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#83 - coolponyboy (04/24/2012) [-]
Check out what captainyoshi made for everyone!
User avatar #84 to #160 - thatkoolbronykid (04/24/2012) [-]
And who are they all?
User avatar #85 to #161 - coolponyboy (04/24/2012) [-]
ur so stupid. they're humanized versions of the rp ponies.
User avatar #86 to #162 - thatkoolbronykid (04/24/2012) [-]
I know that u idoit, I meant the names of the ponies!
User avatar #87 to #163 - coolponyboy (04/24/2012) [-]
someone hasnt been paying attention.
(from left to right) Nosferatu, Loki, Midas, Hades, Odin i think, Firebolt or Zed i cant really tell, Nocturne, Pandora, and Ragnarok.
User avatar #88 to #164 - thatkoolbronykid (04/24/2012) [-]
He happen to forgot one.
User avatar #89 to #165 - coolponyboy (04/24/2012) [-]
what do you mean? they're the sons of sin. he came up with them himself. dont ask me why my characters are in there. i have no idea, but i think its cool.
User avatar #90 to #166 - thatkoolbronykid (04/24/2012) [-]
Yea but if you think about it, if this was made for every one, my character would be in there
User avatar #91 to #167 - coolponyboy (04/24/2012) [-]
and so would Necronius, and the rest of his characters. plus has he ever actually seen you oc outside of your profile pic? cause thats not really a lot to go on you know.
User avatar #92 to #168 - thatkoolbronykid (04/24/2012) [-]
Good point
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