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Anime belongs in the trash.

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#37647 - -response limit I have no problem taking criticism if… 2 hours ago on Fitness - muscle and... 0
#65 - baih gawhed 13 hours ago on Remember your training 0
#37640 - Sometimes people ask me why I chose Powerlifting. The way I se… 14 hours ago on Fitness - muscle and... +1
#94 - What the **** ever happened to games having unlockables…  [+] (2 new replies) 20 hours ago on game content +6
User avatar #150 - distortedflare (18 hours ago) [-]
I remeber when you would spend three hours grinding in a game to do a certain hard challenege and being rewarded with a bad ass skin or weapon. Now it is just micro payments. hey you want cool shit and better weapons but are too lazy to grind/ play. Well for just small payments we will unlock the content already on your disk.
User avatar #141 - kerfufflemachtwo (18 hours ago) [-]
Smash still does unlockables. They have some DLC, but most of the stuff is unlockable.
#122 - this is me tryina grow my tittays. 20 hours ago on Show me what you look like,... +3
#91 - None of this is right. 21 hours ago on Life Hacks 0
#37627 - I've posted more lifting videos on this board than ANYONE else…  [+] (1 new reply) 23 hours ago on Fitness - muscle and... 0
#37646 - KungFuZerO (4 hours ago) [-]
Good, keep doing that and learn to take criticism along the way.
#37625 - How the **** did you manage that?  [+] (1 new reply) 10/07/2015 on Fitness - muscle and... 0
User avatar #37629 - asotil (22 hours ago) [-]
I don't have a fucking clue

I asked a friend for a spot, he said from was on point. I even widened out a bit to hit the groin and somehow walked away perfectly fine in the legs but my biceps felt pumped as fuck

It's the same with Core exercises. I somehow end up not feeling anything in my core having been worked but my shoulders feel broken

Send help pls
#3 - Who are you tho 10/07/2015 on geekychick's profile 0
#37621 - Sure, whatever. I can be a bit insecure sometimes. People have…  [+] (3 new replies) 10/07/2015 on Fitness - muscle and... 0
#37626 - KungFuZerO (23 hours ago) [-]
Insecurity makes criticism feel like its talking shit, but I promise you its not. You'll notice I never said you were weak or had no muscle, but thats how you interpreted it. Respect is earned through actions, not words and trick pictures.
User avatar #37627 - studbeefpile (23 hours ago) [-]
I've posted more lifting videos on this board than ANYONE else, including you.

I rarely post just pictures.
#37646 - KungFuZerO (4 hours ago) [-]
Good, keep doing that and learn to take criticism along the way.

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#96 - studbeefpile (03/08/2014) [+] (21 replies)
stickied by studbeefpile
User avatar #315 - songemot (09/23/2015) [-]
linkin park - all star
User avatar #308 - packapha (09/16/2015) [-]
What's your lifting program?

Kris's Get him 12 week trainer. Before that Lee labarada 12 week lean body challenge.

How long have you been lifting?

Seriously for the past 4.5 months and before that I was on/off for a few weeks.

How old are you?

20/M. 5'10 and 178 lbs.

Current 1RM

Bench : 125lbs
Dead lift: 70lbs
Squats : 85lbs

User avatar #312 to #308 - studbeefpile (09/19/2015) [-]
Hop on Candito's Linear program:


As far as eating goes, you should be eating ~150-170 grams of protein a day, with a moderate amount of carbs and total calories. I personally have never been a fan of tracking calories (not that it doesn't work, because it does), I've always just focused on getting enough protein, and making progress in the gym. Especially as a beginner, you shouldn't have to worry about food too too much (unless you want to cut).
User avatar #313 to #312 - packapha (09/20/2015) [-]
I did that yesterday. My legs feel like jelly today even though I didn't do any of the optional exercises. Only Squat and dead lifts.
User avatar #314 to #313 - studbeefpile (09/20/2015) [-]
That's fine. It could take some time for your body to adapt to the work load. Really make sure you're eating enough to keep up with recovery!
User avatar #311 to #308 - studbeefpile (09/17/2015) [-]
I haven't forgotten, I've just been busy
User avatar #309 to #308 - packapha (09/16/2015) [-]
From the back of both lays and soda can I see that the calorie count adds up to

Soda 120
Lays. 106
Total. 226

226 calories I'm taking extra everyday for the last 4 days.
User avatar #285 - the one and only (09/04/2015) [-]
Got any vids for perfect squat form? Im too scared to go any higher in weights for fear of bad form.
#290 to #285 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
My squats aren't perfect, but they're pretty good - especially for being a taller athlete (I'm 6', and have some long-ass femurs). This is some rep work I did at 185 the other day, light weight, but it was at the end of the workout, and I was already super fatigued, so maintaining form was a challenge, but good for solidifying strength.
User avatar #286 to #285 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
How To Squat With Proper Form

Step 1: Listen to Jonnie Burrito.
Step 2: Do mobility work, because you have to be limber to squat efficiently.
Step 3: Perfect form with light weight, record self to make sure it's good.
Step 4: Overload slowly (5-10lbs per week, with high rep sets).
Step 5: PopTart into the sunset with your new firm and joocy quads and glutes.
User avatar #297 to #286 - the one and only (09/05/2015) [-]
Alright, this helped. Poptart?

