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#408 - I was just pointing out that he cant imply that its the same i… 05/21/2015 on Interesting Facts 0
#386 - Sometimes the spaghetti are served with sauces with small piec… 05/21/2015 on Interesting Facts 0
#379 - But is this post about Ukraine or Croatia ? Lemme check...Ukra…  [+] (4 new replies) 05/21/2015 on Interesting Facts 0
#406 - veryfahnyjokes (05/21/2015) [-]
Even in czech it's impolite to call somebody židovka, no matter who is saying it, because people have names and it's not their religion, nationality or ethnicity which identifies them as individuals. In Ukraine and especially in Ukraine it's usually meant as an insult. Just as he is "dragging" (which is czenglish) a Croatian viewpoint, which is compared to yours actually accurate, you are doing the same with your czech viewpoint where the word itself is more or less neutral. Jewish community has a long and complicated history in Ukraine especially in big cities like Odessa and calling somebody "zhydovka" or "zhydara" was something that would even now start a fight if you said it to somebody's face.
#408 - theredfish (05/21/2015) [-]
I was just pointing out that he cant imply that its the same in his country as its in Ukraine by pointing out that it is different in my country that is slavic too.

And where did you get it is insulting ? Since when was calling somebody židovka (Jewess), křesťanka (Christian woman) or muslimka (Muslim woman) considered as rude or impolite here ?
User avatar #382 - newbtwo (05/21/2015) [-]

im from croatia too and dont know what this guy is saying, calling someone a židov is not dirty at all
User avatar #453 - tgruica (05/22/2015) [-]
Židove prokleti, cigane.
#82 - Lol. Actually the trees are left there to remember what can ha… 05/13/2015 on Political borders 0
#45 - flagged for gore !  [+] (1 new reply) 04/15/2015 on Facebook (1) +5
User avatar #56 - haxorman (04/15/2015) [-]
#57 - Praga mentioned, swell with overpriced everything, horrible tr…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/15/2015 on Bastards +3
User avatar #80 - Einsty (04/15/2015) [-]
It's true, sadly.
#66 - title of the video says " Sexy Cheerleader BUTT dance&quo… 04/14/2015 on Marching band 3D pyramid... -1
#54 - I call ******** on those numbers. 03/12/2015 on TV channels 0
#118 - Its always like that in BnZer vs dog-fighter bro. Th… 02/11/2015 on Say hi!! 0
#115 - You sound like you believe the game is working exactly like re…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/11/2015 on Say hi!! 0
User avatar #117 - enkmaster (02/11/2015) [-]
It sounds like you're playing against bad pilots.

The fact of the matter is, if a Hellcat decided to properly BnZ a Zero, there is nothing the Zero can do short of getting really lucky or someone showing up to swat the Hellcat as he pulls back up to re initiate.

The issue is that most American pilots are terrible and try to turnfight, which never works out well. And because a large amount of people are too stupid to fly their aircraft properly, you now have a situation like this where decent players can do exceptionally well in an undertiered aircraft and exceptional players can dominate.

Generally you have something army line on your team to help keep any intelligent Hellcats high while the Zeroo's clear the idiots, but the point still stands.
#118 - theredfish (02/11/2015) [-]
Its always like that in BnZer vs dog-fighter bro.

The counter part is that it is quite easy to dodge BnZer and if you are not repetitive its almost impossible to get hit. But its quite hard to do the BnZ job properly and its easy to fuck up and get caught by dog fighter.
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