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#66 - Holy **** , that's good... ... and the.... &quo… 04/24/2015 on swagbot's profile 0
#44 - Among many other economic reasons, yes. For example... …  [+] (1 new reply) 04/16/2015 on Them darn coons +1
#135 - fefe (04/17/2015) [-]
True but a few things need to be bared in mind:

1) Vietnam lasted a decade, while the US was involved in World War II for barely three years.
2) The bombers that dropped those bombs were MUCH bigger, and the North Vietnamese air defense system is to this day the most effective air defense system the US has ever faced the second most being that of Nazi Germany in World War II , so a LOT of planes were needed
3) The targets these bombers had to hit were well-concealed, and precision weaponry was a huge oxymoron back then TV-guided missiles were brand new, and other methods of missile guidance were unreliable as hell, necessitating conventional "dumb" bombing
4) Agent Orange was DESIGNED to be a chemical defoliant basically weed spray on steroids rather than a weapon against human life, and in a supreme display of incompetence by the US military, NOBODY bothered to check if it was harmful to humans before it was deployed needless to say, many people were fired for this, and the US military DID learn a valuable lesson from this after the fact - hell, some soldiers would even spray it on themselves to cool off in the early days because they were told it was "completely safe"; they found out the hard way that it wasn't.
5) All of this happened because the US Government refused to let the US military to go on the offensive and actually launch an ATTACK on North Vietnam, only allowing them to defend the south and go after the Ho Chi Minh trail. If the USAF had been allowed to begin a strategic bombing campaign on day one of the war, it would've been over and won within a couple of months as North Vietnam would be unable to provide any materiel support for its own troops, let alone the Viet Cong guerillas.
#63 - Found it! THIS is the only nashid that i like.... do you know … 04/16/2015 on Mythbusters 0
#65 - cool cool... 03/28/2015 on Work Makes You Free 0
#62 - gib details pls  [+] (6 new replies) 03/28/2015 on Work Makes You Free 0
#77 - zielscheibe (03/28/2015) [-]
They were looking out of a small window of the basement.

They could see how american troops were cutting down a fence to enter the farm from another side.
His granddad got so mad ( because he made the fence , and was a WW1 Vet.) taht he wanted to go out there and tell the americans to fuck off - but they held him back and waited for the americans to sweep the building

The americans just briefly entered teh building and left ASAP to chase the german soldiers.

It got quiet after some time.
American tanks werer rolling through the town and they went out to see what will happen next.

As they stepped outside they saw some americans still in the yard. They were standing over a dead fellow GI - they learned later on that the two german soldiers shot him from the 1st floor and wounded another one.

they asked why my granduncle was there and were pretty nervous / angry - they thought he was a Wehrmacht soldier hiding as civilian or something.
they searched him - non of them was pretty good at english so it was quiet difficult.

But after he showed them his papers and told them he was a prisoner and never fought in the Wehrmacht - they still doubted him but had no real time to deal with him either -
At the evening of the same day
The americans returned to the farm. Ot was one of the few farms left standing and big enough for the americans to have some place to put the Tanks and soldiers under a roof.
So the americans stayed at the farm - his Mum made some potato salad - with the last things she had left and gave it to the americans. Some black american soldiers were there too.
One black fellow gave his chocolate to the smallest of my granduncles brothers ( he was 9 ) wich was hell a nice ! - But a white GI stepped up to him and kicked him hard. Yelled at him and the black guy went outside. The white GI spit on the floor and left shortly after.

It was getting dark as some GI's brough 3 Waffen SS soildiers as POW's
Turn's out - the 5th Waffen SS Wiking was in the area and fighting the americans.

1 of those POW's was in pretty bad shape and they put him in the kitchen of out farm to patch him up.

the other ... well they were in for a fun ride.
The US. GI's were pretty angry and started taunting the SS soldiers - Those SS soldier were young lad's maybe 17 or 18.

