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#18 - Do I get colored text now?  [+] (1 new reply) 13 hours ago on Comment options and image... +1
User avatar #37 - brcstar (13 hours ago) [-]
Light gray is a color.
#17 - Kill yrslf fgt  [+] (2 new replies) 13 hours ago on Comment options and image... +1
User avatar #18 - thejazzman (13 hours ago) [-]
Do I get colored text now?
User avatar #37 - brcstar (13 hours ago) [-]
Light gray is a color.
#68 - Just lock him in the basement with a toilet, source of water, …  [+] (1 new reply) 15 hours ago on Fat Shaming Friday w/Mister... 0
User avatar #151 - vladhellsing (9 hours ago) [-]
Better yet, just lock him in a basement. Heck, not even that, just leave him out in a field. It's not like he can move anywhere.
#7 - Personally I believe that the world will have to abolish the i…  [+] (57 new replies) 10/06/2015 on (untitled) -45
#132 - anon (10/07/2015) [-]
Could start with unified continents first but at some point.. yeah i hope this will become reality
#127 - akimbobears (10/07/2015) [-]
All we have to do is look at the EU compared to its neighbors that did not adopt the currency to see how it has failed.
#124 - anon (10/07/2015) [-]
then what, we give people in overpopulated third world areas the right to vote on issues that effect us on a global scale
#118 - figatron (10/07/2015) [-]
might be better that way depending on what kind of government it is, but as long as there are different cultures in the world it just won't happen.
#117 - ninjadingle (10/07/2015) [-]
I kinda agree with you. But it's not that we will have to abolish it. It will happen naturally. The concept of a country will change assuming we figure out easy space travel, are able to inhabit other planets, and especially if we discover sentient life. The current definition of a country will become obsolete on its own as the idea of a country becomes insignificant. Assuming we don't kill ourselves first, we probably won't see this happen in anytime soon though
#114 - anon (10/07/2015) [-]
u get thumbed down cuz u r a feg lol
User avatar #112 - traveltech (10/07/2015) [-]
Well I agree with the sentiment, that idea can't become a reality for a long time. Cultures vary greatly across the globe and old ideas die hard. I do think we're slowly moving towards that possibility though. Conflicts between groups may seem bad right now, but that's only because the world is finally becoming more connected. In the past alliances were understood to be temporary and would rarely last much longer than the lives of the people who made them. Today it's almost unthinkable to consider that certain countries could ever get into a real conflict (EU nations with each other, the US and many of its allies). Hopefully this trend will continue over time and maybe in a few hundred years we could live in a much better world.
#108 - imgood (10/07/2015) [-]
Absolutely correct, history has shown time and time again that an un-unified nation will always fall, the same applies globally
User avatar #142 - thelastamerican (10/07/2015) [-]
History has shown that EVERY type of government eventually fails.
User avatar #105 - trolljunkusa (10/07/2015) [-]
While we still continue to exist on earth, absolutely not. That simply won't happen. But in outer space when we start researching living on distant planets, we simply will have too, and we've been testing this out with Antarctica.
#104 - boothead (10/07/2015) [-]
Seeing as the big failure that is the EU...
#99 - goodgoy (10/07/2015) [-]
And the EU has been a massive financial and legislative mess. A world Government will not work.
#94 - anon (10/07/2015) [-]
Maybe in the distant future
User avatar #89 - SemiAnon (10/07/2015) [-]
Until there are aliens to go to space war with, we will never see the planet bound under one rule. Even then, it would be by a significantly more powerful United Nations that would still be unable to actually enforce their rule on every area.

Worldwide police state or bust, basically.
#88 - anon (10/07/2015) [-]
You got a belieber.
#77 - stonetomcat (10/07/2015) [-]
Sounds like a great idea on paper, but what about literally every single country outside of yours?
You've got to establish laws based on a country. If Europe gets the world, it'll fuck over the Americans, what with banning butter knives and all. If America gets it, those fucking Kardashits are everywhere. And don't even get me started on what'll happen if Singapore gets it...
Also, the EU is a prime example of why it wouldn't work. It's flat-out retarded in so many ways I don't have the patience to list them... Their most recent fuckup is probably going to absolutely destroy multiple countries' economies.

