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#3 - buoyancy is a bitch 10/18/2015 on instant regret 0
#2 - isnt this paradoxical?  [+] (5 new replies) 10/18/2015 on I wonder. +9
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#10 - oxymoronking (10/18/2015) [-]
her running away was always known
time is always fixed, it cannot be changed. if you knew every single tiny little particle and where it was going in the universe half a second after the universe was made, you could tell everything
she knew she was dead, but the ball already knew she would run
#13 - adamks (10/18/2015) [-]
That is one theory anyway.
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#9 - gragasvlad (10/18/2015) [-]
If we use set timelines then no, because she seesa future where she runs away from the man and he kills her with a crtyal ball, this prompts her to run in panic and thus he runs after her and kills her with a crystal ball. It's a self fufilling profecy
#4 - pedobearrocks (10/18/2015) [-]
**pedobearrocks used "*roll picture*"**
**pedobearrocks rolled image** You gotta think that she just saw him beating her to death , not what caused it
So naturally she tries to run away to survive
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#3 - ifreakinglovepizza (10/18/2015) [-]
only if:
1. she saw the future
2. did something to change it
cause then that means she didn't see the future. but then we get into the thing with multiple timelines... yadda yadda...
but if we use back to the future style time, then no. this would not be a paradox.
#34 - Picture 10/18/2015 on The Reality 0
#45 - the pirate episode from sly 3 was my absolute favourite  [+] (1 new reply) 10/17/2015 on Follow your dreams +1
#46 - bohemianblasphemy (10/17/2015) [-]
I'm just going to say it now: Assassin's Creed stole from Sly Cooper.
Just try to prove me wrong.
#7 - you must be fun at parties 10/17/2015 on dat tru.. +1
#4 - ....why?... 10/17/2015 on you guys like death match... 0
#24 - i go to waterloo, 5 minutes away from laurier's campus. everyo… 10/17/2015 on 4chan dump #10 0
#79 - seriously, how does one last long in a threesome? seems impossible  [+] (1 new reply) 10/15/2015 on Round 3 +1
#95 - eatwaffles (10/15/2015) [-]
**eatwaffles used "*roll picture*"**
**eatwaffles rolled image**Let the girls play with each other while you watch for a while, until you calm down.

Or you can do the really tried and true method of yanking it before the encounter. There are some lubes too, but be careful not to get that on the girls, otherwise you risk desensitizing them and ruining their orgasm.

Good luck, have fun, and make sure everyone talks at length about it before you have the threesome! Especially if you are all friends, or one is your girlfriend.
#51 - caillou 10/15/2015 on Caillou now +2
#16 - yeah the epiphany really hit me hard 10/15/2015 on What is love? 0