But some of the americans took them away and brought them into the Shed where we kept the horses.
They tortured them all trough the night. Hit them with the leather gear of the horses.
They hit the mso bad and hard. Blood was all the way up on the wall 3 meters high - AND i have seen this shit post war .It was still a dark part of the wall -
a lot of good , bad and funny stories happened as the americans stayed at the farm.
And shortly after the war ended.

My Granduncle told me one thing.
*It does not matter where you were born or what you believe in.
There ar assholes and monsters everywhere - and this war was hell. For all of us.*
I asked him what he thought about the number 6 Mio dead people because of the Holocaust.
He said - * Well , they heave told the wildest of stories about Dachau too - and i am still alive. I tell you lad. Dont take all of these stories for real - Shit happened and a lot of innocent people are dead , but they all lie . Nazis , Americans , Russians - they all lie as long as it does them any good. *

I have a lot more stories like this - as i said - he had 3 brothers ( 2 served ) - his father died as a Whermacht NCO in 1944 ( wich hit him them pretty hard ) and post war the youngest brother had fun playing tricks on the americans and stealing rations from them. Wich got him into some trouble.
I hope you enjoyed the read.
#66 - zielscheibe (03/28/2015) [-]
Inside camp - they hada strict order of buisness

They were gathered and put into * unit's * of inmates.
They had to do field work or what ever work was given to them -
Like screwing together part's of different machines - he did not knwo what it all was for.

they had several guards tha were pretty cool guy's but some treated them like animals. Yet , the officers looked after the camp and did not allow any SS soldier to overdo his bullcrap.

Sure , some times they goofed around and gave them a bad time. But that was not regular day to day routine.
A lot of the inmates of Dachau used to be real criminals - murderers , rapists and thiefs. They were mostly seperated from other inmates if possible - but they all lived inside the camp - just like inmates of modern prisons.

They had several inmated that had been given - authority . Capos or something like that.
Those guy's had to look after the * unit * of inmates. And like in the military had to report to the guards if something was up or if they needed them.
He had jewish folks in his unit and some criminals - one other Marxist he made friends with and someone that was in there for beating the crap out of a soldier in a bar fight.. All three survived the war and were friends until they died.

The hardest part he said was winter. They had damn cold winters and no gas ovens - just one wood oven.
every time someone asked him about gas chambers in Dachau - he went all
* Gas chambers ? We did not evehn have damn gas ovens or stoves *

He was less afraid of the SS men - even if some of them were assholes.
But a lot of people got sick in the last years of the war. Food was scarce in all of germany ( well unless you were a Nazi Officer or something)

So people had a bad time - Typhus was on the run too and some died off illness every year.

The USAAF and RAAF flew bombing raids on munich - pretty often. And every time they feared one of the bombs might hit the camp. They dropped them pretty much all over Munich and the camp is just a little bit outside the city limits.

HE said that he never saw something as terrible and horrifying as a sky darkened by bomber planes - the engines were so damn loud and intense taht everythin on the ground vibrated or shook. The AA fire and bomb explosions ... he was pretty clear about that and i remember how emotional he got about it.
Once he was sent out ther with some of his unit to clear munich of corpses ... the guards led them into the city where they had to work. Those pictures haunted him the most - and he feared for his family - his brothers on the frontlines and his mother at home.
He only saw one guy getting beat up pretty badly during his whole time in the camp. He did not know why they hit him like that - or who that guy was - but he got beaten senseless. I cant recall if a Capo did this or a guard .... sorry

And as i said - in 1944 he did his time and was allowed to go home.
He avoided people for the rest of the war and stayed at home. So he would not be called to arms - everybody knew the war was lost at that point

And some time later the US armed forces reached the farm -
After tough day's of fighting. They shelled the town with heavy arty to drive the germans out.
The german forces fought despertely - he just saw hos some went up his house ( he was hiding with the rest of the family in the basement.
two german soldiers ran up 1st floor - he said he could hear americans on the other side of the house.Two shot's rang out at the 1st floor and the german soldiers left the building at full speed. They were afraid. Thought the americans will shell the farm to kill the german soldiers that have just left.

