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    Where is it? Where is it?
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    Umasou Umasou
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    When your trainer puts you in the PC When your trainer puts you in...
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    It's music. It's music.

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    I couldn't resist I couldn't resist

latest user's comments

#5 - There's a series of them. The mutton was actually pretty good.  [+] (21 new replies) 08/24/2016 on Sad Genji +33
User avatar
#88 - lolerbot (08/24/2016) [-]
oh damn, I used to go there all the time as a kid.
That brings back memories.
Fuck the black and white knight.
User avatar
#67 - chimpaflimp (08/24/2016) [-]
>None in UK
#6 - knightbean (08/24/2016) [-]
I'm gonna fucking go to one dressed in full plate
If I don't get to fight I'll be pissed.
User avatar
#75 - ashesllashes (08/24/2016) [-]
video tape it and upload it to funnyjunk. mention me when you do it.
User avatar
#66 - reaperssprint (08/24/2016) [-]
Go to the PA Renaissance e fair, it's more than welcome and you get a discount.
User avatar
#32 - neokun (08/24/2016) [-]
What are they gunna do to stop you from fighting? Fight you?
User avatar
#14 - krasnogvardiech (08/24/2016) [-]
Yo dude, you'll have to either dull your blade or put them down completely.

Slicing and stabbing dudes ain't cool, but if you put weights on a stick and wrap it in foam it'll be k.

Source: a bro in Memphis who goes to these things.
#15 - knightbean (08/24/2016) [-]
please I wouldn't hurt anyone.
And it's all in good fun.
User avatar
#25 - psychadelicsnake (08/24/2016) [-]
You're my favorite user
#42 - knightbean (08/24/2016) [-]
seriously thought you seem pretty cool.
User avatar
#17 - thepizzadevourer (08/24/2016) [-]
"He said, as he skewered the nearest knave on his lance"
User avatar
#28 - rollmeanddie (08/24/2016) [-]
Knaves aren't people.
#9 - teroch (08/24/2016) [-]
It's a very theatrical event, at least the one i went to in South maybe North Carolina was.
User avatar
#8 - fitemeirlbro (08/24/2016) [-]
You probably won't get to fight but the place is pretty cool you sit in a giant arena and watch fake knights fight and you get some pretty good food
User avatar
#55 - logintoviewsauce (08/24/2016) [-]
Do they have medieval food and drinks or do they serve burgers and cola?
#78 - anon (08/24/2016) [-]
#85 - logintoviewsauce (08/24/2016) [-]
Shut up anon
User avatar
#58 - fitemeirlbro (08/24/2016) [-]
According to the site it is
garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, pastry of the Castle, coffee and two rounds of select beverages. I don't remember it very much because it was a long time ago when I went
User avatar
#73 - selfdestructo (08/24/2016) [-]
User avatar
#60 - logintoviewsauce (08/24/2016) [-]
Cool. I wonder if they have medieval beer. Stuff tastes like whiskey with some barley I've heard.
User avatar
#61 - fitemeirlbro (08/24/2016) [-]
They do serve booze but I have no idea what they have
#25 - Thing is, there are only the nine classes, but each class has … 08/24/2016 on Vanilla Scrub ! +3
#23 - Lots of the classes can do support-y stuff, but not to the ext…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/24/2016 on Vanilla Scrub ! +4
User avatar
#24 - adu (08/24/2016) [-]
That makes a little bit more sense now. I only have a very basic understanding of the TF2 classes.
User avatar
#25 - tariv (08/24/2016) [-]
Thing is, there are only the nine classes, but each class has different equipable weapons that can drastically change how a class is played.

