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#14 - I've been on this site for years and I still dont know what th…  [+] (4 replies) 12/05/2016 on Insulting his way to victory +1
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#31 - austinrocket (12/06/2016) [-]
Does shazam not work on it?
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#32 - austinrocket (12/06/2016) [-]
I see an answer has already been posted Shazam did work though
#22 - greencheese (12/06/2016) [-]
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#19 - troflmao (12/06/2016) [-]
#29 - Do you not know how titles work?  [+] (1 reply) 12/05/2016 on Bumurr Horeletada Evadruleal 0
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#33 - xmonke (12/05/2016) [-]
Technically, he's right. Prepositions are not traditionally supposed to be capitalized in a title, but people do it anyways.
#72 - I see more Brits talking about the Muslim population than Amer…  [+] (4 replies) 05/07/2016 on SJW comp: just a fast one... 0
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#108 - lotengo (05/07/2016) [-]
And they see Trump as a potential danger that should be denied acces into the country.
British Parliament evn debated it
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#203 - thefuriousfish (05/07/2016) [-]
To be fair. He is dangerous. A few days ago he suggested he would declare bankruptcy of the US government when he gets into power. He cannot do that. If he does it would not cause an economic recession it would cause economic ruin.
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#204 - lotengo (05/07/2016) [-]
They debated it months ago
User avatar
#222 - thefuriousfish (05/07/2016) [-]
and your point is? If he's still suggesting it then it doesn't matter how long ago they debated it. In fact, it doesn't even matter that they debated it. He shouldn't even be thinking of doing something like that.
#152 - Okay, this is the tldr; version of why the Civil War happened.…  [+] (3 replies) 05/02/2016 on /k/ on why the American... 0
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#153 - thechosentroll (05/02/2016) [-]
No, no, no. I get that part. What I don't get is what got the average every day people to enlist and go shoot their countrymen. Because as far as I know, the average person did not own any slaves. It didn't directly affect their lives, they had no reason to go "That guy in the north doesn't support slavery? IMMA FUCKING KILL HIM!". If something like this happened in my country, the general reaction would be more like "Who gives a fuck? The plantation owners want to fight? Then let THEM go get shot at.".

Was there anything else? Some other previous conflict that created friction between the two sides, so they already wanted to kill eachother and the slavery thing was just an excuse. Because I really can't imagine why your average person would risk their life, defending something that doesn't even affect them. In fact, people generally hate the rich and back then, the plantation owners were the rich guys. You'd think most people would support abolition just to fuck with the rich guys.
User avatar
#159 - xierthard (05/03/2016) [-]
There was also quite a few taxes put into place before the beginning of the war that helped Northern trade but harmed the mostly agricultural based economy of the South.
User avatar
#154 - theguythatisnotyou (05/02/2016) [-]
so the South wanted to defned slavery and tmost people in the South benefitted from slaves because it made shit cheap and they didn't have to do the shitty jobs like picking seeds out of cotton. And if you know anything about the good ol' US of A then you now we are lazy and like things cheap.

The North on the other hand wanted the Union to stay together because they feared thatif the south could stay away and sustain itself then every time there was an unpopular law introduced people would just leave the Union until it basically became nonextistant.
#102 - "This thing that has value because we say it has value sh…  [+] (10 replies) 04/23/2016 on Strong black women taking... +3
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#104 - ManicalMayhem (04/23/2016) [-]
Paper money can be created on a whim, it's "Value" is directly related to how much is in circulation, and 1 Entity usually has complete control of how much is in circulation, and thus has complete control of it.

Something of Tangible value is something that cannot be created so easily at the whim of anyone thus it's value is rarely affected by any person or entity. it's price is literally set in stone you can say...
#139 - robuntu (04/23/2016) [-]
You still have all of the same problems with any currency.

"Okay - instead of paper money, we'll use diamonds and a currency. Diamonds have value and can't be easily created.'

You still need to get everyone to agree that diamonds have value and will be accepted as currency. The value of diamonds will still be controlled by a few rich and powerful people too. The rich guys that own the diamond mines are going to control production and be able to limit and inflate supply. The rich guys that run Walmart can decide NOT to accept diamonds....which would cause the value of diamonds to drop like a rock.
User avatar
#140 - ManicalMayhem (04/23/2016) [-]
Diamonds dont have tangible value either, and I think you are missing the point. Something that CANNOT be made at the whim of a person or entity. "diamonds are intrinsically worthless" www.nytimes.com/1999/01/12/business/international-business-diamond-cartel-may-be-forever-hereditary-leader-de-beers.html?pagewanted=all

So yes Diamonds are already controlled and are overpriced, but I did not recommend Diamonds anyway. and they CAN be artificially created no more then printing paper money. So money needs to be something with solid value, rarely changing in availability or quantity, like Gold and Silver again. If we are to have paper money it should be exchangeable in an amount of tangible and audit-able assets.