A bit of story is left i will add another comment
#79 - lelelelolelelo (03/28/2015) [-]
#80 - zielscheibe (03/28/2015) [-]
Sorry for all of my Typos - It's close to midnight and i just shashed the keyboard as fast as i could to deliver the story ...
Now i se a lot of my typos and i feel pretty damn stupid ...
But that is what i can recall , I have heard a lot of other people talk about that.
Soem of my granduncles friends he made in Dachau - and some other one that went to Mauthausen ....
If i remember correctly - Mauthausen was different and pretty bad.
For they had a lot of POW's too. and the guards treated some of the russian POW's pretty bad.
But i do not recall all the other stories quiet as well as the one my granduncle told me - It's like 14 years since i heard the other ones.
And i learned another interesting thing.
There still was a royal family in bavaria - not ruleing anymore - that was over after the end of WW1
But the ear to the throne of bavaria - his royal majesty archduke Alberecht of bavaria
was an inmate of Dachau.
My grandfather became a gardener and had the great honor to serve him after the war.
They became close friends and even went fishing together - He told me how he lived on the premises of the archduke with his family.
he talked to the archduke about his time in Dachau - he was seperated from other inmates but still under strict arrest.

The Nazi's feared that some old german / bavarian Royalists could try to overthrow the Nazi's at some point in time , so they put away all the left over royals and kept them in camps like Dachau or under strict house arrest.

The archduke told similar stories of Dachau and even thou he despised the SS men and the NSDAP - he too claimed that he had a hard time to believe in the 6Mio.
Holocaust victim.
But he remainde doubtful and did not wish to talk about this topic any further with my Grandfather.
I was all ' WHAAAAAAATTT ? - Grandpa , you want to tell me that you served under an archduke in modern Germany ? Get out of here ---
But he showed me photos of him and the archduke fishing at lake Starnberg. Post cards of the archduke and even an offical latter of gratitude.
A big picture of the archduke still hanging in his workroom.
And i trust my family - as do i trust an archduke of bavaria to tell the truth.

That is why i doubt the 6 Mio Holocaust victims and some stories about the Shoa.
I dont wish to insult anyone and i do nut doubt or deny that the Holocaust happened-
only a full blown retard would deny the Holocaust as a whole.

But i dubt that all the horror stories are true. And i think some were made up to prevent the german people from ever choosind the NSDAP or something like taht again.
For shortly after the war 60% of the german population was still Pro 3.Reich.
And there was a real danger of a political rebirth of the Nazis.

So to kill this monster in the cradle - they needed a story so disgusting and horrible .

No man would ever be able to support the Nazi's without going against his own morals and better judgement. For no normal man would wish for the extermination of a whole race of people - that is just insane !

And they did good - they created a story of pure eviel , that keeps on haunting our nation - 70 + years after the war ended

The one thing i dislike about this the most is - people use the Holocaust to get their way - in politics and private. It is way to easy to silence people just be calling them NAZI.
So all of this os so damn difficult. If you doubt events of the Holocaust even in the slightest way - you gonna have a bad time.
And i bet - most people that noticed my comment thought about me as a NAZI at first. Even if i am far from it. That goes to show how important this topic still is.

And that is why we need to talk about it for real - no bullshit - neither (Neo)Nazi crap nor JIDIF Propaganda.
#64 - zielscheibe (03/28/2015) [-]
He was one of the communist people in Germany that folowed the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg - well i guess that makes him a Marxist.

I only talked to him once about this stuff - he passed away 2006
And in the end he had alzheimers - like my Grandfather too

BUT - they talked about it a lot and so i asked him - * i guess i was like 12 years old at that point * and i wanted to know what a KZ was and what the big deal was all about - It's still a hot topic in Germany.

So he told me all about that time - He and his brothers had a real hard time .
He was a Marxist during the Weimarer Republic times and 2 of his 3 brothers were Pro- Hitler
One joined the NSDAP later on.

So the family was pretty much torn apart.
Later as Hitler slowly rose to power - My Granduncle was in open opposition against them.
he got arrested several times before the Nazis took over - because of street brawls.

