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#44 - That dumb frog looks an awful lot like Harrison Ford.  [+] (1 new reply) 9 hours ago on Yay, Louis 0
#45 - dumbfrogposter (9 hours ago) [-]
it's not dumbfrog poster
it's dumb frogposter
#23 - Actually, I can. Because it's pretty much CP. 9 hours ago on Jesus Christ, How Horrifying 0
#13 - For ****** sake, someone give me a tl; dr version. I love usin…  [+] (2 new replies) 9 hours ago on Shenanigans 0
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#16 - comexx (7 hours ago) [-]
The way he forms his sentences is what makes it ten times better.
#15 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
Kid pisses his pants.
#18 - Given the things I've seen people jack off to on that board, I…  [+] (1 new reply) 9 hours ago on Welcome to BoringValuable -2
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#19 - callmeputin (7 hours ago) [-]
everything not normal is a fetish, so it wouldn't surprise me.
#16 - Haven't seen someone eating ice cream this vigorously since kuroinou.  [+] (2 new replies) 9 hours ago on Has This Ever Happened To You? +7
#23 - ibadgeryou (4 hours ago) [-]
i know man. shits cray
#18 - greeneyedgamer (5 hours ago) [-]
The thing about that scene is that she'll get the ice cream for free if she can finish it in 3 minutes without biting it off.
#18 - There is a ******* mountain of evidence (and dead witnesses) t… 9 hours ago on Hillary 2016 +5
#38 - Except the 12-yearolds aren't the minority, they're the majority. 9 hours ago on Yay, Louis -2
#38 - Yeah, I imagine if everyone ate chili macaroni for every meal,…  [+] (2 new replies) 9 hours ago on Army rations per country +28
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#198 - mazvaddox (1 hour ago) [-]
Chili mac is so damn good tho
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#124 - mermoohue (3 hours ago) [-]
You've probably never had one? Cause it does the very very opposite.
#73 - This makes me feel like I may be a sociopath. Quick question, …  [+] (3 new replies) 10 hours ago on Random Facts #5 0
#81 - linxindao (3 hours ago) [-]
It isn't quite that simple as not giving a fuck. It also isn't common from birth. There can be events to trigger it in childhood, it can also be caused by a brain tumor. Some people become sociopaths with no clear explanation.

Sociopaths have difficulty feeling empathy and can be somewhat self-centered. They look at things in a 'how does it benefit me' kind of way. Even if it seems like it isn't for their benefit, if it will improve their social status or appearance they may do it anyway. They are easily angered or frustrated by emulating empathy and will likely leave as soon as it is convenient. This is why they do not typically do well in relationships (can't duck out after showing basic concerns when they live with you).

Despite that sociopaths don't typically care about the feelings of others (unless it affects their social status), they are quite usually well liked by people they interact with. They don't get passionate about anything that isn't directly rewarding (games are directly rewarding) and will likely side with whichever group that will benefit them best.

Sociopaths are often overly confident (even if they avoid conflict) and quite often can fit into leadership positions. Many people find such confidence attractive and I remember reading that a common reason people fall for sociopaths is the confident look in their eyes and their lack of fear in failure.

Sociopaths are often compulsive shoppers, they will buy something (even in bulk) they don't even need if they feel they might need it and it seems cheap.

Sociopaths will lie to benefit themselves, even if the benefit doesn't make sense to normal people. The lies may be made to make friends that would normally ignore them or to get things or money from people they do know. Quite often they will lie if a lie will resolve a situation quicker than telling the truth. For example, the sociopath is late to work because a series of unfortunate problems held them up, despite that they would've been early if those events never happened, instead of telling their boss the whole story, they'll probably come up with a common excuse that the boss will accept such as a flat tire, road construction, or etc. (primarily, the benefit being saving time and cutting down on useless chit-chat).

Sociopaths love being in disasters because it makes people sympathize for them and more willing to grant them leniency (whether time to relax doing something rewarding such as games or leniency with debts that they are likely to accrue despite having a respectable job).

There's more to it but I'm losing interest.
#82 - linxindao (3 hours ago) [-]
Eh, was reading my response and wanted to clarify something.

In my situation, I'm somewhat of a pacifist, which means I'm good at resolving conflicts peacefully. I also need my job to pay for rewarding things like games so I will spend extra time and my own money becoming as good at my job as physically possible. I'm usually well liked by colleagues and bosses because I'm good at my job and find new ways to be more efficient while getting along with my peers. Despite all this, if it was feasible, I'd stay at home all day playing games on the internet, and I'd usually prefer it to being out in public.
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#80 - euskippy (4 hours ago) [-]
You can become a sociopath, but its not really as simple as "I dont give a fuck anymore". There's a lot, lot more to it than that and it's really not a nice thing once you become aware of it or you're diagnosed with it.
#22 - I don't that's from a movie, it looks more like Downey just go… 11 hours ago on Racist +5
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