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#7 - Thats a myth, if your head were to hurt due to a stem it would…  [+] (3 replies) 10/26/2016 on Mondays -1
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#27 - nemodiego (10/26/2016) [-]
Go smoke a bowl of just stems and tell me how your head feels. I did once when i was 16 and it didn't even get me high. I just wound up feeling like a midget with hammer was hitting me in the back of the eye balls.
#10 - anon (10/26/2016) [-]
The part of weed that gets you the high are the trichomes; which are the little collections of liquid/crystal/tar looking drops on the plant (depending on the color, a basic classification of the type of psychoactive substance, e.g. Milky is THC, clear is a precursor chemical to THC + THC, darker is mixed cannibinoids, etc).
Smoking stems isn't healthy, and the majority of it is dense plant matter (cell walls, plant sugars, etc... Which will give u a headache of smoked, as the other chemicals and such in the plant vascular system may be able to cross the blood-brain barrier... So depends on how well the plant was "flushed" before harvest); compared to a bud that is mostly airy plant matter, and trichomes. Which is what the female plants use as pollen collection, or what the males use to grow their seeds.
So it may be fine, if the plant was very well flushed before harvest, but in a majority of cases only the experienced grows actually do this; as it requires patience and knowledge + equipment to properly do so.
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#8 - ciarancrashy (10/26/2016) [-]
They sure make for great tea later though
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