As Hitler became new Reichskanzler in 1933 - he wanted to flee the country after several threats ( for he was known to be a Marxist )

But he never really did leave - he still loved his family and they had to support the family farm . Even if he had a lot's of fights with his older brothers.

One day 1935 - i guess i twas may ( but i am not sure )
The police arrested him for he was openly critizising the NSDAP and someone told the police he would hand out anti NSDAP leaflet's ( but he did not tell me if he actually did- but i can imagin he did )

So he got locked up until 1938 - He was released again and went back home.
2 of his brothers had joined the Wehrmacht in the meantime.

as the war began 1939 he was stricktly against it. - i cant remember when exactly but he refused to do his military duty in 1941 and was arrested again. They brought up a lot of claims from ther peopel of his Marxist shit. Some made up.

So in the end he got sent to Dachau near Munich -
( we live in Bavaria south Germany)
He spent 3 years inside that camp - until mid 1944.
He had enough of it all and just wanted to get home and help his family.
By this time , pretty much everything was fucked up.

So that is how he got arrested and inside the camp Dachau - and out again
a second comment will follow and i will write what he told me about Dachau
#65 - swagbot (03/28/2015) [-]
cool cool...
#4 - ...build it out *to* 4-5 minutes... not add 45 minutes :\ 02/28/2015 on housemusic's profile 0
#3 - That is also good stuff - build it out 4-5 minutes and I would…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/28/2015 on housemusic's profile 0
#4 - swagbot (02/28/2015) [-]
...build it out *to* 4-5 minutes... not add 45 minutes :\
#105 - ... or this... 02/27/2015 on They have full bodies 0
#104 - nightmares 02/27/2015 on They have full bodies 0
#196 - Nah, bred, na. The WORLD is a scary place. T… 02/10/2015 on brb busy having a seizure 0

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User avatar #65 - housemusic (04/19/2015) [-]
Hey brudder, thought you might get a kick outta this new stuff I've been putting out.

#66 to #65 - swagbot (04/24/2015) [-]
Holy 			****		, that's good...   
... and the.... "Production Value"... or "Sound"... is sounding much more 'professional'.   
You need to make this ~4 minutes long. I want MORE of those synth solos.
Holy **** , that's good...

... and the.... "Production Value"... or "Sound"... is sounding much more 'professional'.

You need to make this ~4 minutes long. I want MORE of those synth solos.
#62 - swagbot (01/02/2015) [-]

Forgot how to PM so I'll try contacting you this way.

Been listening to your music Kilowatt and The Journey are my favorite so far. The Modjo remix is pretty good as well.

Good Stuff. Keep it up.
User avatar #65 to #62 - housemusic (01/02/2015) [-]
Hey, thanks man! I appreciate it.
#66 to #65 - swagbot (01/02/2015) [-]
And to follow up on that praise...

I just now realized that I've been going about my day so far with the main, glitchy melody of Kilowatt going through my head on repeat. Gonna go turn it on again.

Again - good stuff.
User avatar #63 to #62 - tentaquil (01/02/2015) [-]
Wow good stuff
#64 to #63 - swagbot (01/02/2015) [-]
what the **** who are you?
#58 - swagbot (09/26/2014) [-]
TL;DR just read - this is an extremely important concept and I'm glad we're discussing it:

> Be Me, past three years... devoting some SERIOUS thought to what the 'best form' of government is.
> Slowly growing out of my Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Ronald Regan 'Re-PUB-lic-AN' roots.

> Fellow co-worker, young guy like me, really smart. We discuss politics.
> VERY Interesting epiphany due to his input one day - hated Hated HATED to admit this, but it's led to a lot of personal growth for myself.

> Arguments about whether "Socialism" or "Communism" or "Republic" or "Libertarianism" or even "Fascism" "WORK" are all moot, and missing the point.
> Why? Those are all merely different models by which 1) people are allowed/disallowed from doing things by the people around them, and 2) resources are distributed.
> Someone might say "Communism breeds collectivists" or "Socialism Breeds Weaklings" or "Libertarianism will fall apart" or "Capitalism has no Heart"...
> While those are good discussions to have when trying to CHOOSE THE SOCIETY THAT IS BEST FOR YOUR PERSONAL SET OF VALUES, we are not discussing that right now - all you, elcreepo, and I, swagbot, are trying to figure out is "Do Governmental Systems provide for general stability and Happiness?"

