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#44 - lovecerealguy (03/18/2012) [-]
hows it going man?
#45 to #45 - thesilence (03/18/2012) [-]
Pretty good, you?
#46 to #46 - lovecerealguy (03/18/2012) [-]
just trying to make friends lol. have you by any chance seen any of my comics?
#47 to #47 - thesilence (03/18/2012) [-]
Yeah I saw the one about your mum being a porn star haha. Is that actually true? Loads of people were asking to see it, as if you'd say "Oh yeah, here you go!"
#49 to #48 - lovecerealguy (03/18/2012) [-]
and the other
#48 to #48 - lovecerealguy (03/18/2012) [-]
lol part of the fun is wondering if its true or not. but i didnt like that comic all that much. you should check out my newest ones. actually ill just post it here. loll
#50 to #49 - thesilence (03/18/2012) [-]
Ah I've seen that one, made me laugh, didn't know it was by you. Hitler ones funny too haha.
#51 to #51 - lovecerealguy (03/18/2012) [-]
lol it says "oc by lovecerealguy" damn. i knew people wouldnt see it. thanks for the compliments though. :D so whats going on?
#52 to #52 - thesilence (03/18/2012) [-]
Yeah I forgot you were the same guy haha. Subscribed now though. Just eating a sandwich, you?
#53 to #53 - lovecerealguy (03/18/2012) [-]
just trying to come up with ideas for a comic. but i cant think of anything and its pissing me off. ugh