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#10 - Lets see what that stick does against a **** ton of napalm.  [+] (4 replies) 04/05/2016 on Who would win? +55
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#28 - guanyu (04/05/2016) [-]
It becomes soil for new sticks.
#19 - legendarysnarf (04/05/2016) [-]
then stick become millions of little tiny sticks, stick win everytime
#18 - anon (04/05/2016) [-]
Torn to dust & plug lungs .
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#17 - chokebee (04/05/2016) [-]
Then it just is reborn as a charcoal
stick win everytime
#4 - Picture  [+] (16 replies) 04/05/2016 on Back Home +242
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#1 - Picture 04/05/2016 on Dannyboy +255
#22 - I have nothing to add, so have a picture of my grandfather's cattle.  [+] (10 replies) 03/31/2016 on Trump Converts Muslims +90
#175 - nagafever (03/31/2016) [-]
**nagafever used "*roll picture*"**
**nagafever rolled image** this is a picture of my grandfathers cat or pony, gotta up my chances to 50% atleast
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#176 - nagafever (03/31/2016) [-]
if you dont get it, thats a picture of his cat after that "age progression" thing on facebook
#244 - shaddyz (03/31/2016) [-]
**shaddyz used "*roll picture*"**
**shaddyz rolled image** nice safe mate
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#171 - toncheky (03/31/2016) [-]
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#137 - notjustalurker (03/31/2016) [-]
Prety good. Those are angus right?
#73 - ohhh (03/31/2016) [-]
Never thought i'd see a picture of feminist muslims.
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#123 - xef (03/31/2016) [-]
Nvm I just got the jk
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#122 - xef (03/31/2016) [-]
She isn't muslim anymore though
#34 - anon (03/31/2016) [-]
How much is he selling them for?
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#23 - duvallwhitey (03/31/2016) [-]
Those are some nice cattle.
#1 - Yeah, 40 hours per week in a job that requires some sort of sk…  [+] (55 replies) 03/28/2016 on America the great +253
#212 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
Urm... newspapers where delivered by children.

1935 was the middlle of the Great Derpression

But in the 50s you could do all that on a milk man or post man salary.

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#211 - thelastamerican (03/29/2016) [-]
AKTUALLY... Delivering papers pays pretty well. At least it does here.
#192 - flufflepuff (03/29/2016) [-]
we also had that whole child labor thing where poor families needed their children to work
#187 - twoderrick has deleted their comment.
#177 - bann (03/29/2016) [-]
Not to mention some people spent like 50-60 hours doing hard physical labor for far less pay then.
#139 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
Who the hell spent 40 hours per week delivering newspapers?
#129 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
Weren't factory jobs like 0 skill and supporting entire city's worth of families
#93 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
There isn't a single job that doesn't take skill or effort. 8 Hours a day riding a bike and flinging newspapers to customers has to be brutal. Spending that much time "flipping burgers" is a lot more taxing than you make it out to be too, and it is something you obviously haven't done because in reality you do a lot more than just flip burgers.
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#100 - ilovehitler (03/29/2016) [-]
Thing is, jobs like the ones you listed don't exactly require an educated individual, or a skilled one, or one with any experience, really. The people who work those jobs are as expendable as a paperclip- you can get them anywhere. While yeah, it can be a tiring job, it's not exactly one that requires any sort of skill (it doesn't take a special type of person to flip a burger), and it doesn't require much effort (effort in this case being not the physical labor involved in the job itself, but the effort put forth to be qualified for the job)
#171 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
If you work full time and you don't earn enough to live reasonably comfortably then something is seriously wrong, and people who can't see that have problems with basic human empathy.
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#61 - historybuff (03/29/2016) [-]
So I did some research. According to a guy on a www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3290625/posts this website, he made about 100$ a week back in 1976 delivering newspapers. That translates according to this calculator www.usinflationcalculator.com/ to about 1600 bucks a month in todays money. At 16 years old the kid was making more than most people in poverty in the US make today. If thats how much you could make delivering papers in the morning before school, you bet your ass you could support a family doing menial labor.
User avatar
#74 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/29/2016) [-]
It's roughly equivalent to a minimum wage job minus the benefits. He also states that he made a large percentage of his money in tips. If you're good at a tipped job, you can make quite a bit of money depending on how generous the tippers are.
#143 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
That's not true at all. At 7.25 an hour, even being conservative on taxes (15%), that's just under 1,000 dollars per month, only a little over half of 1,600. 1,600 is roughly what my wife brings home per month for her 13$/hr job as a banker.
#106 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
>minimum wage job