> MY EPIPHANY WAS THIS: THAT IS THE WRONG QUESTION TO ASK! The System Of Government, in specific, has NOTHING to do with determining the level of peoples' happiness. SERIOUSLY.


If you have a kind, productive King / Tyrant / Senators / Bureaukrats / etc. , then your Society will be generally 'Good', to varying degrees.


Thus... what determines peoples' happiness is not their Style Of Government... it's their level of exposure to the jerks and assholes in the world.
User avatar #59 to #58 - elcreepo (09/26/2014) [-]
Oh I'm not talking about general stability and happiness

I'm saying that socialism appears to actually function in Sweden because the people seem to accept the concept better

Whether they're happy or not is a whole other question and communism in general has been proven not to work as a system of government... unless everyone accepts the concepts of it.
#60 to #59 - swagbot (09/26/2014) [-]
Well... please define what you mean by 'accept it'.

Tons of people in Russia 'Accepted' Communism, and it still fell apart.
Tons of people in Italy 'Accepted' Mussolini's Fascism, and it raped the country.
Tons of people in the U.S. are 'Accepting' a Fascist Police State, and it's falling apart.

If by 'Accept' you mean "Try to roll up their sleeves and HELP MAKE IT WORK.", then yes, i agree...

..because as i said in that last comment : Socialism (or anything) can work so long as the Administrators of the system don't all become assholes.... so if the General Populace does their part in making sure that any 'Assholes' are thrown out, the system will keep on working.

BTW... I'm being stubborn here because 'Because they don't accept it' sounds dangerously close to 'Because they don't bend over and take it up the ass' - so i just want to be clear about what you mean by 'Accept It'.
User avatar #61 to #60 - elcreepo (09/26/2014) [-]
That's what I mean by accepting it. They help make it work. They understand the concepts and try to keep the system from falling apart.
#57 - swagbot (09/26/2014) [-]
Addy - Wednesday night, i worked one of my own Projects from 8pm until 6AM straight - I felt like **** , had to bust through "I Don't Wanna Do This" motivation barriers about 12 times.... But...

... I learned enough techniques to make me near-professionally competent in GIMP in one night...
<-------- This picture is only a piece the larger project)
... I learned the basics of how to make Lineart AND how to color with with blending, something I've marveled at for years, watching the Art Wizards on DeviantArt ...
... and THEN, I made one of my personal-best pieces of Art, starting with almost no artistic talent.

All in ten hours of fast-paced sit-your-ass-down-and-learn-it-then-do-it work.

... And then i woke up at 11 today, and did the same thing all over again, and am just now taking a break.... 24 intense hours, and I swallowed an entire project WHOLE, and met my own shot-in-the-dark deadline.

Being able to do that is what separates The Men from the Boys.

It's skills like that that get **** done, and pay the bills.

Being an Admin, YOU can do that, and probably have had to many times in the past.

It's like.... your superpower.

Now get out there and build the stuff like only you can build it.
Fame, Fortune, Abs and Bitchez will follow.
#53 - swagbot (09/21/2014) [-]
Dude.... have you ever had a 9-5 office job like he describes?


Then come back to me and say all that ******** again after you have.

-A person who had worked probably WAY harder than you for his WHOLE life.

Seriously, we have all been trained (myself included) from a young age to think that what Charles said is 'hippy ***** or whatever, but it's not at all - it's a tough-love lesson. So we should be grateful for a sick society, filled with the stuff he describes? No - because if the engineering and creative potential of everyone was unleashed, we would all be able to live busy, interesting, productive lives - GOING TO WORK EVERY DAY LIKE HE DESCRIBED IS NOT PRODUCTIVITY - it's a CHARADE of productivity. You'll only understand that after you've had a job for several years.

