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I was artillerysmith, but it appears my account has been deleted.

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#17 - I want to replay these, but the batteries all need to be repla…  [+] (1 new reply) 8 hours ago on modern feminism 0
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#18 - sibrandian (5 hours ago) [-]
If you really want to just use a smartphone or computer to emulate them
#29 - Well, if it's a small enough company, they aren't bound by aff… 06/28/2016 on White privilege +2
#26 - We have affirmative action. Companies have to hire a certain p…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/28/2016 on White privilege +2
#28 - thespark (06/28/2016) [-]
So they're forcing people to choose someone based on what minorities they fit into... Isn't that kind of facist too? What do they do when this affirmative action forces them to pick an incompetent employee in a period of economic downturn (like right the fuck now)?
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#29 - thelastamerican (06/28/2016) [-]
Well, if it's a small enough company, they aren't bound by affirmative action. I think it's 40 or 50 employees. If they are larger then they are. The people in charge know that exactly what you describe is going to happen, and their imagined cure for that problem is only making big companies deal with it, because they hate them anyways. And then they wonder why companies are moving anywhere but the US. It's a bit obvious really.
#25 - Well, don't apply to any government positions. It's a federal … 06/28/2016 on White privilege 0
#29 - You would need a conceal carry permit. 06/28/2016 on Cane shotgun +6
#35 - I'm not going to lie. I didn't see anything wrong with this pi… 06/28/2016 on /k/ : Aussie buys a rifle 0
#117 - I don't dispute that. I feel it has to do partly with your pop… 06/28/2016 on Hargeavokl Neerseimri 0
#116 - There is not an "arrest this person" option. 06/28/2016 on Hargeavokl Neerseimri 0
#42 - There are hundreds of thousands of guns bought and soled every…  [+] (3 new replies) 06/28/2016 on Hargeavokl Neerseimri 0
#46 - anon (06/28/2016) [-]
yes and im saying that went eh NIC's check comes back as arrest this person they won't do it. they just do not do it.
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#116 - thelastamerican (06/28/2016) [-]
There is not an "arrest this person" option.
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#98 - littleriffy (06/28/2016) [-]
The reason for that is simple. The NIC is almost always performed by a licensed gun dealer. Not a person authorized to make an arrest. By the time an LEO would get there the criminal could be anywheres from 15 feet to 10 miles away. In any direction. However, the next time this person runs into an LEO for any reason, and his name is ran, the arrest will be made at that time. It's not worthwhile to go looking for somebody that is already gone. But is is easy enough and worthwhile to wait until this person makes even a slight fuckup.
#38 - I grant you that, I'm just answering one of the most common cl…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/28/2016 on Hargeavokl Neerseimri +1
#43 - anon (06/28/2016) [-]
ah alright. But Still The Issue here is people think guns are linked to Mass murders/homicide rate.

in Australia there has been several mass murders since the gun ban. they just went from guns to locking people in buildings and committing arson. but there murder rate is still lower than the US as well, but that is was also true before the government took the guns away. truth is Americans are just more violent culturally. Canada has just as many firearms as we do, but there homicide rate is far lower.

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#117 - thelastamerican (06/28/2016) [-]
I don't dispute that. I feel it has to do partly with your population being spread out more than ours. It tends to follow that when you shove people into a smaller aria they tend to get violent. You don't have as many big cities as we do. Most of our gun crime happens in large cities.