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#6 - But you don't play as the baby, or am i mistaken?  [+] (12 replies) 06/15/2015 on naming your character in... 0
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#7 - cdm (06/15/2015) [-]
I... assumed that baby was you, what with how they did Fallout 3. But I could be wrong, I guess.
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#8 - artyomthebadass (06/15/2015) [-]
Did you not watch the video? You chose to play as either the mother or father no the baby
#62 - selfrazedzealot (06/15/2015) [-]
I'm pretty sure the baby is based off both parents and the one you leave the menu as is the sex of the baby whom you play
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#125 - thefirespike (06/16/2015) [-]
no they said it was 200 years later, and the robot recognizes you and the dialogue options acted all confused when he said it had been that long. Seems to me like its the same guy, so id say they somehow extended his lifespan or did like the Gary clones thing.
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#66 - alarubra (06/15/2015) [-]
Yes the baby is based off the parents, and the parent you leave the menu as is the character you play. The baby, and your spouse die.
#107 - anon (06/16/2015) [-]
it's kind of cool that you're giving a tragic backstory like that prior to the main story this time... I know in F3 the mother dies prior to the story, but you never know her so there isn't really any poignant effect other than 'dad mentions her sometimes - wonder what she was like'. There might be some really interesting story possibilities with this one.
#108 - anon (06/16/2015) [-]
*given, goddamn
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#9 - cdm (06/15/2015) [-]
I did, but I'm also incredibly tired and out of it. About all I picked up on was "aw, cute dog" and "holy shit that deathclaw."
#123 - darcnessvoorhees (06/16/2015) [-]
And depending on how you make the mother and father look, the baby will change too...I have no idea why
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#130 - cdm (06/16/2015) [-]
Because... that's how babies work? They inherit their parent's traits, so they'll look kinda like a combination of the parents.
#132 - darcnessvoorhees (06/16/2015) [-]
I meant that I don't get the point since the baby would die anyway, all that matters is the skin changing but they did that in fallout 3 where Liam Neeson dad was the same skin color as you
#10 - Desdenne (06/15/2015) [-]
Don't worry he says the mans name. SO your characters. So you're cool
#11 - Picture 06/14/2015 on DOTA Comp 0
#15 - I tried 05/04/2015 on Filthy humanses +23
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