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#8 - I know this was supposed to be insulting. I know that the poin…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/28/2016 on Toonaholic +22
#10 - sifterthesniperz (06/28/2016) [-]
It's not, its point is to make a parallel to the #4 that we can understand
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#9 - drdazzoo (06/28/2016) [-]
It's suppose to be insulting to weebs... Not America. That they know so little about actual modern Japanese culture that they would sound like autistic retards to anyone else.
#107 - (*Game of Thrones Theme Music*) 06/25/2016 on Referendum Twits Pt 1 0
#2 - Are you trying to say that not everyone on funny junk is a han…  [+] (1 new reply) 11/23/2015 on OC Neat Holiday gift ideas... 0
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#3 - demonbreadofnorth (11/23/2015) [-]
#5 - I refuse to discriminate against the thousands of billionaires…  [+] (1 new reply) 11/20/2015 on OC Neat Holiday gift ideas... +84
#61 - anon (11/21/2015) [-]
Thank you! I am rich Nigerian Prince who belongs to FJ millionaire club, and is grateful for your consideration. As a reward, I planned to buy you holiday gifts from list. However, I am having trouble paying tax, and need you to help me. Send bank account information to totallynotascam@ gmail.com and gifts will arrive on Christmas.
#84 - Admin, you are worthy leader. If you want to build g… 01/10/2015 on how to build a gaming... 0
#25 - She makes some valid points, I would like to ask the question …  [+] (7 new replies) 09/24/2014 on Thank you Based Mom +5
#80 - anon (09/24/2014) [-]
NO! You cannot legislate away biology. That is what these feminist morons have tried to do for the last 50 years. They looked at the modern family, not as the fundamental unit of government, not as the bedrock of a community, but as an archaic construct that could be made obsolete with a few laws, regulations, and subsidies for women to level the playing field. They could finally release women from the shackles of womanhood and women could have it all. This experiment is a miserable failure with drastic social consequences.

This first started in the states in black communities. Do some research on the 75% out-of-wedlock birthrates in the black community. And, research the lives children of single mothers face. Research the pain women face when they realize feminism was a lie, and they couldn't have it all. Do yourself a favor and realize men and women are not equal. We are COMPLIMENTARY and society is best; and men and women lead the best, most fulfilling lives when we act like it!
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#56 - timmywankenobi (09/24/2014) [-]
That's why we have 12 months of maternity leave douche nozzle. At the end of the day while that woman is on leave someone else has to do that job and get payed so we the tax payers are paying the woman to have a child for 12 months while her employer is paying someone else to do her job how is this unfair ? Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.
#54 - anon (09/24/2014) [-]
I agree. In all civilized countries birth rates are going down.
Judging by my personal experience, one of the main reasons is the motherhood penalty women encounter.
If I have to choose between progressing in my career and being economically independent, and having a children, for now I'm sure of my choice. It feels unfair that men can have both.
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#57 - timmywankenobi (09/24/2014) [-]
You act like working overtime so you can afford to feed and cloth and shelter you new child is a privilege not a duty/responsibility. Working overtime is not as wonderful as you seem to think it is .
#63 - anon (09/24/2014) [-]
I have done extra hours myself, you can believe me. And many other woman have too, just like every person that needs extra cash at some point.
But that's not what this is about. My point is that having kids is perjudicial for your career if you are a woman, and neutral or even beneficial for yours if you are a man.
If you are really interested in the matter, i suggest you to search for "motherhood penalty" or "pregnancy penalty".
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#65 - timmywankenobi (09/24/2014) [-]
Except you are ignoring that when the wife gets pregnant the husband will work on average 12 extra hours a week to provide for the child and mother , the mother getting pregnant is her choice and she will get maternity leave the only negative effect for the woman is she will probably not get a raise for the 12 months she took off. So what you have is on the female side : Having a baby bringing new life into the world and taking 12 months off fully paid but no raise for the time off, and on the male side working many extras hours and taking care of wife and trying to get a promotion so you can afford a child. Neither side has it any better then the other and the laws of equivalent exchange persist.
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#37 - manformen (09/24/2014) [-]
really interesting question you got there. there is probably an inbalance in which women have to take time off for bearing a child. It's really hard to say because if you're going to balance it out, ethnics play a huge role. If you're not going to balance it out, ethnics still play a huge role. economically balancing this issue out between men and women, depending on how you balance it out, can be really bad.
If you would rather have the state pay for the time off, it would really hurt the economic system because all money flows in circulation. if the state paid for it, there would be more taxes. Most people are not very fond of taxes like those because of how people could misuse and missunderstand it.
even if you try to balance these things, something would always show up to unbalance it further because as many would use as a strong argument against this is that women would be paid for just bearing a child which isn't much work if you ask me (excluding birth of course which doesn't last a week).
#43 - O.P. This is your chance to take a stand for human rights. Thi… 09/18/2014 on My school tried to make me... +29
#30 - A nation full of men not willing or strong enough to stand up …  [+] (1 new reply) 08/26/2014 on This is how sad feminists are +2
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#31 - weinerdick (08/26/2014) [-]
If you wear it you can get more souls from those you kill.
#29 - Comment deleted 08/26/2014 on This is how sad feminists are 0
#20 - Comment deleted 10/19/2013 on Someone Lost Their Rose 0
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