the only benefit is stealing shit when you clock out every day
User avatar
#110 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/29/2016) [-]
If you are a full time worker you generally do get benefits of some sort.
User avatar
#144 - catburglarpenis (03/29/2016) [-]
> full time worker
#43 - infinitereaper (03/29/2016) [-]
What is inflation? What is stagnant wages? What is rising costs of living?
Oh you know? How education costs have quintupled and healthcare has skyrocketed.
You could actually live off basic jobs say in the late 60s these days that's impossible.
The economy is fucked, national debt inrising, inflation nation and middle class deprivation.
We're fucked, things are fucked, middle class is dead, it survived but it's dead
Oh I'm sure I sound like a negative nelly, about economics...

User avatar
#148 - cagetheelophant (03/29/2016) [-]
Totally had u pinned for the Donald meme supporter
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#232 - infinitereaper (03/29/2016) [-]
I like Trumps economic policies, he's essentially attempting to jump start the economy and encourage a growth spurt.
User avatar
#166 - sephirothpwnz (03/29/2016) [-]
ikr this threw me off right now
#102 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
Taxes for the average family were a lot less then as well.
#113 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/29/2016) [-]
This is patently false
User avatar
#81 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/29/2016) [-]
Except inflation has been extremely low over the past 20 years. In fact, its generally considered to have been at an ideal rate. Currently, inflation is actually a little lower than most economists would like. Cost of living has not actually been increasing particularly faster than inflation, which is also about where you'd want it. Stagnant wages are a problem but it largely stems from our issues with education. The manufacturing jobs that supported so many families in this country for decades are gone and have been replaced largely with retail and service oriented jobs. You can earn a decent living in these professions, but they won't train you. You need some sort of degree if you want to make a decent living. The problem then, is the fact that education is not a reasonable goal for most americans due to the massive costs. We need to find a way to fix our education system and ensure that our workforce has skills relevant to the makeup of our economy. Inflation is not the problem. It hasn't been a problem for decades. Education is the problem and it has been a problem FOR decades. We need to stop ignoring it.
#88 - infinitereaper (03/29/2016) [-]
I'm talking more like since the 60s which is where we hit a peak in quality of life and pretty nice economic situations. Even the minimum wage (adjusted for inflation) was higher. Not to mention the adjusted costs were much lower. The national debt in particular seems to be taking lift off. Shit has really hit the fan. Education is one thing. American healthcare is an ugly mess. I know that pain quite well. Literally. They never treated my pain, so I self treat. Now I find out I probably have an incurable disease that is going to require some bottlenecked, hard to get, expensive meds that I can only pray my insurance covers if they are even kind enough to bestow them upon me.

Yadayada my only goal in life is to earn as much money as possible. I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of the poor fag life. If I can't beat them, I'll join them. And I finally be able to buy the freedom that this country has put a price tag on. Millennials got a really bad deal. Fucking baby boomers ruined everything.
User avatar
#91 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/29/2016) [-]
The thing about inflation is that it doesn't generally have a huge effect in the long run. It distorts the economy and can cause poor decisions in the short run but it is unlikely to have a significant effect on the direction of an economy in the long run. While our healthcare isn't great, it does seem to be improving. More and more, insurance companies are being required to provide proper care to people regardless of the cost. It isn't prefect but certainly isn't terrible either. Hopefully we'll get a decent sized bump in minimum wage sometime in the next couple of years, which may help. At least worth a shot.
User avatar
#98 - infinitereaper (03/29/2016) [-]
Well you certainly seem optimistic. I hope Trump wins. I really like his economic policies. I do have a little hope I guess. And I do plan to do what I can so maybe things won't be all bad.
#65 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
Just another 'eco is shit, we all gon die'. Nah, resurrecting the eco is motherf-in simple.
Get rid of welfare state
Get rid of most home building regulations and the artificial prices set
Get rid of most government funded projects, lower the taxes significantly.
Tax products from cheap outsource countries (China, India)
Give the market more free reign and make competition in the market easier
Watch the market collapse at first, or at least change, and suddenly the country will emerge from its ashes like a phoenix a few years later

