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#43 - misterducklumps (11/15/2011) [-]
#45 to #93 - misterducklumps (11/15/2011) [-]
I assume you're polish?
User avatar #46 to #94 - swimmingprodigy (11/15/2011) [-]
kind of/yes

First generation born in America to Polish parents who came here during the 80s
User avatar #47 to #95 - misterducklumps (11/15/2011) [-]
Ah. My great great great whatever grandpa came here from Poland in like the 1800's.
I got roots.
User avatar #48 to #96 - swimmingprodigy (11/15/2011) [-]
My great great grandpa came here to work in the mines of PA. He went back though.
I was born here, but my parents taught me how to speak read and write Polish, so my grammar is nearly perfect. It's not like a second lanugage to me, it's almost as equal as english
User avatar #49 to #97 - misterducklumps (11/15/2011) [-]
Well then lol. I only know a handful on polish words such as kielbasa, poczki, dupa, dziadzia, and a **** **** ton of polish last names, you know the ones that always end in -ski

I'm sure I didn't spell most of those words right :|
User avatar #50 to #98 - swimmingprodigy (11/16/2011) [-]
most of em u did. Paczki is wat u were going for
User avatar #51 to #99 - misterducklumps (11/16/2011) [-]
i was close! lol
paczki is delicious, so is kielbasa
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