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#2444 - llawlietpony (01/25/2012) [-]
I have decided what game i shall get you...
it isn't out yet...

(it looks really nice, it is a remake of a old mod, I will probably see if it is good first, but damn it looks nice...)
#2701 to #2635 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
But you even gave me the perfect picture to drown you in hugs :3

(Dear god it's already 3am o.o)
#2702 to #2892 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
but the other one is much better quality, mainly because it was bigger originally so my constant mistakes had little effect...

bit... i guess that picture does look more appropriate... also glad you enjoy them, they were, definitely less annoying to make then the apple one...

(pic entirely related)

#2703 to #2893 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
That one looks great too :D

And here's my day :3
#2704 to #2894 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
I forgot to save that last time i saw it... saved

...wow this guy... i don't even care if he is drunk... nobody can deny how smooth he is...
I mean you see the way he can get close to people without being suspicious....
and i quote what i names it "Jan must have bitches falling in his lap"
...why do i find this so entertaining..... (this is the first episode he is in and i already see a lot wrong with him..)

Well, *hugs* may i ask your opinion on the seemingly constant bandwagons that happen in the thread?
#2705 to #2895 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
*hugs* I don't really mind them some are fun and they don't often last very long. *hugs*
#2706 to #2896 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
I usually can just ignore them, but when it gets to multiple people spamming the same picture i get a little bit annoyed....

Well, if this conversation goes on three more hours it will be my longest one yet...
(not just fj... I had a very long skype call once)

So, I think i already asked you this a while ago, but i dont quite remember, what type of anime do you like (I think you may have basically said no preference)

within eight hours you got like 400 profile comments... being popular i guess can be a little annoying (especially with me already here being annoying :3)
#2707 to #2897 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah but as long as it's not the same thing every time it's okay.

We must go for the record :3

And yeah I'll pretty much watch anything as long as it's not to much gore.

No It's just between you and two random mini-bandwagons I've had a lot on here today :)
#2708 to #2898 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
I'm not counting this because i wasn't in this call from the beginning.. also that's when i was really shy around half the people in the call...

but my longest conversation with one person was about 12ish hours, well technically he left for a little in the middle, but still kinda counts...

I can stand more than a socially acceptable amount of gore... but I flinched at someone getting their finger nails and some of their skin cut by a nail clipper... and it was off screen....

not even gonna go into detail about how odd i am... but so far in monster most things really just happen off screen... and there is about a total of 10 seconds of nudity , but they were at two times spread apart... because they were showing a transition to going to a "red light district"

hmm... i wonder if we can go for the 3000 profile get soon.... and now i'm remembering earlier when you said someone is probably lurking your profile for the get and i thought you weren't serious....
wow, didn't see this coming...
#2709 to #2899 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
O.O Wow.

I'm a bit squeamish so any type of gore I don't like. (Some zombie gore is okay for some reason.)

Yeah it is a M rating after all isn't it?

And yeah he's just waiting for the 3000 get to strike :3
#2710 to #2900 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Throughout all of history i think it is fair to say nobody except the japanese understand them...
just take this for example....

hope you don't mind me being random just talking about things
oh and look it is almost 4:30 for you

I'm not a very self conscious person or anything like that, I just kinda dislike that i had a easy life.... it's odd i know, makes me seem like a whining person probably,
It's just, I can't help most of the people on the thread with problems because i can't really relate to them....
I just find that disappointing...
#2711 to #2901 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Not at all I still won;t go to sleep for another 9-10 hours :)

And you can't relate to people but you can still help and support then without relating to them :)
#2712 to #2902 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
You could spend that entire time looking, and i doubt you would find one moderate quality picture of nyx shipping :3

And i personally disagree, I once again can't really feel compassion, (and if i can i certainly can't feel it well)

So I can't really help well... and I would rather try and stay neutral than make things worse (pic semi-related)
#2713 to #2903 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Sooner or later I will find one! :3

And just try and help people, even if you can't feel compassion even if you can't relate to them it's that you're willing to help and listen to what's bothering them that matters more often then not :)

And now I must end our conversation because I'm heading off to play some TF2 :)
C'ya later *hugs* (And join if you'd like.)
#2714 to #2904 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
You do make some interesting points,

and of course you will find nyx shipping (grey applejack.png)