Good idea on paper, but not in action.
#76 - rainyeyes (10/07/2015) [-]
**rainyeyes used "*roll picture*"**
**rainyeyes rolled image**

What the fuck do you think happened to the great British Empire?!

All the colonies said fuck you we want the right of self governance and enacted confederation acts left and right.

For the love of God stay in school.
User avatar #70 - theterranigh (10/07/2015) [-]
The word your looking for is cosmopolitanism. It's an idea stemming from international liberalism.
User avatar #68 - thelastamerican (10/07/2015) [-]
What if I don't like this single government you want to create? I can't decide to go live in a more socialist country if I want to, or go live in a more free market country if I want to try to make it on my own. I'm just stuck living in a single governmental system that I may not agree with.
User avatar #74 - llpanic (10/07/2015) [-]
You already have no choice on the goverment that applies in your country
User avatar #141 - thelastamerican (10/07/2015) [-]
Yes I do. If I don't like the government of my state I can move to another state. State to state the laws are radically different. If I don't like the federal laws I can move to another country. I can change my country.
#66 - anon (10/07/2015) [-]
Yea, it's not like you need national lines to keep the existence of differing countries existent for taxation and cultural purposes. Nor don't you need national borders to for lawful purposes because laws separate between nation to nation, and even county to county.
#63 - winglit (10/06/2015) [-]
If the EU is your epitome, then the hell does a bad example of that look? The EU is overreaching filled with bureaucrats and about as effective at handling the economic problems of its members as I am at intergalactic space travel when in my underwear.
User avatar #62 - newfeliperuiz (10/06/2015) [-]
Something something Syrian refugees.
The Schengen Area is a good idea for Europe, but I live in the United States and we're actively trying to keep our only two bordering countries out. Goddamn Canadians taking our healthcare
User avatar #58 - sonnyboii (10/06/2015) [-]
Yeah the EU is ruining europe :^)
#56 - comradewinter (10/06/2015) [-]
The EU sucks balls, though. So good comparison to your Utopian bullshit.
User avatar #55 - ninesundev (10/06/2015) [-]
I have the same mind on this.
User avatar #54 - thedippestofshits (10/06/2015) [-]
i needed a double take when i read "masturbation" instead of "maturation"
User avatar #110 - dmkstarstar (10/07/2015) [-]
I just assumed that's what it said until you saw your comment.
Uh I think I also need a double take... May I join you?
User avatar #111 - dmkstarstar (10/07/2015) [-]
*I have gone full retard today
#52 - ferrum (10/06/2015) [-]
NATO is more of a problem than EU. Also, the power American banks have over most of Europe, America and, well, the world.
#48 - anon (10/06/2015) [-]
"I'll probably get thumbed down into hell by people who have to cling onto the idea of having a country in order to feel satisfied as an individual"

or maybe you get thumbed down because you have a bad opinion
User avatar #47 - awesomedewd (10/06/2015) [-]
I couldn't care less about countries.
But countries are culturally so different, that it's nearly impossible to combine them without creating a clusterfuck of cultures and people, that can't stand each other.
See EU.
User avatar #126 - containlettersonly (10/07/2015) [-]
Historically America has integrated folks pretty well, the problem is we are getting to be a bit too much like Europe, especially in the welfare department.
#51 - ferrum (10/06/2015) [-]
Which is why immigrants from eastern europe and muslims are going to the west. The world is becoming a mix of all cultures and races, slowly.
#65 - anon (10/06/2015) [-]
theyre going there because they get the most benefits from weak national leaders who cant say no out of fear of being called racist, no other reason
#46 - anon (10/06/2015) [-]
Yeah but what happens when the world congress can't make up it's fucking mind and it all shuts down, how do we get shit done then. Best to just let the world run it's course, if we fuck up and all die then that's that.
#44 - tuhuar (10/06/2015) [-]
I personally think the EU is trash, but I agree. I think that we'll get to a point where humanity won't be able to efficiently do anything in space unless we all work together, which is much easier to do when you're not fighting over oil rights / land expansion.
#109 - anon (10/07/2015) [-]
Well consider the fact the Europe conquered the fuck out of America because the competition they had within the continent while the giant Ass china that was completely united didn't give two shits about it because nobody compared to them, there was no need to expand.
#40 - brobafett (10/06/2015) [-]
A world without boarders? People have been shot for less.
#36 - oinos (10/06/2015) [-]
I didn't thumb you for an archaic ideal of country patriotism. I thumbed you down because the EU is a fucking atrocious monster of a thing that needs to die, and not be praised.
#33 - containlettersonly (10/06/2015) [-]
User avatar #149 - poptartmunch (10/08/2015) [-]
Lol oops. I had thumbed you down but didn't realizr the Futurama reference. My bad
#100 - poptartmunch (10/07/2015) [-]
Earth has a flag and it isn't that one, it's this
#130 - tapeboy (10/07/2015) [-]
saw the star of david in a ring until i put my glasses on.
#90 - aywrightinglish (10/07/2015) [-]
Doesn't matter that is a shitty looking flag, along has represent the united people. I vote for the UN flag
User avatar #92 - containlettersonly (10/07/2015) [-]
Someone doesn't watch Futurama.
User avatar #32 - Greevon (10/06/2015) [-]
He's right though. When have you ever heard of an intergalactic empire where on their own home planet they are separated into different governments?
User avatar #116 - donbionicle (10/07/2015) [-]
When has a work of fiction set within a galactic empire ever focused on an Earth-sized population's planetary governmental system? Usually it's just "The Authorities" or whatever and left at that, everyone's too busy talking about the space stuff to care.

