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#33 - youre trying to be funny but it's really not working 07/06/2016 on wonder +11
#100 - I view it as selling your time.  [+] (12 new replies) 07/06/2016 on soler +4
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#145 - grimfuck (07/06/2016) [-]
selling your time by doing what?
Even something a simple reception job, you are selling your cognitive ability by answering the phone and directing a call. Selling your voice to the company to use as the face when people call in.
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#161 - swimmingprodigy (07/06/2016) [-]
doesnt matter by doing what. You're selling your time in exchange for money until such and age when you retire and dont have to sell your time, now you can enjoy time doing whatever you want.
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#162 - grimfuck (07/06/2016) [-]
time is the unit of measurement that many people use to gauge how much they are paid. but is not the only thing you are exchanging. No one is going to pay you to simply exist and expire time.
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#163 - swimmingprodigy (07/06/2016) [-]
You get paid to exist at their company and not spend the time freely as you would wish
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#164 - grimfuck (07/06/2016) [-]
You get paid to do work at the company, not to exist at the company. If all I did was exist, I would be fired because it is doing "nothing"
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#165 - swimmingprodigy (07/06/2016) [-]
You're going way too deep into this.

Referring to your original comment, what part of your body are you selling to the company when you work there?
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#166 - grimfuck (07/06/2016) [-]
I am selling my mental capacity to comprehend a situation and provide appropriate solutions.
I am offering my eyes to read, my hands to type, and my voice to communicate, my brain to understand and deduce.
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#167 - swimmingprodigy (07/06/2016) [-]
ok sure thing buddy, overanalyzing this the way you're doing really takes the fun out of everything.

You go to work to work, lets leave it at that
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#168 - grimfuck (07/06/2016) [-]
but without this over-analysis, my original comment is not worth the thumbs
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#169 - swimmingprodigy (07/06/2016) [-]
then maybe you dont deserve them.

give them back
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#170 - grimfuck (07/06/2016) [-]
uhhh. IDK how.. I shitpost a lot and get reds, but never enough.. Feel free to troll my comments and red thumb, i dont care
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#171 - swimmingprodigy (07/06/2016) [-]
to sit and give 453 of your comments a red thumb? i dont have that kinda time
#18 - There are places in Mexico and China where people have tried t… 07/05/2016 on poison 0
#37 - I know these feels personally. Got some random fatty from tind… 07/05/2016 on Robot finally finds a qt to... +1
#17 - no because you're doing better than them, you dont need one  [+] (6 new replies) 07/04/2016 on Canada Utterly Destroyed.... +3
#33 - anon (07/05/2016) [-]
Fuck that noise. Im a black nigga and i dont want to be associated with those BLM fucking annoying cucks. All the BLM shit is so fucking annoying and pointless. Its an embarrassment to being black and to anyone that isnt black this becomes the stereotype whenever they think of black people. They have turned the BLM from something that could have actually meant something to somehitng that everyone else sees as a fucking goddamn joke. Ugh i fucking hate those motherfuckers so damn bad
#74 - anon (07/05/2016) [-]
I keep telling myself not a black people are like that...but at this point its best to assume they are and avoid them. Its like the coral snake and the snake that imitates it.
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#80 - DJstar (07/05/2016) [-]
I like how martin luther king's beliefs is held as the epitome of what equal rights should be, then we start a movement that takes everything he pretty much stands for and curb stomped it dead. Like we are so ass backwards right now it's ridiculous i tell you what. It's to a point where they don't want equality, they want special treatment, which literally MLK did not want. No one should reward you for being black like it's a handicap or something. In fact, if you were white and not well off financially, I'd say you have less privileges with all these EOP, Grants and minority programs out and about.
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#244 - blkjk (07/06/2016) [-]
Exactly this. My mom had a stroke in 2006 and was the breadwinner of my family. My family of 5 ended up having to live on 30k-ish a year. I went to a community college and got some of the financial aid that was available. My Mexican girlfriend at the time had two working parents both earning about 30k a year and she got the full financial aid available (probably because her parents were illegals). She also had a pool of at least 80 scholarships to apply to while me, a white male had maybe 15. She ended up having so much extra financial aid for the year she didn't have to think about working.
#248 - corps (07/07/2016) [-]
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#212 - lampmountaindew (07/05/2016) [-]
cuz when people are right once they thin theyre right all the fucking time
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