Only condition: people have to put some effort into it.
#69 - infinitereaper (03/29/2016) [-]
I agree with you, it's very simple.
However it's basically impossible. Not because it's not doable.
But because of the wealthy and political elite who want nothing to change.
Is there hope? Maybe.
User avatar
#105 - ilovehitler (03/29/2016) [-]
The common folk don't want the change, either.
Oh sure, they want the result of the change, but they're not willing to accept the fact that doing things like anon suggested would cause things to get a lot worse before they get better.
I mean, think about it- there are a lot of families currently that struggle to keep affording to live from week to week, and that's with the ultra-cheap products we get from other countries. Tax those more, and they're gonna get more expensive- suddenly, we've got a very large amount of people who are no longer able to live from week to week.
Yes, we would decrease unemployment here in an effort to return to the amount of output we're used to, and the amount we simply need as a country, but that takes time, and time is something that a lot of people simply don't have.
The cure to something like that, the bad times, is a good welfare system. Something to allow people to weather the bad times in order to make it to the good times, and to do their part to help the country.

Thing is, nobody, or at least no large groups of people, wants to do both. They either don't want to increase the welfare system (like a sudden surge in poverty caused by a tax shift on export countries), or they don't want give the economy more free reign (because there's a good amount of danger that can come with an economy that's too free).

Nobody wants to change, they just want the easy result- and nothing like this is easy.
User avatar
#233 - infinitereaper (03/29/2016) [-]
Lots of people choose the blue pill.
User avatar
#11 - prohibullion (03/28/2016) [-]
Don't worry, though. Bernie Sanders is going to fix everything by giving people more money and making everything free.
User avatar
#101 - rakogoki (03/29/2016) [-]
wall street speculations tax
#33 - anon (03/29/2016) [-]
You sound pretty fucking retarded
User avatar
#72 - klina (03/29/2016) [-]
and you can't detect sarcasm
#9 - lolollo (03/28/2016) [-]
Those jobs were also reserved more for those who weren't trying to pay of 3 mortgages and feed 10 kids as a single parent, they were given to "little timmy" down the street who "was wantin to learn about work ethic!"

Today, you're lucky to get that sort of job even if you're still not trying to pay off 3 mortgages and feed 10 kids, but are trying to pay for college.

The ones getting those jobs are the ones trying to pay off 3 mortgages and feed 10 kids, which creates the problem of them not being able to do so because "Hey motherfucker, you're putting sauce on chicken, what do you mean 'enough to feed my family'?!" And then you look at the high school and college students, who scrape by for a job, but they can't because "10 years experience to put sauce on chicken dicknut, trying to run a business here!"

There are too many people, not enough jobs, and the jobs we have are poorly triaged for the sake of looking forward into the future of employment. And it never gets addressed because the people who would go to address it make the mistake of presuming it to be much much simpler than it really is, because they only ever have their own insight to work with...or they give this unhelpful mess of advice which might as well be telling people that they should've bought stock in Apple before it boomed to make money.

And then people question why I say something like "business philosophy has the propensity to tear society or more accurately, the economy apart."
User avatar
#14 - somenerd (03/28/2016) [-]
Paying for college is much less effort if one makes a concerted effort to get as and take only the hardest classes. It is entirely possible to graduate without any debt if you try hard enough and put in enough effort.
User avatar
#45 - lolollo (03/29/2016) [-]
So what's your degree in, then? When did you get it?
User avatar
#41 - lebadass (03/29/2016) [-]
This is straight up wrong. Most American colleges require general education classes that have nothing to do with your major. If you come in with transfer credit from high school and take upwards of 18 hours a semester, you might be able to graduate 2, maybe 3 semesters early.