Anyways, talk to you later (9 hours damn) I would prefer to not play tf2 at the moment...
Just something about team based games conflicts with me, mainly because i'm overly aggressive, dislike everything..
and most of all... I'm not a negative person.. but i do have a tendency to find flaws in almost everything i enjoy -.- (yeah that's really fun for me)

anyways, I'm gonna quickly play a game also because i'm between anime episodes and i have been meaning to play it all day but them bam 9 hour conversation to the plans...
#2668 to #2635 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
And on that day I shall rule as king over all the shipping! :3
#2669 to #2859 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Why not emperor?
#2670 to #2860 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Hmm pretty much the same thing right?
#2671 to #2861 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Well, Like lelouch because he is a emperor he doesn't have to share power,

also not to mention most monarchs now are half democratic so you can't be a strict overlord....
so you can't force everyone to be hugged
#2672 to #2862 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
True, true :)
#2673 to #2863 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
i still have your crate and because you are not emperor yet you can't deny it :D
#2674 to #2864 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
I could always use the geass!
#2675 to #2865 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
nope, remember when you addressed all of north america and used the geass for mass population hugs
#2676 to #2866 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
#2677 to #2867 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
oh yes, you tried that like 5 hours ago, and you remember how well that worked :3
#2678 to #2868 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
It doesn't help that this is my profile :3
#2679 to #2869 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah, that may be a little problem...... so... this conversation crashed when i brought up the crate :3
#2680 to #2870 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Hmm so we just have to switch the subject, how about this I did a re-color the other day how's it look?
#2683 to #2871 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
It looks nice, much better than what i could do, then again i don't really do re-colours

(scary huh, the comment i posted here was number 2635 4 thread limits and one mini grey applejack bandwagon later here we are... also it's now been 7 hours...

this is slightly frightening...
#2687 to #2874 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Thank's but I still need more practice with them :)

(And I just noticed it was 2:30 am o.o)
#2689 to #2878 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
When you enlarge it is the only time you notice anything, and still you could easily change that just by zooming in to edit it more exactly, and that would only take a few minutes...

On a regular week that would be frightening... luckily this isn't a normal week for me :3
but yeah, it felt like just maybe 20 minutes ago it was like 11, and like a hour before that was like 5...
time does fly sometimes... not a bad thing, better then being bored and it inching by
#2694 to #2880 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Well as they say time fly's when you're having fun....or talking about random things :3
#2697 to #2885 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
yup, talking about random things and playing games usually is roughly half of my day, give or take sleep...

also because you referred azi to apoc when he won the game... lets just say azi seemed quite happy,
this was the only screen shot i took, but this kind of stuff went on for a bit longer...

so i think it's fair to say you made someone very happy, indirectly but without you it probably wouldn't have happened

also this entire conversation has only had 3 hugs... 7 hours 3 hugs.... obviously this means the end is near....
#2699 to #2888 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
That's good to hear he enjoyed it :3

I've been hugging someone else, but if you want I can make up for not hugging you these last 7 hours :3
#2700 to #2890 - llawlietpony
(01/26/2012) [-]
uhh... seven hours worth of hugging.... that sounds like that could cause someone to go into shock.... so I'm gonna have to say no for now... (don't get me wrong it's just you hug every like 5 minutes... and it has been about 8 hours by this point)
so maybe save them up for someone who is sad and needs them more than I because I'm fine...

(well my friends went offline so time to continue talking with you while now watching anime...)
#2648 to #2635 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
This sentence is true.
#2649 to #2839 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
I tried making some nyx shipping, but just like always it didn't really work out

#2650 to #2840 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Closest thing I've seen of far :D
Thank you *hugs*
#2651 to #2841 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Well i was gonna put her on a normal cruise ship, but i found this image so i couldn't help it.... I will probably make a couple more like this... (if you hate nxy vectors that would help)
some successful and some not so successful,

and not limited to ship shipping (but not now)

you're welcome... almost life like quality shipping huh
#2652 to #2842 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
You don't have to make any more, this is more then enough till I find some real Nyx shipping :3 *hugs*
#2653 to #2843 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
I'll make some, just not right now, who could nyx even be shipped with...

everything can be shipped with everything...
#2654 to #2844 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Most likely Twilight, but it's shipping so it could be anyone.
(I have some Twilight x Her mother shipping XD)
#2655 to #2845 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Fanbases are scary things...   
I will try and find some nyx shipping later tonight.... but i know i wont have any luck...   
(my face if i find any)
Fanbases are scary things...

I will try and find some nyx shipping later tonight.... but i know i wont have any luck...

(my face if i find any)
#2656 to #2846 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
You never know you might find some, so far the best I've see is some sore of Nxy x OC pony but I'm not really counting it.
#2657 to #2847 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
so you dont count nyx if it is with an oc...
but she is a oc...

who knows anymore

#2658 to #2848 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah but she's more when know I'm just talking about an random OC someone made, and it's not like you can really count it as shipping.
#2659 to #2849 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah... even though it seems shipping is pretty open to everything... even shipping as teh one image you use suggests...
#2660 to #2850 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
If it fit's it ships :3

And I just noticed we've been talking for 5 hours o.o
#2661 to #2851 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
That is...mildly shocking, but also quite interesting on how we are only on like our third topic :3

