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#76 - What ALL people see is ********* / light blue dres… 6 hours ago on Mygosh +1
#25 - It means that 597 chapters are a half of the whole story.  [+] (48 new replies) 14 hours ago on Anime Facts: One Piece Part 4 +1
#90 - anonexplains (8 hours ago) [-]
worng, 596
User avatar #26 - warbob (14 hours ago) [-]
makes sense , but that would mean that the author has planned what the events in the next 418 or so chapters will be.

Also it's kind of a big spoiler, I don't trust this.
User avatar #112 - ludly (5 hours ago) [-]
Oda said he finished planning where the story will go a while back. after the alabasta arc i think. He even told the rest of the story to a kid who was dying of a terminal disease and wanted to know what would happen.
User avatar #31 - angelious (12 hours ago) [-]
the whole thing seems to be planned out from the get go.

heck we actually have found out what one piece most likely is thanks to hints given to us through out the show.
#36 - JustintheWaysian (12 hours ago) [-]
What are these hints you speak of?

I always thought that One Piece was a non-material treasure
User avatar #88 - admiralloli (9 hours ago) [-]
i'm pretty sure oda said the one piece is something tangible i guess
not sure what the right word would be
User avatar #37 - angelious (12 hours ago) [-]
its somewhat both...and the hints are the void century,the formation of the world goverment,prophecies made by the mermaid mistress a few connections made with the maps and a lot of hints dropped by the characters in the show.
#38 - JustintheWaysian (11 hours ago) [-]
Please, I need specific things. I know all the topics you speak of, but how they relate, I'm not sure. What hints dropped by the characters, save for the time Roger spoke with Whitebeard, or what Rayleigh hinted at to Robin?
User avatar #39 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
ok so the common theory comes from a video that was like 10 minutes long so i wont go into details and since you are only asking for hints i wont be spoiling the whole thing for you. but think about the overall theme of the series, whitebeards last words before his death,about the prophesy that luffy got after his visit to the mermaid city thats name i already forgot, the positioning of the city,the specifics of the "weapons of mass destruction" left behind by the kingdom that ruled in the void century and the dreams of luffys crewmates. all these points towards one specific goal/event
#40 - JustintheWaysian (11 hours ago) [-]
Does the video imply that 'One Piece' one of those weapons of mass destruction, material or immaterial, and will be something that Luffy will come to possess, which is why Madame Shyarly foresaw Luffy destroying Fishman Island, because he attained One Piece and now wields its destructive power?
User avatar #41 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
close, but no. a weapon of mass destruction IS speculated to have part in it. but its not the one piece. for further hint. LOOK at the map of the world of one piece. and then think about luffys dream and sanjis dream and the name of the show.
User avatar #42 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
I'm leaving a comment to find out exactly what the hell you're talking about. I don't watch one piece anymore.
User avatar #43 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
well a major spoiler in spoilers that spoils the possible ending of the show.

the theory goes that one piece is uniting the oceans. this would cause the destruction of the mermaid city(that name i still cant recall),the creation of all blue, more freedom for people to travel,calm the anomalies at red sea(making it more pleasant place to live an fulfills namis wish to be able to travel the world and make her map) and overall makes the world more pleasant place. there is a video that went onto details about the whole theory...i could try find it again if you want.
User avatar #44 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
Hmmm... That's rather interesting. I got a friend who's heavily invested in the story. Time to spoil stuff.
User avatar #45 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
dont be a roody poop.
User avatar #47 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
Hehe. We've discussed what One Piece could be before. He has no idea. I thought it would be one giant ass ship (I know). This info will either make him happy or kill me.
User avatar #70 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
a person whose powers allow her/him to change a persons gender at touch who absolutely loves to do it to people who piss her/him off said he/she knows crocodiles "darkest secret"
User avatar #71 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
I know about that person. Can't remember her name. Saw her in a comp here. How far do I have to go in to see that person in the show?
User avatar #77 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
i have been skipping through naruto lately.

its a very nice show to skip through
#78 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
Last of Naruto I saw was 5 years ago.
User avatar #82 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
it ended after 120 episode. after that rest of the 220 episodes of the first season were all fillers.
User avatar #83 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
Fuck.... Fuckfuck.
User avatar #79 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
i watched the entire first season in like 3 days.

