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#334 - charpmike (05/26/2013) [-]
i was just told that the coal bot is worth 30-40k so im going to wait until i find out if thats true before i accept
#335 to #334 - thaleetone (05/26/2013) [-]
Sure, I'm not in a hurry
#336 to #335 - charpmike (05/26/2013) [-]
sorry but i think i can get at the very least 10k for each of them and i value your side at about 20k so if i cant sell mine for more i might re offer for that
#337 to #336 - thaleetone (05/26/2013) [-]
Sure, please keep me updated (coal bot is the one I'm the most interested in)
#338 to #337 - charpmike (05/26/2013) [-]
will do