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#16 - No. 2, Check. Love knowing just my mere existence is …  [+] (4 replies) 04/18/2016 on Somebody posts a Tumblr... +103
#27 - havepity (04/19/2016) [-]
It is the funniest thing in the world, my family has had slaves, never a black one but quite a few Irish ones up as late as the 15th century.
That, that is a reality of history blows the mind of SJW's.
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#17 - lean (04/18/2016) [-]
Yeah the whole brownskin minority institutional racism BS falls a bit flat when the person they rage against is Irish. How are the potatoes these days?
#28 - malilk (04/19/2016) [-]
cooked in beef lard by italians, its fucking great
#18 - tazzerz (04/18/2016) [-]
Not to bad, blight free at least. I would post a pic but its dark out. Maybe another day.
#8 - Holy ****, you got badass dog on your hands! Give him a pet fo…  [+] (1 reply) 04/18/2016 on MY DOG SAVED MY LIFE FROM A... +9
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#9 - tomtomvdp (04/18/2016) [-]
Thanks, will do.
#1 - Rekt  [+] (16 replies) 04/16/2016 on BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT +64
#57 - anon (04/17/2016) [-]
Sounds like the horns of god.
#64 - anon (04/17/2016) [-]
It's supposed to.
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#53 - cutter (04/17/2016) [-]
thats by far the sexiest military item to date.
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#9 - Whaaaaaaaaa (04/16/2016) [-]
It what I imagine what the horn of Gabriel will sound like.
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#5 - jokersaysamuseme (04/16/2016) [-]
Is that used to AC130s or?
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#17 - dikslapping (04/17/2016) [-]
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#7 - tecteam (04/16/2016) [-]
Nope, it's the 30mm, seven barreled, GAU-8 Avenger, and it's only installed in the A-10 Thunderbolt II.
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#27 - prozacjellybeans (04/17/2016) [-]
Correction, the Thunderbolt is installed on it
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#61 - oldschoolnerd (04/17/2016) [-]
Truth, they designed the plane around the gun.
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#67 - tecteam (04/17/2016) [-]
Not exactly, it was more like a program running parallel with the A-X program. The two competing aircraft - Fairchild's YA-10A and Northrop's YA-9A was already designed although not built when General Electric and Philco-Ford were picked to compete for production of the gun. The spec's for the plane and requirements of the gun had already been decided upon, but the gun hadn't been built yet. In the beginning they used General Electric's M61 Vulcan for testing, while waiting for the gun to come along. Naturally the plane is designed to be able to accept the gun, as it's the only plane that can carry it, but to say that it's designed around the gun is somewhat of an overstatement, the military knew what they wanted, and laid out the requirements to the respective competitors, and made sure they understood everything had to fit together.
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#69 - oldschoolnerd (04/18/2016) [-]
Good point. I had read a book a very long time ago about the development of the current planes in our service and I remembered something about the plane and the gun R&D and that the gun was paramount. Thanks for the clarification.
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#70 - tecteam (04/18/2016) [-]
Yup, it was pretty damn important, when they commissioned the plane one of their biggest fears was Soviet Armor rolling West through Europe. At the time the Soviet had such a vast arsenal of armor that NATO, or at least the US, needed something that could effectively and cheaply (compared to the cost of a guided missile) destroy armor, and stay over the battlefield for an extended duration. That fact, coupled with the lessons learned in Vietnam regarding survivability, and the lessons learned in WWII and the Six Day War regarding aerial tankbusting, meant that the only viable solution was a 30mm autocannon with a ROF of 4000 as a minimum, so obviously it would have to be of a Gatling design of some sort. As we know General Electric came out on top, and delivered a beast of a weapon bigger than anything flown before, even outclassing the massive 75mm (PAK 40/BK 7,5cm) guns used by the Germans during WWII. As per specifications it met the 4000 rpm minimum , and even exceeded it @ 42000 rpm at it's max. speed. The pilot could choose a lower ROF @ 2100 by only driving the gun with one electrical motor, in case he needed to conserve ammo, but later the ROF was fixed at 3900 as I mentioned.
#3 - betesta (04/16/2016) [-]
All hail the mighty Brrrrrrrrrrrrt
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#2 - stoneshit (04/16/2016) [-]
You know the gun means bussiness when there's a constant fucking flame coming out.
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#15 - ohhh (04/17/2016) [-]
Shit gets serious when the gun can also double as a flamethrower.
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#6 - tecteam (04/16/2016) [-]
Yup, before they turned down and fixed the firing rate at 3900 rpm, it burned 10.9 kg powder a second on the high ROF, the most powder I've gone through as a pyrotechnician was about 300kg in just under 8.30 minutes giving us roughly 1.7 kg a second...
#13 - Not saying they should be spared, I would be Pro-SAA in all th…  [+] (1 reply) 04/06/2016 on Rush B Blyat +2
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#14 - funnyhard (04/06/2016) [-]
#11 - The flag above is not supposed to be the Syrian flag, because …  [+] (3 replies) 04/06/2016 on Rush B Blyat +30
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#12 - funnyhard (04/06/2016) [-]
If it didn't sign cease-fire like the other so-called 'rebe' groups it gets wiped off the ground like Daesh, Al-Nusra etc.
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#13 - tazzerz (04/06/2016) [-]
Not saying they should be spared, I would be Pro-SAA in all this, but just pointing out the flag.
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#14 - funnyhard (04/06/2016) [-]
#1 - what is that green thing  [+] (2 replies) 04/05/2016 on The wtf zone +26
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#2 - malachitecobra (04/05/2016) [-]
Hit me up with an answer whenever someone finds out
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#3 - protectorofjam (04/05/2016) [-]
Apearently it's called a Green ribbon worm, typically found in the water, this one was pulled up from the depths by a Taiwanese fisherman
#28 - Man, that IRA plan was gloriously ******* cheeky.  [+] (2 replies) 04/01/2016 on Just a bunch of facts +38
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#114 - bannon (04/02/2016) [-]
Most prisoners in Mountjoy are fierce cheeky. Last summer, prisoners formed a human pyramid to get one prisoner on the roof. While there he took a lot of drugs that were there (they have netting there to combat drugs being thrown into the yard and the drugs end up sitting there for extended periods of time)
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#117 - tazzerz (04/02/2016) [-]
Oh shit I remember that, nearly died laughing when I heard he actually took the drugs. Fucking lunatic!
#9 - If it is real, I'll be pretty ******* pissed I'm not involved …  [+] (1 reply) 03/24/2016 on Hibernian Conspiracy V 2 +1
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#10 - fresighto (03/24/2016) [-]
The fuck celtbros