For example, the Scout has a scattergun, a pistol, and a baseball bat. All three just deal damage, but his other weapons have different effects

Force-A-Nature: Fires faster and deals massive knockback to both the user and the target, but only has a clip of 2 rather than 6
Shortstop: Really got screwed over in the latest update. Everything used to heal you more but you take more knockback and deal less damage. Now has a shove attack thing but more knockback and less damage.
Soda Popper: Has a rage meter that fills when you deal damage. When full you can activate it to gain more in-air jumps.
Baby Face's Blaster: You have decreased base speed. Has meter that fills when you deal damage. Speed increases as that meter fills. Taking damage or double jumping decreases that meter.
Back Scatter: Deals more damage from behind

Winger: Increased damage and jump height but much smaller clip
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol: No fall damage and heal on hit but slower firing speed and more damage vulnerability
Flying Guillotine: Throwable, recharging cleaver that deals damage and bleed damage that is increased if the target is stunned when hit
Bonk! Atomic Punch: Recharging consumable that grants temporary invincibility but you can't attack while it's active
Crit-a-Cola: Recharging consumable that grants increased movement speed and increased damage while under its effects, but you take more damage during it and for a short time afterwards
Mad Milk: Recharging throwable that explodes where it hits. Any enemies caught in the radius will be covered in milk and anybody who damages soaked enemies will regain health equal to 60% of that damage dealt

Sandman: Adds a throwable, recharging ball alt-fire that stuns enemies it hits but reduces max health
Candy Cane: Any enemies killed by a Scout holding this will drop a small health kit usable by anyone, but the Scout takes increased explosive damage
Boston Basher: Hit enemies take bleed damage, but if you miss you hit yourself, idiot
Sun-on-a-Stick: Burning enemies take more damage and you take less fire damage when it's out, but you deal less damage with it normally
Fan O' War: Deals next to no damage, but marks a hit enemy for death, causing them to take more damage from all sources
Atomizer: Grants a triple-jump that deals 10 damage on use but swings slower and deals less damage
Wrap Assassin: Has a ornament alt-fire that deals bleed damage, but deals very little damage itself

And that's just the Scout. All the other classes have a ton of options too.
#4 - >> #2 ,  [+] (1 new reply) 08/23/2016 on Calm Your Tits +4
User avatar
#7 - fishbone (08/24/2016) [-]
Oh fuck all this time I though he said "memories" now I laugh even harder. +plus one for insight
#40 - The Thieves Guild should have a Fighter Outreach Program 08/23/2016 on DM question 0
#2 - >Gun randomly goes off without finger on the trigger …  [+] (5 new replies) 08/23/2016 on Omocontio Myshemye Noub +86
#16 - anon (08/23/2016) [-]
Weapons fire by themselves
It happens to American Cops all the time
User avatar
#7 - motherfuckingkenji (08/23/2016) [-]
The joke is that that is how that phase of the fight with Ganondorf in OoT goes down; he shoots a ball of bullshit at you and you need to hit it back to him. Rinse, repeat until he stops deflecting it back at you and gets hit by it.

It was a fucking disappointment of a fight.
#6 - sublimeslimetime (08/23/2016) [-]
User avatar
#22 - haloexplain (08/23/2016) [-]
Saving this for later.
#3 - ranoche (08/23/2016) [-]
#1030252 - I dunno. But anywho, I've gotta go soon, so I'll see you later…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/23/2016 on Ponyville +2
#1030253 - totallynatedrake (08/23/2016) [-]
take care now
#5 - Picture 08/23/2016 on Co/ck/ Goes Car Shopping +2
#1030248 - Don't spoil anything about her.  [+] (3 new replies) 08/23/2016 on Ponyville +2
#1030251 - totallynatedrake (08/23/2016) [-]
why would i ever do that
#1030252 - tariv (08/23/2016) [-]
I dunno. But anywho, I've gotta go soon, so I'll see you later.
Love you <3
#1030253 - totallynatedrake (08/23/2016) [-]
take care now
#1030246 - A Twilight folder is enough for me  [+] (5 new replies) 08/23/2016 on Ponyville +2
#1030247 - totallynatedrake (08/23/2016) [-]
i just post anything now
but this dragon i like
#1030248 - tariv (08/23/2016) [-]
Don't spoil anything about her.
#1030251 - totallynatedrake (08/23/2016) [-]
why would i ever do that
#1030252 - tariv (08/23/2016) [-]
I dunno. But anywho, I've gotta go soon, so I'll see you later.
Love you <3
#1030253 - totallynatedrake (08/23/2016) [-]
take care now