - klutzyspy (05/22/2012) [-]
Den lave forskel mellem at være på overførselsindkomst, Arbejderklasse og akademiker-klassen gør at når folk er færdig med at uddanne sig smutter de fra DK for at faktisk kunen tjene penge på at have uddannet sig i alle de år.

Jeg har ikke kilden men jeg ved der er gjort udregninger der viser, at hvis man stopper efter 9 og arbejder, kan det svare sig i mange år at tjene de penge imens folk sidder 3 år i gymnasiet og så 5-10 år på uni.
#1518 - klutzyspy (05/23/2012) [-]
JAja give i mig bare røde tomler for at komme med fakta. Det var ikke engang en personlig mening i det der
#200 - ludvig has deleted their comment.
#969 - anonymousforlife (05/22/2012) [-]
Hvorfor fanden hedder du ludvig herinde hvis du hedder Rasmus i virkeligheden så?
User avatar
#732 - madsmj (05/22/2012) [-]
I think you have got a valid point, but telling someone to go kill themselves and calling them a shithead is not a very good way to argue.

If you want to make a good point at least use some valid arguments and proper language instead of that, then people might listen to you instead of thumbing you down.
#673 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Og hvis du er formand for "the liberal party" (liberal alliance eller hvad?) er det så ikke lidt stupidt at sidde og skrive sådan der. Alle kan jo finde ud af hvem du er så, hvis du altså er formand for liberal alliance ungdom. Rasmus Brygger?
User avatar
#1513 - ludvig (05/23/2012) [-]
Bare for at det ikke skal gå ud over Rasmus brygger, tillader jeg mig lige at sige at det er afdelingen for nordsjælland og jeg ikke er formand, men bestyrelses medlem, mit navn fremgår ikke offentligt nogle steder btw.
#1514 - anon (05/23/2012) [-]
Det er jeg glad for at du siger!
Men du burde stadigvæk, som aktiv politiker, holde en sober tone.
User avatar
#1516 - ludvig (05/23/2012) [-]
Ja, ved jeg godt, havde en dårlig dag da jeg skrev det.

Det er bare belastende at ens skatte kroner går til andre, når jeg selv kunne bruge mine penge til husleje mv.
User avatar
#655 - lasmamoe (05/22/2012) [-]
If you want to make people think Liberals are fucking assholes, then you're doing a good job
User avatar
#244 - gandalfthered (05/22/2012) [-]
THE? socialist party we have 9 parties in the folketing and like 30 other parties where half are liberal

so loberal alliance? konsservative? venstre? df? another?
#243 - gandalfthered has deleted their comment.
#202 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Se nu, dén tone kan vi jo ikke bruge til noget, vel?
User avatar
#203 - ludvig (05/22/2012) [-]
Jeg er bare blevet så træt af socialister, jeg arbejder konstant for at kunne betale husleje, det har jeg gjort siden jeg var 17, og jeg må stadig kun få en SU sats på 1250 fordi mine forældre bor for tæt på min skole.. Jeg får ikke noget ekstra af mine forældre.. Jeg er blevet nød til at melde SU fra fordi jeg arbejdede for meget ved siden af gymnasiet, og så kan sådan et skod ikke engang selv arbejde for sine penge.. Men dem skal jeg betale..
Jeg har klaret HHX med fine karaktere og arbejdet 20 timer om ugen ved siden af. Så kan andre sku også .

User avatar
#686 - melioracogito (05/22/2012) [-]
Det eneste der er surt ved, at socialisterne har magten er, at SU'en er bestemt af ens forældres indkomst. Jeg bliver 19 om to år, og det betyder, at jeg til den tid er færdig med gymnasiet og skal på universitetet i Århus, dermed flytter jeg hjemmefra, men ender allligevel med mindste SU for udeboende, da min far tjener langt over maksimum. Men det betyder sgu da ikke, at min far sender mig penge hver måned til den tid, så jeg kan overleve, altså regner staten med, at vi alle sammen er forkælede møgunger, der stadigvæk for lommepenge, når vi er 19? Det irriterer mig, og så det, at jeg ikke må ryge på gymnasiet efter oktober. Men det går vist ind under first world problems. Ellers er socialismen fantastisk, og du har ingen grund til at gå sådan amok over den.