This leaves you with 5-6 semesters off school to pay for. In a public university with good in state tuition you'll be lucky to pay around $10,000 a semester, not including living expenses. If you are unable to qualify for grants and scholarships, you can end up graduating $50,000 or more in debt. Remember, this is a very low estimate requiring you to kill yourself with course work.

You sound like I did in high school. I thought that being smart and making a 4.0 was enough. Nope, you also need to spend 50 grand and have 3 years of hell.
User avatar
#15 - somenerd (03/28/2016) [-]
Even if you're white
#8 - anon (03/28/2016) [-]
Hard to say, does this family spend like the current ones do? Because living on the cheap like they did in the 1930's would make a paper route work.
#6 - anon (03/28/2016) [-]
NAFTA mother fucker
User avatar
#62 - donbionicle (03/29/2016) [-]
The North American Free Trade Agreement? What?
#76 - cheshirecatless (03/29/2016) [-]
It reduced American wages by making American labor compete with cheap third world labor.
User avatar
#150 - wutevaa (03/29/2016) [-]
I thought it did the opposite? No tax on goods sold between north american countries (mexico, usa, and Canada) as long as it is manufactured in those countries, in order to compete with the Chinese cheap labor. They taxed other countries but not our neighbors TOO compete with other cheap laborsaving countries.
#217 - firesky (03/29/2016) [-]
NAFTA is like TTIP basically for improving profits of big companies and therefore srewing over basic workers.

"According to the Economic Policy Institute, California, Texas, Michigan and other states with high concentrations of manufacturing jobs were most affected by job loss due to NAFTA. EPI economist Robert Scott estimates some 682,900 U.S. jobs have been "lost or displaced" as a result of the trade agreement."
User avatar
#80 - donbionicle (03/29/2016) [-]
So that's what he was getting at...
User avatar
#75 - zaxzwim (03/29/2016) [-]
ohhh sorry ohhh gonna throw some acronyms at you, NATO, FAQ, PSI, SSD, ATM
#79 - donbionicle (03/29/2016) [-]
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Frequently Asked Questions
Pounds (per) Square Inch
Solid State Drive
Automatic Teller Machine Machine
User avatar
#162 - thevaulthunter (03/29/2016) [-]
The A in ATM means automated, I think.
User avatar
#104 - zaxzwim (03/29/2016) [-]
but they are all the ones i could think of and i don't want to think of any more
User avatar
#137 - containlettersonly (03/29/2016) [-]
User avatar
#231 - donbionicle (03/29/2016) [-]
Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
Light Ah fuck I don't know laser off the top of my head.
User avatar
#5 - darthfox (03/28/2016) [-]
flipping burgers is good enough to feed 6 kids and a paw paw
User avatar
#4 - tyrson (03/28/2016) [-]
Ok, but the problem is that our society has become more dependent on no-skill service jobs (like fast food, store clerk, etc.) than on higher-skill specialty jobs. If the number of good jobs is less than the number of eligible workers, then every working can't have a good job.
User avatar
#2 - volksworgen (03/28/2016) [-]
#2 - *OLD woman complaining*  [+] (1 reply) 03/27/2016 on Authentic +4
#4 - anon (03/30/2016) [-]
You made my day guy.

Doing God's work.

Now I need to go get my faith in humanity I wiped off on that sexy titan's back boobs earlier...
#1 - He's also a handy electrician.  [+] (1 reply) 03/27/2016 on Geniuschu +3
#2 - darkbringer (03/28/2016) [-]
And a great electromagnetic specialist.
#12 - Picture  [+] (3 replies) 03/27/2016 on Zootopia +172
#66 - hollowinside (03/28/2016) [-]
#55 - doctorpibber (03/28/2016) [-]
#17 - kojinus (03/27/2016) [-]