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#2207104 - Sorry, I already have an owner, roll again.  [+] (3 new replies) 1 hour ago on Kaiju Resort Island +1
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#2207108 - tinkotin (1 hour ago) [-]
**tinkotin rolled user khaller ** worthless
#2207121 - khaller (1 hour ago) [-]
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#2207123 - tinkotin (1 hour ago) [-]
**tinkotin rolled user Benka **
#26 - But Quirrel stated the he knew Snape tried to help Harry when … 1 hour ago on Harry Potter 0
#51 - Holy **** Gogo is real! 2 hours ago on Jade Socoby +3
#80 - Considering how it possibly feels to have a balloon pop in you… 4 hours ago on Police brutality never ends +4
#78 - Holy **** call an exorcist. 4 hours ago on Police brutality never ends +5
#24 - It's just awkward but it's not like he actually ****** her. If… 4 hours ago on bone clone +9
#23 - You have a point, actually you can't really ease into a size. … 4 hours ago on bone clone +8
#33 - To be fair you don't see a lot of men blowing up people while …  [+] (2 new replies) 6 hours ago on All men are horrible... +2
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#43 - toensix (5 hours ago) [-]
I see a lot of young men shooting up a ton of people because they feel like society (and often women) have rejected them. And in the West I think I see it just as many times as a terrorist attack.
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#78 - fiahhawt (1 hour ago) [-]
mmm I feel like it's a bit much to say that all the non-affiliated killers the US has been seeing have felt rejected, and by women in particular.

There was that one kid who shot up his campus, and he was a total creeper who pissed women off by trying to take pics of their panties. The motives of the other shooters has varied from unknown to brain tumor.
#19 - As a non-native anglish speaker I can confirm Australian engli… 6 hours ago on accents +6
#28 - Looks like PotG is either randomly decided or the other player… 6 hours ago on MLG Widowmaker +4