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User avatar #37 - thejerseyjenn (11/09/2011) [-]
Very nice. Same here(:
User avatar #38 to #86 - swimmingprodigy (11/10/2011) [-]
nice! U from New Jersey?
User avatar #39 to #87 - thejerseyjenn (11/10/2011) [-]
Yeah! You?
User avatar #41 to #89 - thejerseyjenn (11/11/2011) [-]
hahaha wow i was wondering how you knew i was from jersey then i remembered my username xD

and NYC, hmm, a lot of polaks there or no?
User avatar #42 to #90 - swimmingprodigy (11/11/2011) [-]
Depends where you go. There are 2 main neighborhoods with lots of us. Greenpoint in Brooklyn is the main one, i know a lot of people there. And then Maspeth, Queens which is where I live
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