(Flutterxerxes x Leonidas)
#2662 to #2852 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Yep :3

(Pinkie x Fluttershy x Inkie)
#2663 to #2853 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
(I have basically have no shipping.......at all)

So, how are you? (only asking again because the first time you were only awake for a hour)
#2664 to #2854 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
(And I have too much :3)

And I'm still doing good :) *hugs*

#2665 to #2855 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
That's good, and didn't you say a while ago you had over 2000 shipping images....
#2666 to #2856 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
XD No not that much....yet, I'm around 600 now :3
#2667 to #2857 - llawlietpony
(01/26/2012) [-]
oh, then that must've been your fluttershy folder you were talking about...

you do realize one day you will most likely have a external hard drive for all your shipping
#2612 to #2635 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Huh I didn't know you could do that, that's interesting.
(Sorry for the really late response I just can't multitask -.-)
#2614 to #2803 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
yeah there are some cool things, like weapons (most of them) can get a prefix which can be good or bad, so it will improve or weaken how strong/fast/everything else even size and velocity and so on
of your weapon

and yeah, you can even make boulders and have those traps so they release a bolder on themselves and such

i spent 5 minutes rigging up every torch in my house (that is a lot of torches) with wiring (which unlike redstone exists in its own dimension only placable with a wrench and destoyable with a wire cutter, and you cant see it with non wiring items out...

anyways, so i rigged the torches up so i can make my house go completely black by hitting a switch

and I can't multitask either, well i can do multiple things, but I space out of talking to my friend while i type a message or forget what i'm thinking while doing some things
(one day i was listening to the 10 hour song of storms... i was basically illiterate and couldn't type a message or anything ..*facepalm*)
#2616 to #2805 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Wow, I really need to play more :)
#2622 to #2807 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
it is a really big and good game for its price

and that's why minecraft is kinda boring for me :3
#2625 to #2813 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Yep it's really good for such a low price tag.
#2626 to #2816 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
....Were basically writing a review on the game -.-

just trying to convince people stalking your profile to buy it :3
#2629 to #2817 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
The people stalking my profile will know all the great games to buy :3
(And ship simulator EXTREAM!)
#2630 to #2820 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
(the gameplay looks even more boring then we anticipated, it looks awful O.o)

We must be making it really awkward for the stalker right now :3
#2631 to #2821 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
And you know someone is just lurking waiting fro the next get :3
#2632 to #2822 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
even thought it is 200 away moving at at half a mile a hour...
#2635 to #2823 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Still faster then the boats in "ship simulator EXTREAM"
#2637 to #2826 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
SO EXTREME!!!! (still the only way to get moderate quality nyx shipping)
#2639 to #2828 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
I will find one sooner or later! :3
#2640 to #2830 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
yes yes, and I will get you to willingly accept all games..
#2641 to #2831 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
It can happen.
#2642 to #2832 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
my from dust will work one day...
my from dust will work one day...
#2644 to #2833 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
I'll stop posting ponies in corners.
#2645 to #2835 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
I'll become greedy
I'll become greedy
#2646 to #2836 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
I'll stop hugging everyone.
#2647 to #2837 - llawlietpony
(01/26/2012) [-]
I'll be nicer then you at one point in past present or future...   
I'll be nicer then you at one point in past present or future...

#2511 to #2635 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Mhm and they did a great job on that dark art style, it really gave the game just a unique and great look.
#2515 to #2702 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah, I found it a pretty unique experience, and the whole no lines of dialogue also adds a touch

yay steam finally worked and azi is really happy
#2518 to #2706 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah it had like an old touch of gameplay but a great new art style :)

Yeah I can tell :)
#2519 to #2709 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
funny how indie games are almost always the best
#2525 to #2710 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Hmm I wouldn't say there always the best, just new and innovative.
#2531 to #2716 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Well not always, but the ones that are good are amazing compared to many things...

just like what terraria and minecraft did to the survival and creative gameplay scene and such...

but anyways, I do agree with you they aren't always the best, I just meant they really just change the way some games are thought of because they can be produced rapidly (because so many people)

and because they are trying that means that if they fail they will keep trying and getting new ideas...

as opposed to lets say bethesda who also makes good games, but their games are more of a same thing over and over, but it sells so they keep doing it
#2534 to #2722 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
I agree completely and have no response....so here's a Fluttershy sphere.
#2540 to #2725 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
So, have you tried playing terraria and such yet?
#2553 to #2731 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
A bit, I want to find a server to play on :)
#2557 to #2744 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
it isn't hard to host one withc hamachi

all you need is the host program from the terraria folder and then you just use that then join your own server (the hamachi ip)
and yeah... but i had to turn off firewall while doing that
(doesnt matter i don't go to any sites really)

anyways, you enjoying it?
#2559 to #2748 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah but my connection isn't good enough to host, and yeah it's fun so far :)
#2562 to #2750 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Well you will probably enjoy it at least twice as much with other people...
well either way, after you beat the wall of flesh the game gets much more frustrating... i guess the word is...