Continuing to tell ourselves that we should be 'Grateful' for LESS than we could accomplish (and enjoy) is a way of keeping society under certain peoples' control.

... and if you HAVE had one of those jobs for several years, then you should already see my point of view.
#50 - swagbot (08/23/2014) [-]
Holy **** I understand everything now.

> EXCELLENT news about switching hosts! $2000 is actually manageable!

> YES, keep up the Amazon Links. Users just need to establish the habit, which will take a few months. Might be the basis for some interesting OC as well. Shame you didn't mention this ~90 days ago - i would've put $700 of **** through there!
> ALSO, I suggest you keep up the reminder posts / mass PMs to donate - once every 30-120 days, odd intervals. I don't think people mind, and it gets us srs for a bit, which is a nice change from all the funny.
> Might want to devote some thought to figuring out a way to get the Britbongs involved, if there's a not-too-complicated way.

> By 'Overly-Instrumented' RE: Fundly, I meant with all sorts of tie-ins to Facebook and **** . I have a distrust of sites who are anything but bare-bones devoted to their original service - makes me wonder if they're trying to find ways to Jew-out my data. I'm just being paranoid, DWAI.

> Understood about poor people.

> ... having said that, I think (almost) everyone on FJ would appreciate this explanation as a stickies admin post. Also a Reality-check for the poorfags that they need to get their lives in gear if they want good things to happen.

Thanks for such a thorough reply. You just made an enemy ally for life!
#45 - swagbot (08/07/2014) [-]
The upper, green part of the Greentext was, i thought, setting up for a moral / explanation / conclusion something more like...

"How has today's society gotten so uptight and venomous?"
"Why are people making enemies with other citizens as a pastime?"
"Why do people casually form shallow yet bitter and poisonous judgements about strangers as a pastime?"
"See what ************ gets us? A Culture of confused hate."

...Which, IMO, are very good points, and begin to shine light on some of the primary demons that are wrecking our Society nowadays.

But instead, the author at the very end throws it all away!
1. He uses his good, strong argument... to point out 'The Evils of Feminists'? A group of people who really have far less cohesion or influence than we all give them credit for? Weeeeak.
2. He WHINES. He's basically saying "Get out my business, YA BIG FAT MEANIE (runs away crying)."
3. He totally doesn't address any of the (much more productive, incisive, and evil-revealing) conclusions that I pointed out above.

...That's what i meant by ' *********** :

People get so wrapped up in these little tribal, self-masturbating fights (Democrattt versus Repoooblucan, Feminist versus Man-ist(?), America versus The-Rest-Of-The-World, Faggots Versus Straights) that we miss the real issues that, while all that ********** is happening, are drawing the Eclipse to our WHOLE ******* SOCIETY.
#38 to #37 - swagbot (06/21/2014) [-]
Thanks, homie.
Thanks, homie.
User avatar #31 - nought (05/31/2014) [-]
your comments are a great source of humor, they brighten my day
thank you!
#32 to #31 - swagbot (05/31/2014) [-]
I wasn't joking about anything i said, Cap'n.
User avatar #33 to #32 - nought (05/31/2014) [-]
How can you possibly believe this
Do you believe in chemtrails too?
#34 to #33 - swagbot (05/31/2014) [-]
'This' meaning the 'Theory that suggests the Sandy Hook Massacre was a False-Flag Operation'?

I'm not 100% convinced, and wouldn't be until i repeat all the investigations myself.... but there are significant unanswered questions (presented by a BUNCH of critical Articles / Youtube Stories).

If you ever feel like putting your ego aside, hop onto Youtube / Google and start reading.

Facts are always a balancing act.... but even before those videos, the typical circus and showmanship... and pure predictability of the News Cycle is what first piqued my interest and suspicion... and before i turned the T.V. off a few years ago, i watched A LOoooooOOT of News progamming.

And "Chemtrails"? Know about it, haven't done enough investigation to push me into the 'surety' stage.
#30 - swagbot (03/09/2014) [-]
Dam... i would've liked to see the full reply.

