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#21 - >not using a GROCK(tm) brand rock Berrypicker as ****.  [+] (3 replies) 06/27/2016 on Assualt Duels +3
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#23 - brucejender (06/27/2016) [-]
>Implying anyone on fj will get a /k/ reference
#25 - aliveraven (06/27/2016) [-]
There was a /k/omp about a week ago and it was glorious.

>wanting to ban assault spears
>implying that normal spears are pointy enough
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#26 - brucejender (06/27/2016) [-]
I saw it man, shit had me rolling
#145 - You misunderstood me. I was standing on payload. On the rise p…  [+] (2 replies) 06/25/2016 on Evaluation -1
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#147 - tankeruber (06/25/2016) [-]
Junkrat got his Tire, thanks to Roadhog's hook.*
#146 - tankeruber has deleted their comment.
#138 - >Teammates feeding a trash hanzo who missed 4 point blank s…  [+] (4 replies) 06/25/2016 on Evaluation -1
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#143 - nocakeforthetroll (06/25/2016) [-]
You chased a Hanzo, who got a lot of kills therefore probably has ult, down a CORRIDOR on Gibraltar, that is not a perfect play, that's not even a good play. If you knew where Roadhog was, dodge away from him, if you don't know hwere he was, then you got outplayed, plain and simple.

Swearing at people does not get them to do what you want them to do, its rude and it annoys people, that's true for everything in life.

>Zarya couldn't deal with their two Pharrahs
Yes, yes she can. I always go Zarya against double Pharrah, you can your own damage quickly, you save allies from ults, and if your good with the right click you can shoot her out of the sky.

>The 1-2 mistakes I make per game
If you only make 1-2 mistakes per game go pro, seeing as you clearly have the skill for it.

Your that toxic player that ruined Dota 2 who just could not see what he is doing wrong, sees himself as perfect and that its everyone else's fault. If you want to win ghames you need to stop thinking that its all everyone else fault stop swearing and blaming your team for everyone of your deaths and losses. But your just going to stick you fingers in your ears and scream cuck ult the thoughts that maybe you aren't perfect and you can improve go away. Have fun with your sub 50% win rate pal.
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#145 - tankeruber (06/25/2016) [-]
You misunderstood me. I was standing on payload. On the rise part, Hanzo pops an ulti where the payload roughly was through the wall in order to kill me. I heard him, and jumped to the right to dodge it. That was the only way to dodge the ult. A roadhog was waiting at the top to hook me, and a junkrat was queing his ult at the same time. I got hooked, props to roadhog, and got tired. I had a choice of who to die to since I was on the payload, no chance of surviving that. I took the risk of Roadhog maybe missing and hopefully Junkrat also missing with his ult, vs the 100% death of Hanzo ult. I took the better choice, and turns out Roadhog hit his hook, witch means Junkrat got his hook. The only way I lived through that combo was if I wasn't on the payload like the rest of my team, in witch case I would have been a shit player. There wasn't a positive way out of that situation.

>Swearing doesn't work.
Exept the games I actually manged to win due to yelling at my teammates the optimal team comp and them going "Oh shit, this guy knows what the fuck he is doing".

>Zarya counters dual pharrah.
What the fuck? You can't outshield their ults, saving teammates was irrelevant as there weren't any within the immediate range of the payload in any given game, Pharrah can outmanouver your long range ball attack, the short range lazer can't reach them. And since Zarya relies on players shooting her and her (at this point non-existent) teammates before she ults to actually do damage, it wouldn't have been a good counter After checking on a few sites, many players agree Zarya sucks versus Pharrah. You're suggesting unoptimal picks, buddy.

>Go Pro
I play in our country's LAN-s, but there's better competitive shooters than Overwatch, I play CS:GO.



>cuck ult
My sides

I'm obviously competitive, aka """Toxic""" because god forbid you want to win and instead must be a little bitch who takes his big black rng cock up the ass with a smile. "Waah waah ur just shit xddd". I am clearly not, this is a verifyable fact. The only mistake I could improve upon was dodging some ults, which only occured in 1-2 games, and I never said I couldn't improve that. The mistake I make regularly is not calling out Widowmakers fast enough, their sniper shot is hard to hear for me for some reason. I consistently have a 90%+ winrate when playing with friends who recognize that I'm good and do what I tell them to, it's hard to get 5 people in addition to you to constantly play though, hence why going solo is a must sometimes. And every time I go solo, I get fucked by teammates being retarded shits.

Again, there is 0 fault in me in losing those games. My team excluding me is at fault. You can not argue otherwise, unless you are delusional or intentionally misread what I've been saying.
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#147 - tankeruber (06/25/2016) [-]
Junkrat got his Tire, thanks to Roadhog's hook.*
#146 - tankeruber has deleted their comment.