#2570 to #2753 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Well how hard could it be to beat a wall of flesh? :)
#2574 to #2761 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
sadly very very easy... unless you play melee :3
but if you're melee you will have a easy time beating the eater of worlds
#2585 to #2765 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Eater of worlds, wall of flesh, and all Minecraft has is a dragon :)
#2588 to #2776 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
Eye of cthulu - eater of worlds - skeletron
then you beat the wall of flesh...
the twins - destroyer of worlds - skeletron prime

and the nearly hundreds of mobs.....

that's why i hate when people say terraria copies minecraft....
#2593 to #2779 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Wow that's more then I thought there would be.
#2598 to #2784 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
well most mobs are just the same things probably not really hundreds (just counted there is about 83... but that is still more than the like 9 minecraft enemies)

oh god... my friend is blowing up everything in terraria atm....

#2601 to #2789 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
....And I'm guessing that's a bad thing? :)
#2603 to #2792 - llawlietpony
(01/26/2012) [-]
well now he is just messing around with wiring, ex. making a trap so when enemies step switch the blocks disappear and they fall
and such..
#2445 to #2635 - thelefthand (01/25/2012) [-]
(and do you have a link to the next roll game?)
#2446 to #2636 - llawlietpony (01/25/2012) [-]
nah, if you wouldn't mind just forget that, I decided to just give it to aussie pixel..

he seemed to really want it badly...
#2447 to #2637 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Sure, and you wouldn't mine forgetting about the game right? :D (It's worth a shot :3)
#2449 to #2638 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
how about i gift it to slow first....
not exactly forgetting more slightly delaying :3

anyways, apparently it is more of insanity/ ghost thing.... and it isn't action/ combat based it is more story base, all the ratings i read are either they love it or hate it...

anyways this is simply a remake but the graphics look amazing.. (or at least to me)
#2450 to #2640 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah they look good, and is it scary? (Never been one for anything scary :) )
#2454 to #2641 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
not entirely sure,
have a quote form a website,
"_______ is pretty much a first person game without any gameplay and only based an a fragmented narrative. While not really scary it has got a very dark and gloomy atmosphere. The game is highly experimental and might feel a bit pretentious at first, but still very well worth playing. "

either way, I will still buy it just because it looks so beautiful...
#2460 to #2645 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
It does look interesting :)
#2464 to #2651 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
if it's a third as good as it looks it will be amazing....

I may be slightly over exaggerated, but still, I love the graphics...

#2466 to #2655 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
The more I look at it the more it reminds me of Skyrim and Fallout.
#2468 to #2657 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
that's what i thought when i saw this picture,
but the gameplay is obviously much shorter, (obviously)
and as i said no combat etc.
#2472 to #2659 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Well the trailer doesn't show much, but it still make's it look interesting :3
#2476 to #2663 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
if it is like the original it will be a pretty short, moderately boring game with a unique experience...

but enough about that topic, how are you today?
#2480 to #2667 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
I want to say it's going to be sort of an "Heavy Rain" type game.

And I'm doing good, just got up. (7 PM :3)
How about you?
#2485 to #2671 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
I'm ok, regular day nothing special, trying to give azi a game on steam but my steam powered website hates me just like my steam app hates me so it will take a little bit before it cooperates... -.-

but i'm in central time so it's interesting to be friends with a time lord
#2487 to #2676 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Yeah it can be bad sometimes.

I got up at 7, been up for an hour and it's almost 8 now :3
#2493 to #2678 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
time zones and sleep schedules... how do they work...
and not it is 8 and a whole bunch of other hours for people.... can be bad for a community but also good....

and i've played from dust for 3 hours.... too bad i havent started... XD
#2496 to #2684 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
Well people who say here often (like me) see a lot of people when there on so it's not that bad, and right now there are over 140 people online.

And still no fix huh? :)
#2504 to #2687 - llawlietpony (01/26/2012) [-]
I basically gave up on it at this point... I may try it a little more later, but that is only because i have a entire week and nothing to do

(not complaining)

have you played the game limbo? (don't worry i'm not gonna gift it to you.... at the moment)
#2506 to #2695 - thelefthand (01/26/2012) [-]
No, but I've seen gameplay and heard good things about it.
#2509 to #2697 - llawlietpony
(01/26/2012) [-]
Some moments, not really scary of anything, some deaths are a bit unexpected...

very fun though, only a couple hours though -.-

anyways great game, I do prefer it on xbox/console, but because i think the controls would be slightly more annoying on pc

not too hard either but it is very fun I give it somewhere between a 8 and a 9.5