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    yolo yolo
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    Butt they love each other. Butt they love each other.
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    Halo Halo
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    A softer world A softer world
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    The lie The lie
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    Spoiler alert Spoiler alert
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    Giraffes don't exist. Giraffes don't exist.
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    Dr Tran Dr Tran

latest user's comments

#5 - Every time i see a gas mask "Are you my mommy?"  [+] (1 reply) 03/13/2014 on people you see at parties 0
#9 - drugcrap (03/13/2014) [-]
didn't expect a doctor related coment
#137 - You called it lol. But even with trolls and stuff they managed to win.  [+] (1 reply) 03/02/2014 on The End +1
User avatar
#289 - ohbamse (03/02/2014) [-]
well at some point, it does sound kinda funny... aint it comming back?
#99 - I feel like you have a high school or less experience with mat…  [+] (8 replies) 02/17/2014 on Because the Bible tells me so +2
User avatar
#104 - crazyeyedbioll (02/17/2014) [-]
College level but a basic amount. I've just viewed everything we humans ever created as made up for our own interests, doesnt make it fact, just what we believe. thats the case for everything we've made. anything could change at any time
User avatar
#117 - tehmudkipz (02/17/2014) [-]
Basic college level doesn't really mean anything. That could be math 095 (elementary algebra). However, (if you stay within a base 10 number system) math is literally 100% facts. Is the majority of math only useful for humans? Yes. I can't see my turtle ever needing to know the area under the curve of X^2.
#110 - scrumdillyicious (02/17/2014) [-]
Math isn't just made up though.... It's always been around, we just discovered it and figured out how to do it over a couple thousand years.
When dealing with differential equations though, I definitely feel like a wizard.
User avatar
#113 - crazyeyedbioll (02/17/2014) [-]
In the same way, religion has also always been around. Humans are still to this day trying to learn about it and figure it out. it's been around since humans became "intelligent beings" to say.
#118 - scrumdillyicious (02/17/2014) [-]
Except, religion is made up. There's no way to prove anything they say is true. There are ways to prove mathematical theorems though, even today. Of course, there are things that we can't prove yet, like the beginning of the universe, or what happens to us when we die. When it comes to things like that, I'm actually open to religious explanations since there's no scientific explanation for it. However, for things that have been scientifically proven, where we can perform tests and do equations that work every single time, then that is fact. It wasn't made up.
User avatar
#137 - crazyeyedbioll (02/17/2014) [-]
Equations we MADE though, those are just as fabricated as our ideas of life after death. Made so our lives are easier. The equations are facts because we made them so. That's the point I am trying to give here, hopefully someone will see it. I'm not a scientist or philosipher or some debate expert, I just have a calm decided understanding of how I think the world works, I dont take anything as more fact than the next
#147 - scrumdillyicious (02/17/2014) [-]
Mathematical equations aren't made up... nobody makes them up... People have found them by testing what they can do with numbers. If equations were just "made up" then why would we be teaching it school? If equations were made up, then why can't I just make up my own equation, put it in a math book and say its true? Because if I just made up some random equation, then it wouldn't be true. The entire world agrees on mathematical equations, because they aren't just made up. The whole world differs on their religious views because different cultures make up different ways of explaining confusing things. My point is that Math isn't made up. You might be thinking about all the philosophical shit like "Our brain named itself" but you can't think that with math. Math isn't some philosophical idea, it's fact derived through logic and understanding how the universe works. Long story short, Like I said, Math has always been around, we just discovered equations over time. Religion hasn't always been there. It was made up by different peoples beliefs.
User avatar
#152 - crazyeyedbioll (02/17/2014) [-]
That is the beauty of it, we still created math, numbers, equations. No other animal known does that, we made it ourselves. This has been an interesting discussion. Have a good night, free thumb for you. Most people just rage when met with differing opinions, you however calmly discussed your own with mine.

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