Serious question, if anyone has good story recommendations I'd love to hear them.
User avatar #57 - EnemySpy (10/06/2015) [-]
Actually I've never heard of an intergalactic empire at all.
#50 - ripgeckosncherios (10/06/2015) [-]
Well then it wouldn't be an Empire, Empire implies that everything is centrally controlled while the others are kidnda colonies.
If it was a Republic however then yes, the planets have their own government, with a central senate deciding certain matters. With information flowing through an entire galaxy though it is hard to imagine how the Senate would be able to make quick decisions in for example a time of war, so a person would have to be instilled with additional power.
TL;DR Star Wars 3
#49 - anon (10/06/2015) [-]
movie's aren't the best at interpreting fantasy reality.
User avatar #147 - Greevon (10/07/2015) [-]
Well do you really think that the Earth will stay divided when we're spread across the stars? We have to join hands eventually.
User avatar #17 - AccountwasWiped (10/06/2015) [-]
hush now grownups are talking
#12 - anon (10/06/2015) [-]
Never hear of the US?
User avatar #9 - crazymero (10/06/2015) [-]
as long as there are no restrictions on where you can go people will flood the richest parts of the world and doing so they will empoverish them as well
User avatar #30 - fedexman (10/06/2015) [-]
#3 - They know too much 10/06/2015 on Drunks Care +1
#3 - Picture 10/05/2015 on A Classic 0
#5 - You act as if that's a bad thing 10/05/2015 on partnerz +21
#81 - Tfw when no pussy, money, or weed 10/05/2015 on The meaning of life 0
#65 - Isn't that like the only reason people smoke?  [+] (2 new replies) 09/22/2015 on Anon vapes +5
User avatar #135 - darknak (09/23/2015) [-]
Nan you smoke for the little buzz (and you know it calms people), then you continue because you can't quit and finally, you still continue because you don't want to stop
User avatar #283 - zoobexplain (09/23/2015) [-]
Then, at the last stage, you want to quit again but still can't and that's when you have a smoker that hates cigaretter.
#12 - Okay 09/18/2015 on (untitled) 0
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Hey man, what's up.
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A bit tired but good otherwise.You?
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Also super tired. The reason I hit you up was because I saw that thing you posted on some content about being a 20 year old kissless virgin with social anxiety. ***** hard man. I was 18 before I ever got my first kiss....and I'm currently 18 right now, so I kinda know how it goes. Anyway, I know you might not wanna talk about it or anything, but I wanted to offer conversation with another man that gets this stuff, if you want.
User avatar #6 to #5 - thejazzman (09/08/2015) [-]
It's awful, I just started getting better but I still have a long way to go. For now I am going to sleep so I don't die at work. We can talk more tomorrow or whenever
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I got rejected from an AP class that is vital to me getting college credit. I can't afford it by myself and I can't get any scholarships because all of them go to dindu nuffins which end up blowing them away on jordans or some stupid ****
User avatar #1 - godsaysno (02/06/2015) [-]
Lol I go on /soc/ and /b/ alot when im blazed a lot
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