now im at episode 5 of the shippuudun.
#81 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
You mean the whole 200andsomething eps of Naruto? There were like 50 eps of continuous filler in that. Too bad I didn't know what fillers were when I was watching it back then. Skipped it because it got REALLY boring.
User avatar #72 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
fpfpp. you just finished crocodile so like 100 or so....
User avatar #73 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
Crap. Better finish Nodame soon then.
User avatar #74 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
you can skip fillers...thats like 20 episodes less...even more
User avatar #76 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
I don't like skipping. Unless it's Naruto. Left that around the time Madara show up.
User avatar #48 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
ah well. do post results.

just remember its still a theory based on what has been hinted to us through the show. its not written in stone.
User avatar #49 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
Will do. I'm kinda interested in watching the show again now. Left it around the part where that floating island gets introduced.
User avatar #68 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
its a flimsy theory tho. based on one simple exchange of words.
User avatar #69 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
Which is?
User avatar #50 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
you mean the floating sky island or a floating floating island?

User avatar #51 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
There are TWO floating islands??
The one where that monkey ship crew gets in.
User avatar #64 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
nah. he lived. is in jail now.

there is another theory going on that he might actually be a she
#67 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
Well fuck...
User avatar #62 - angelious (10 hours ago) [-]
he lives as in luffy doesnt believe in killing people. he thinks beating them senseless will be a better lesson to them.
User avatar #60 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
he lives.
User avatar #61 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
He lives? Jesus Christ. I got a shit load to watch.
User avatar #57 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
no i think 2 or so more members join the crew before it...cant recall.
User avatar #63 - rejakted (10 hours ago) [-]
The last ep I watched was 3 years ago. I thought for sure he died in that underground place.
User avatar #59 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
Thought I'd post a pic. Can't find it.
When Crocodile is killed.
User avatar #55 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
i think thats before the sky floating island...
User avatar #56 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
Then I guess that is it.
User avatar #52 - angelious (11 hours ago) [-]
cant recal...i think you mean the floating sky island?

User avatar #54 - rejakted (11 hours ago) [-]
You know, the one after that arc when Robin joins the crew. Before ep 200.
User avatar #30 - ljxjlos (12 hours ago) [-]
He did and he actually stated it. He recently said that it won´t happen, tho, as he thinks he won´t be able to finish it in just as many chapters so it´ll probably go on a bit longer then planned. The end of OP is actually already completely planned out, Oda told it to another mangaka and some cancer-ridden kid as far as I know.
#28 - anonexplains (14 hours ago) [-]
He has. He designed the story with the ending in mind, and is now only painting it. He stated that already multiple times.
#96 - The "Red Book" is a book in which endangered species… 15 hours ago on phone wallpapers anyone? 0
#5 - Explanation: Her dress is made from little things like scales … 02/28/2015 on The blue turns black! +2
#3 - Her dress is made from little things like scales or something,… 02/28/2015 on The blue turns black! +4
#63 - Do Stalin. 02/27/2015 on Walt Disney (OC) 0
#11 - Picture 02/27/2015 on Harold Comp 0
#137 - There is nothing communist about modern day russia. 02/27/2015 on Navbar poll, which is your... +1
#257 - Yo hankhillofthe, did you by any chance lead a ****** … 02/27/2015 on FJ Dances to Get Lucky! +2
#2 - b0ss, give me da pussy, pleeeeeease! 02/26/2015 on PillarFranks +1

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hey i have a question
User avatar #13 to #12 - tenfinnvo (01/19/2015) [-]
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If you dont play items i was curious because i do. if i could possibly have your fj points?
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i play it from time to time. And those points are THUMBS! Sorry my man, you can't ave em.
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I love you.
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Why, thank you
User avatar #1 - dkillakai (05/13/2013) [-]
Writing this on your profile to minimize spoilers. The armoured guy and the collasal guy are friends. They were in the training with eren, the two guys are never shown apart. The guy who wanted just to stay in town was also in their training group, he is the guy who hates eren, but after finding his friend's (marco) corpse, he changed his mind and wanted to join the scouting legion. The guy who didn't save eren's mom was just a soldier who was a friend of the family, no-one important as of yet.
User avatar #2 to #1 - tenfinnvo (05/13/2013) [-]
Well i pretty much knew all that, it's just that armored and collosal were not shown doing much important stuff, so i had hard time remembering them when **** got revealed. But thank you for clear informaton.
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