And sorry for not translating this rant into English, I'm just too much of a lazy fuck.
#537 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
du har en poäng, men överdriver rejält. +sidorna är bättre än de negativa
#480 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Bilder du alvorligt dig selv ind at Liberal Alliance kan ændre noget som helst på det.. For hvis du gør er du idiot.
Se på USA, ingen tjener mere end vi gør i Danmark blandt "almindelige" mennesker, fordi at når skatten falder så følger lønnen efter, man kigger på b-indkomst når man forhandler løn og skat. Dine teorier bygger ikke på andet, end jeres liberale sludder, om at det er synd for folk der arbejder hårdt, og I tager slet ikke stilling til folk der har det dårligt og ikke syder med dagpenge eller kontanthjælp eller efterløn. Som der også blev nævnt af en svensker længere oppe kom vi i norden bedst gennem finanskrisen, så velfærd holder!

User avatar
#265 - ruinsage (05/22/2012) [-]
hvis du tager en universel uddannelse hvor du arbejder 20 timer om ugen kan du tillade dig at brokke dig. Indtil da skal du lukke røven, en gymnasiel uddannelse er ingenting, og hvis du har så svært ved at forsørge dig selv kunne du lade være med at flytte hjemmefra.

and now in english, as im not a complete faggot

If you complete a college education while working 20 hours a week you are allowed to complain. Until then, shut up, a high-school education is nothing, and if supporting yourself is that hard, you shouldn't have moved away from home
#196 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
SHHHHHH dont let people know that
User avatar
#195 - whitenerdy (05/22/2012) [-]
i love how people (Americans) think less of the northic socialism.

lets take Denmarks socialistic parti. As and example compered to a more capitalistic

good/improving economy 1993 - 2001 socialistic party.

gets Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Leader of a more Capitalistic party "venstre" as Minister 2001

Shits goes down the drain. Denmark becomes Greece.
#1059 - blackrunner (05/22/2012) [-]
That dude voted for Helle Thorning!
User avatar
#1524 - whitenerdy (05/23/2012) [-]
hmmm, vote for a guy who first off all stole the position as Denmark spokesman for the Cop15 and there after fell asleep. Or the woman who got extra money from taxes and coulden't return them before a few months after. And for some magical reason the case pops forward right before the vote like she's guilty of anything. Maybe she have a bad public veiw, but that dossen't change the fact that Lars Sucks ass.

- i rest my case
User avatar
#1526 - blackrunner (05/23/2012) [-]
In my opinion only stupid people would vote for Helle Thorning. I can see by the way you're writing "She have" and "dossen't" that you're one of those people.

- I rest my case.
User avatar
#1548 - whitenerdy (05/24/2012) [-]
> Implying bad gramma = Stupidity. What a joke.

it not even an argument, "LOL pplz vote 4 Helle is dumb just becuase i sad so. PS i r 12 and what is this?"
User avatar
#1549 - blackrunner (05/24/2012) [-]
Casually thumbing down all my comments nice kid.
You're 12 I don't think you should be commenting on political issues.
#1551 - whitenerdy (05/24/2012) [-]
Again, all you do is "Hurr durr u r stupid not me." Prove me wrong, but an argument about which induvidual to vote on. Is not won by "who can prove the other to be the most retarded." If it were then i fear for Denmarks youth. Truth be told to even engage in this conversation with you were properly a fault on my side. You can't win an argument against someone who just listens to whatever people are talking about and taking their side even without knowing what the hell they were talking about. But for you to keep trying so hard to prove your point about my age/inteligence just makes out for the fact that you're either yourself a fail troll, or someone who belive themself smarter then other because you read in a newspapir somewhere that Helle Thorning did something, and now you're a masterdegree political debater.

my point is, let the adults do the talking. K?
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#1552 - blackrunner (05/24/2012) [-]
Anon just busted you in pretending you were an american.
How do you feel about that?
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#1553 - whitenerdy (05/24/2012) [-]
Right, so i can't say "good bless America" Because im not American?

Oh the criminal i am. Please cuff me and take me away officer, this is a closed case.
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#1554 - blackrunner (05/24/2012) [-]
You can praise America Np.
But pretending to be an american just to make your point seem more valid is just plain wrong.
#1550 - anon (05/24/2012) [-]
Let alone pretend you're an american funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/3594689/Lawyered/432#432
#478 - anon (05/22/2012) [-]
Ever since Denmark decided to vote for Helle Thorning, shit has gone down the drain.
#942 - anonymousforlife (05/22/2012) [-]
true, it hasn't been better in any way really...
#194 - Lego is from Denmark... That's why we have Legoland - that's r…  [+] (1 reply) 12/15/2011 on Lego +1
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#252 - wildchildgaming (05/23/2012) [-]
the most dangerous place on earth. what if you stepped on something?