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#6150 - sunnyday
(01/18/2015) [-]
stickied by sunnyday
It really bugs me when people claim to be born without a talent. So here's a rant that may or may not be motivating:

Nobody is "born" talented. You don't just come out of the womb being good at doing something. That's utter ******** and a cop out of actually practising a skill you could be damn well good at if you just practised. You are not untalented,you are just unmotivated.

There is not a baby born out there who is born and walks within the first hour of life, or can control their limbs after the first day. They learn to do that, and it takes time. They practice controlling their body and it takes months and months before they're good enough to walk.

And that's no different than picking up a guitar, drawing pencil or even a book for the first time. You must PRACTISE. You do that, you will LEARN, and you will get BETTER.

You learned as a child how to read from zero skill in that.
You learned as a child how to add numbers from zero skill in that.
You learned as a baby how to walk from absolutely no skill in that.
You will learn, no matter what age you are, how to do anything you want without having any skill in whatever it is you want to do. But you have to learn! You have to practise!
Because that's what it is to be human. There is nothing stopping you from doing what you want to do apart from you.

You CAN ******* do it! You can do ******* ANYTHING you want to do! Quit telling yourself you can't because you don't have the motivation! You will never learn to do anything without putting in the effort!

You will start from nothing but you WILL get better!
You WILL mess up on occasion!
You WILL get angry and frustrated!
You WILL feel like giving up because of it.
But you CANNOT just give in! You have to keep going and keep practising and keep LEARNING.

YOU have to keep moving forward no matter what happens!

No one is born being good at anything! EVERYONE has to practise to get better. And Anyone can do anything they want to do if they put in the blood, sweat and tears to do it!

#7190 - brayburn
(04/29/2016) [-]
#7189 - totallynatedrake
(04/28/2016) [-]
how are things with you?
#7188 - wigglyjr
(04/23/2016) [-]
Tfw took a nap since I stayed up all night for you, but the alarm wasn't enough to wake me, so I slept too long...
#7179 - starlightserina
(04/21/2016) [-]
#7180 to #7179 - sunnyday
(04/21/2016) [-]
I got discord now
#7181 to #7180 - starlightserina
(04/21/2016) [-]
cool what's your stuff?
#7182 to #7181 - sunnyday
(04/21/2016) [-]
My email is splicer2010@ live.Co.uk
#7183 to #7182 - starlightserina
(04/21/2016) [-]
wut... all I need is your account name followed by the #xxxx?
#7184 to #7183 - sunnyday
(04/21/2016) [-]
Sunnyday 6810
#7185 to #7184 - starlightserina
(04/21/2016) [-]
setn request
#7186 to #7185 - sunnyday
(04/21/2016) [-]
Accetp request
#7187 to #7186 - starlightserina
(04/21/2016) [-]
y is offline doh
#7176 - wigglyjr
(04/20/2016) [-]
tfw realized you're not on my friend's list here.

Also, Sunnyyyyyyyy. I booped you on Skype.
#7177 to #7176 - sunnyday
(04/20/2016) [-]
#7178 to #7177 - wigglyjr
(04/21/2016) [-]
Sometimes a guy just needs lovin's from his sweet cream~<3
#7174 - hunman
(04/19/2016) [-]
#7175 to #7174 - sunnyday
(04/19/2016) [-]
#7168 - lordtriggs
(04/16/2016) [-]
bitch get on Destiny

the loot is all good now
#7169 to #7168 - sunnyday
(04/16/2016) [-]
Can't I got places 2 b dood
#7170 to #7169 - lordtriggs
(04/16/2016) [-]
you suck
#7171 to #7170 - sunnyday
(04/16/2016) [-]
Your mouth sucks
#7172 to #7171 - lordtriggs
(04/16/2016) [-]

#7173 to #7172 - sunnyday
(04/16/2016) [-]
It sucks alodda
#7163 - plataeiou ONLINE
(04/14/2016) [-]
How pissed would you be if I went on every single one of your youtube videos and commented "lolghey"?
#7164 to #7163 - sunnyday
(04/14/2016) [-]
Not at all because now I know who it is
#7165 to #7164 - plataeiou ONLINE
(04/14/2016) [-]
#7161 - syrianbro
(04/14/2016) [-]
Be my friend gaylord.
#7162 to #7161 - sunnyday
(04/14/2016) [-]
What's in it for me
#7152 - starlightserina
(04/14/2016) [-]
good morning
#7153 to #7152 - sunnyday
(04/14/2016) [-]
How are you?
#7154 to #7153 - starlightserina
(04/14/2016) [-]
pretty good feeling lazy and you?
#7155 to #7154 - sunnyday
(04/14/2016) [-]
Feeling the same. Still in bed but I should be getting up. Also a little turned on like every morning.
#7156 to #7155 - starlightserina
(04/14/2016) [-]
I usually lay in bed for at least 10 minutes if not 30 every morning just to kinda relax and slowly wake up fully
wanting a dick in you or put your dick in someone?
#7157 to #7156 - sunnyday
(04/14/2016) [-]
The latter honestly but getting a blowjob sounds really nice too

Been laid her almost 1 hour now :/
#7158 to #7157 - starlightserina
(04/14/2016) [-]
uhm uhhh....
i've laid in bed for an hour and a half before lol
#7159 to #7158 - sunnyday
(04/14/2016) [-]
Its a really tempting offer but really have to be shooting off to work. But maybe another time cutie.

I wish I could do that.
#7160 to #7159 - starlightserina
(04/14/2016) [-]
uhh.. yea cya
#7166 to #7160 - cya
(04/15/2016) [-]
hey sunnyday, havent talked to ya in a while, or was it another sunny
hey starlight
looking forward to urf? or mymu. with my main(is 300 k points enough) ill try to make use of both
#7167 to #7166 - starlightserina
(04/15/2016) [-]
I already played some on pbe but yea i'm looking forward to it on NA I'm probably just gonna spam poppy