- Gonna ignore the 'Mentally Handicapped' part (apparently I was the one who was smart enough to make my massive reply in a NOTEPAD DOC, and periodically save it to HD in case anything happened to it)
- The point that I was trying to make to you is that my brother was WEAK - he gave in to a Culture of ************ , propagated by my Dad/Uncle/Grandpa etc.
>>I was merely pointing out in my Original Post that people buying in to Debt-College Culture is one of the problems with the 'Student Loan Quagmire', and people being smart and rejecting that culture is the most powerful ways to fix the problem.
- Finally, you don't know what my brother's degree was in, and you ASSUME he is not working.
- ...and YOU ASSUME I TOOK A DEGREE and am complaining about it, which 1) I don't have a degree and 2) I'm actually happier for it, and gainfully employed.

Let me finish my story to bring it full circle (because it proves my point even FURTHER):

- My brother's degree was in Computer Graphic Design - that's not a sissy degree (if you place value on 'degrees' in he first place).
- Art Institute kept switching credits around on him so that he couldn't finish without taking on TONS more debt (like, another 20-40K, on top of his original 60K)
>> They do this all the time.
>> Read: You need to login to view this link
- So, he left. With a 3/4-finished degree.

- So, I started working for a software company in 2010. I'm still there.
- My brother joined about 6 months after me, as an intern.
- He single-handedly redesigned one of our products in a single release. Got hired for ~50K.
- He then single-handedly redesigned / Managed-the-redesign-for the OTHER product in another two releases.
- After merely two years he was a PM making ~65K. (and he's actually good at what he does. I know. I work right next to him.)
- He just (a week ago) left for a company poised for a MASSIVE IPO, with a 95K+ Salary, and thousands of stock grants, worth ~10/ea.

Within fours years in the industry, he's gonna make as much as my Dad, who is degree'd, 50, and been working for three decades.

And Me?
- My Dad, Grandparents, Teachers, Friends, Siblings, were ALL crawling up my ASS to 'get a degree'.
- Which is funny, because my income has been steadily increasing at this job as my skills increase...and I have contantly been there to spot my Dad and Siblings ALIKE with $$$.
- ... and most of them never have any Savings b/c they are constantly paying down Debt + Interest.
- I started out as a Customer Service bitch for pocket-change...
- ...Then I became an integration engineer, turning Gigs of unintelligeble mush into useful data, daily...
- ...And now, I have been training as a UI Engineer for ~2 months, and it's been indicated that I'm ready to step into that role within ~90 days.

- ALL of my skills were learned by being thrown into the fire, and fighting my way out with Google and Stack Overflow, and hundereds of hours of coding and studying...
- ...Not some ******* Piece of Paper and the Faux-Education that went along with it.

- A degree only has value that Upper-Management assholes place upon its 'officialdom'...
- ...It has very little/no merit as an indicator of proficiency or education.
- Going to College is unnecessary to get into jobs, even well-paying ones...
- ... instead, Hard Work, self-study, and (unfortunately) Connections and Jockeying are the keys to success.

(I hate the 'Connections' part... that's why my Brother is climbing and I'm not... and I'm okay with that.)

So... I just gave you clearly-worded Solutions, Real-Life Accounts, and Conclusions from them.
Are you gonna reply with a useless ******** again, or are you going to Read and Learn, for your own benefit?

You are 'defending' this system based on what it was SUPPOSED TO BE, not WHAT IT REALLY IS.
That's insane.
#16 - fefe (12/16/2013) [-]
Eat **** .
User avatar #10 - dickticklerluv (10/03/2013) [-]
I see you thumbed me down for making a valid point about the government shutting down, ******** .
#11 to #10 - swagbot (10/03/2013) [-]
Yeah, I did, because I don't feel that your tired, hyperbolic summary reply (that would sound more appropriate coming out of a sad middle-aged adult) is valid at all.

