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The human body is the entire structure of a human organism, and consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. By the time the human reaches adulthood, the body consists of close to 100 trillion cells,[1] the basic unit of life. These cells are organised biologically to eventually form the whole body.

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    Knights Knights

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#88 - ******* crackheads, man. 11 hours ago on Retail +3
#17 - Afro Samurai was some of the most depressing ****. Especially … 07/24/2016 on afro ninja 0
#27 - How did your girlfriend react to you brutalising that guy?  [+] (1 new reply) 07/23/2016 on Robot becomes Chad +2
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#44 - ottophilatsio (07/23/2016) [-]
She laughed. She was at school at the time, and he texted here right before it happened saying he was going over to our place to beat me up (though she didn't actually believe him). I didn't know that guy from Adam, so it really helped the police to book him when they saw a confession and admittance of pre-meditated assault.

It was weird too, because he was screaming "fucking white guy" over and over again when it happened. He was kind of east Indian looking, but with no accent. You know like a regular dude. I could have also charged him with a hate crime, but I didn't want to open that kettle of fish.
#29 - After having held a stressful position as president for 8 year… 07/22/2016 on this is what real... 0
#14 - I've been playing warband for a while now. I joined the Rhodok…  [+] (6 new replies) 07/21/2016 on Think positive +5
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#17 - trollmobile (07/22/2016) [-]
conquer 2 castles, do not ask for them to be given to you.
conquer a city, ask for it.
you will be given the city, which is not only easier to defend, but gives you an incredibly much higher income as well.
#56 - bann (07/22/2016) [-]
So right

Also, pick a village and help the SHIT out of it.

you go from getting 1-6 recruits to some 1-30 footmen with high loyalty, makes it WAAAAY easier to build up an army.
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#63 - angrybacteria (07/23/2016) [-]
And NEVER do anything bad to a village. Personally looting villages is stupid and you will regret it. If you are martial or king you can command others to do it which can wreck the enemy economy but you need all the villages to like you so they pay their taxes on time and give you manpower.

Raiding enemy caravans for cash is fine though. It makes the nation hate you more but that's okay.
#65 - bann (07/23/2016) [-]
Agreed. I only every raided a village if I thought I'd NEVER need that village again, which was almost never.
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#59 - trollmobile (07/22/2016) [-]
also getting Lezalit as a follower.
he has 4 base training skill.
improving upon that further, basically means that you won't ever have recruits with you for more than a day.
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#58 - trollmobile (07/22/2016) [-]
#17 - It's kind of sad if you have to look 30 years into the future … 07/19/2016 on Boobs +22
#9 - Metabots was the ******* **** holy ****. I had a toy … 07/19/2016 on kermie +1
#12 - Hahaha lol so edgy and cool!! grow the **** up  [+] (1 new reply) 07/19/2016 on Not as simple as that +1
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#13 - cognosceteipsum (07/19/2016) [-]
#53 - Why in god's name does the schoolbus arrive at 6:30? 07/19/2016 on looks like pedos 0
#6 - It's still 40 percent. All that you're left with is a vile drink. 07/17/2016 on memories +4