The only other way a fiat currency can possibly work is to allow for competing currencies, in the US the Fed has a monopoly on creating money so they print all they want with no repercussions. Now throw in another currency, now they would think twice about printing more money because their money would lose value as they would print more, making the other currency more valuable.

We can't trust one person or entity to regulate itself in the handling of Monetary policy it has never does anything to help anyone except themselves who are in control, ever.
User avatar
#129 - Greevon (04/23/2016) [-]
You can't really say that because as technology advances we're finding that precious metals will not be precious for much longer.

Aluminum used to be more precious than gold and one king ate off tin plates while everyone in his court ate off gold. Then we found a way to extract tin more easily from the ground and we use it to make canned food items. There is a metric fuckton of gold in ocean water that's just waiting for us to filter it out.

The value of metal can be just as whimsical as paper currency, except with paper currency we can control how much there is in circulation. Gold, we cannot because if someone finds a lot of it, that's that.
User avatar
#130 - ManicalMayhem (04/23/2016) [-]
Maybe so about Aluminum, But gold and Silver has changed very little to almost nothing in price for very many years. The only changes you really see is the constant change in the value of the currency.

Also your last sentence don't make sense cause you say that if someone "finds a lot" of gold then "that's that" That's how all gold was found and yes them more in circulation then less valuable it is, but Gold and Silver is not something that is created so easily and not artificially at all. You also talk about having control of paper money but to control means that it would control the amount of money in circulation, meaning they would print more so you are talking about the same scenario, but one is controlled by politicians and central banks, and one is set forever unless more is found.

So for the reason in my original image something with solid value is better used as currency.
#147 - robuntu (04/23/2016) [-]
You can't say that diamonds don't have tangible value and then say that gold and silver do. That just doesn't make sense.

All three have limited practical uses in industry and it's highly specialized. The average person has zero use for diamonds, gold, or silver in their day to day life outside of the fact it looks pretty and people value it.
User avatar
#148 - ManicalMayhem (04/23/2016) [-]
Ok I admit "Don't" isn't the correct term, but it's definitely less tangible than gold and silver. Gold and silver have been very solid in their price/value, while diamonds have not. A better currency is one that does not change in value in drastic means, and definitely better when it's not controlled by a single group or entity.
#149 - robuntu (04/24/2016) [-]
It's easy to say 'a better currency is one that x,y, and z'....but can you give an actual example?

I'm also not sure that I'd agree with you about the price of gold.

I mean, I get what you are saying. Countries can just print more money and devalue their own currency (and they do that, on purpose, when the rich people running it decide it benefits them). But I don't know what the better alternative is.
#150 - ManicalMayhem (04/24/2016) [-]
You Just have to keep in mind that the "Price" is based in "Dollars" In which dollars have been inflated and deflated many times over the years, along with other factors. That is the reason your see such drastic changing in price, not cause of the value of gold but the value of the dollar changing.

However for your consideration the minimum wage in 1964 was $1.25, but money was different then, money was directly associated with Gold and silver. Quarters were made of silver and Dollars were directly redeemable in gold.

Since quarters were made of silver that Means Minimum wage was 5 Silver Quarters. There is a website that does the calculation for you but here's the breakdown (See image)

If you can see ever since the gold standard was removed the dollar value has dropped but any person would happily be paid $1.25 in Silver Quarters, to show that silver's value is still just as good 50+ years later. So silver has changed little and if anything got more valuable, while the dollar has consistently declined to the point that a $1.25 then is the same as $15.47 today.

An extreme example of Fiat Currency going bad is the Zimbabwe Dollar, please check that out on your own.
User avatar
#132 - Greevon (04/23/2016) [-]
I just mentioned that there's a lot of gold in the world's ocean water and all we need is the technology to extract it. And once we do have the knowledge to do that, the same thing that happened to aluminum can happen to gold. There was always a lot of aluminum, but actually extracting it from the ground was impossible with the technology. Then someone discovered how to do it. There's also a lot of gold just laying around waiting for us to learn how to tap into it. That's my point: The value of gold is a bubble waiting to burst.
#49 - Not an SJW but we have. Susan B. Anothony, Eleanor Roosevelt, …  [+] (3 replies) 04/21/2016 on why +14
#271 - darddec (04/21/2016) [-]
B. Anthony was a meh. Eleanor I guess would be cool. Wait what about the $1 coins?
User avatar
#268 - thegrimgenius (04/21/2016) [-]
Susan and Eleanor are going on the back of the 10.
User avatar
#52 - kilotech (04/21/2016) [-]
Sacagawea is on 1$ gold coins, which are slightly uncommon but not hard to get at all, you can just trade a 1$ bill for a 1$ coin at any bank
#72 - Picture 04/18/2016 on the tall side 0