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User avatar #1 - servbot (03/06/2012) [-]
Is your username a smashing pumpkins reference?
User avatar #2 to #1 - thepumpkinsrock (03/06/2012) [-]
yes indeed.
User avatar #3 to #3 - servbot (03/06/2012) [-]
Dude, I ******* love the smashing pumpkins. Billy Corgan is a god.
User avatar #4 to #4 - thepumpkinsrock (03/06/2012) [-]
Holy **** yes. Mellon collie and the infinite sadness = infinite awesomeness
Siamese dream is my screen saver
User avatar #5 to #5 - servbot (03/06/2012) [-]
Easily my favorite band, and one of the greatest ever.
Mellon Collie is my favorite. It's a shame james jimmy and Darcy are gone though. It made the band lose so much of it's original sound.
User avatar #6 to #6 - thepumpkinsrock (03/11/2012) [-]
Yeah I agree. Billy attempts to do stuff now but it's nearly as good as it was in the 90's.
I'm not sure if you can share youtube links on here, but here's an awesome HD jackboot of ********** live:
[url deleted]
part 2: [url deleted]
Corgan's completely baked. Shocking how young he was.

User avatar #7 to #7 - thepumpkinsrock (03/11/2012) [-]
balls. If you'd like, type in " ********** jackboot" into youtube and check it out
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