A few things:
1. Yes, a lot of people on FJ are idiots. There are various segments of such idiots:
>> There are those who think there needs to be a gov't and think they know how to run it, but haven't put in the effort to actually come up with any ideas.
>> There are people who hate Government in general, but have not put in the time to figure out what other system could take its place.
>> Then, out of those two groups, there are those who talk with good intentions, and those who talk just to posture.

2. Having said that, there are MANY on FJ who have come up with Sound ideas that i agree with infinitely more than our current system of government.

3. Also, I'l like to address your phrase "This isn't black and white".

That is a Damnable Throwaway Phrase - A... how does Reddit say? A Thought-Truncating-Cliche (TCC).

WHAT isn't black and white?

The fact that our government is broke? The fact that it took on loans from the Federal Reserve and other countries for the last 1/2 century to get there? The fact that I'm losing 20% of my paycheck in Federal Taxes alone, and seeing very little return for it? The fact that there is nothing the Federal Government does that Towns, Cities, Counties or States couldn't do for themselves?

I estimate that you threw out that phrase to seem like a "Decent, ordinary, average, likeable dude-guy who just wants to remind people to be reasonable", when really...
1. You're not contributing anything to the thread.
2. You're (sort-of) trying to excuse inexcusable actions of our gov't.
3. You're acting as if you're wise or 'Reasonable', when really it is YOU who has not thought deeply into issues.

"There's Gotta Be A Middle Ground."
"Everyone's got an Opinion - Who are you to say yours is right?!"
"If it was that easy, somebody would have done it already."
"I'm sure 'they' have already thought about this."
"Things are the way they are for a reason."
"This isn't a black and white situation."

All these phrases are the sort of thing that Middle-Aged people use to try to fake the position of wisdom and authority that they should have actually achieved by that point in their life by honest thought and effort.

The Truth cannot be summed up in i simple talking point.

Only people who are weak of mind think vaguely enough to speak in such hyperbole.

You were not telling people to look into the diversity of arguments surrounding "The Shutdown" - you were trying to tell everyone that their input is meaningless, and to shut them up.

So Yes.
I thumbed you down.
And ^^^^ THAT ^^^^ is my reasoning.

Read my whole comment before you reply, please.
User avatar #12 to #11 - dickticklerluv (10/03/2013) [-]
Okay. Instead of having an organized, proof read essay like you I'm going to keep it short.

First, the content sounded like it was through the single-minded view of a teenager that didn't even try to have a real arguement.

Second, we could have had a little debate of a sort instead of thumbing me down but that isn't really a big deal.

Lastly, I never said that what the government is doing is excusable. In fact, I thoroughly disagree with what is happening like most, I'm just trying to provoke thought and maybe get others to understand that the what the real problem is, us. All of us, not just those who hold office.

So really I'm not mad that you thumbed me down, just that you didn't try to argue in the first place.

also forgive my Irish profanity
#15 to #12 - swagbot (10/04/2013) [-]
Understood. I am rescinding my red thumb now.

In the future, I'd suggest a comment like "Guys, this **** isn't black and white - There's a lot more to discuss... for example, [+ your opinion about some current event]." would have led to a debate, as you really wanted.

I suggest that, alone, the phrase "...this **** ain't black and white!" sounds dismissive... like it's trying to do the opposite of promoting discourse.

Nice to discuss issues with a fellow gentleman on FJ wot wot
User avatar #9 - heartlessrobot (08/16/2013) [-]
I didn't delete anything.
#7 - konradkurze (07/06/2013) [-]
< Swagbot

dis robot got SWAG ******
#8 to #7 - swagbot (08/15/2013) [-]
What the **** - why is he holding an 'Anarchy' button?

Cool though...
#5 - MitsukiOokami (05/09/2013) [-]
I like that your political posts are so well thought out and thorough.

Have to thank you for the info on Liberalism. I had always associated it with the butchered versions fed to us in Government and sociology classes that claim that liberalism is synonymous to democratic.

Have a relevant picture.
User avatar #4 - Yomomasface (02/04/2012) [-]
Good to see there is political hope abroad FJ...
User avatar #3 - carchub (01/01/2012) [-]
Damn, I'm sorry
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