User avatar #299 to #297 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
I don't see why you're confused
User avatar #300 to #299 - the one and only (09/05/2015) [-]
Whats a pop tart?
#302 to #300 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
How have you never seen or heard of these?
User avatar #301 to #300 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
..are you serious?
User avatar #303 to #301 - the one and only (09/05/2015) [-]
I am, American sweets i take it.
User avatar #304 to #303 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
I thought pop tarts were international, but I guess not.
User avatar #305 to #304 - the one and only (09/05/2015) [-]
I probably would of heard of it but wouldnt knkw what it is, I live in australia, im sure its here, just not much of a strong presence.
User avatar #287 to #286 - Sunset ONLINE (09/05/2015) [-]
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
User avatar #288 to #287 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
fuk of m8
User avatar #289 to #288 - Sunset ONLINE (09/05/2015) [-]
gimme all your lovin'
User avatar #291 to #289 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
who the fuk r u anywhey
User avatar #292 to #291 - Sunset ONLINE (09/05/2015) [-]
i love u
User avatar #293 to #292 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
Why? I'm not really worth it.
#294 to #293 - Sunset ONLINE (09/05/2015) [-]
i love uuuu
User avatar #295 to #294 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
but das ghey
User avatar #296 to #295 - Sunset ONLINE (09/05/2015) [-]
User avatar #298 to #296 - studbeefpile (09/05/2015) [-]
who r u anywhey, why you messin with my emotions
#251 to #250 - ghostofnignaz (08/07/2015) [-]
Jalousy to the max. We swedes are just better than anyone else and we know it.

We swedes have discovered over 100 ground elements in the periodick table, what has your thirdworld nation done for the world...? Probably nothing at all since i can LITTERALLY smell the jealousy from your butthurt hairy smelly (and probably nonwhite) anus.

We swedes are simply gods chosen people and just like the jews we are made fun of on the internet and i litterally believe that racism against pure blooded aryan swedes should be as illegal as making fun of darkskinned üntermentchen and das Judenshwein.

You sir, should litterally be gassed for making fun of the most purest aryans of them all, the Übermentch Schwedes.

As our own great aryan overlord, Adolf Hitler once said: ''The swedes are one wonderful people indeed, probably the purest aryans aswell unlike their dirty mongrel neighbours like Denmark and Finland, who are a mongoloid hungarian people anyway.''

This outright racism against swedes, who already are a persecuted group of people on the internet much like blacks and kikes should be forbidden. I demand that you delete your post imieadietly and i am litterally OFFENDED by those two pictures.

I have already flagged them both and reported you to the police and UN.

Your regards, The Swedish internet defence force.
User avatar #252 to #251 - songemot (08/07/2015) [-]
I have a great deal of respect for what Sweden has been, but not for what it has become.
User avatar #237 - marinepenguin (07/14/2015) [-]
What's up brah?
User avatar #243 to #237 - studbeefpile (07/27/2015) [-]
You wanna just hear my life story? Its all kinda connected, and I already typed it out to someone else I was talking to a couple days ago, so I can just copy paste it.
User avatar #244 to #243 - marinepenguin (07/27/2015) [-]
Sure, paste away.
User avatar #245 to #244 - studbeefpile (07/27/2015) [-]
Firstly, the men in my family have a history of clinical depression, so there's that.
Okay, from the beginning....My brother is almost 3 years older than I am, so my parents had some time to get used to him before I came along. He and I are different. Always have been. He was much more of a straight edge, smart, very obedient, straight up kid. Pretty easy to parent, I guess. I was not like that at all. In fact I was the opposite. Despite my parents best efforts, I still managed to be a **** up. My parents had a lot of issues as well, which resulted in a lot of not so nice things happening to me. Nothing super serious, but I was yelled at a lot, and the general feeling of "why aren't you as good as your brother" was what I grew up with. Not as smart, not as useful, not as handsome, just generally worse. I'm also naturally super emotional, so I developed quite some depression, and eating became one of my coping mechanisms, so I got fat. Emotional, untalented, ugly, fat. Once again, generally useless. I started cutting myself when I was about 13 -and not in the "uhg, I'm gonna listen to Greenday and slit my wrists so people look at me" kinda way. I would cut myself because I thought I needed to be punished physically. I hated myself to the point that I felt the need to damage my body. I did it in places that people wouldn't see either, because I was ashamed of it. Things just got worse. At one point my father directly told me that I was the problem with our family. He said everything would be better if I wasn't around and I was the root of all the issues. That didn't feel too good.Just before I turned 15, I got into a dispute at home and ended up going into my room and cutting my leg wide open to the bone. I didn't mean to cut as deep as I did, but it happened. I had to go to the hospital, so my parents found out I was cutting myself. This was a huge wake up call for me, so I decided to find a way to lose weight, and I also picked up weight training. I was still an extremely emotional person, but I was trying to find ways to channel it. Lifting became my main outlet. I found that it was something I could put all my emotion into, and I did. I was driven by the utmost passion to become better, because I couldn't stand to stay where I was. Every time I would get depressed, I put it into the bar. Every time I got angry, I put it into the bar. There were many times I would go up to a weight crying, because I was that emotional. Over time, I started to get decent at lifting, and I realized I was good at it because I'm sick. I like the pain it puts me in. I like the stress on my body. If I never found lifting I'd probably be damaging myself in less productive ways, even now. Of course a lot of time has passed since all this started, and I'm not nearly as manic as I once was. I've matured a lot, and learned to control my emotions in a large capacity, however they're definitely still there. As I matured, lost weight, and got stronger, I made my first actual close friends. Having people to talk to and hang out with has done a lot to keep me level headed. But now they're all leaving for college...I haven't gotten super emotional with lifting for the past 6 or 7 months, but it seems like that's changing. As these important people in my life start to leave, I'm left to face myself again. The plan is to use it to get stronger, like I've done in the past, but having that kind of rage in the weight room can be dangerous. Not to mention, adrenaline spiking on a regular basis like that can do crazy **** to your mind. When you get your body used to producing a lot of adrenaline on a regular basis, it starts to bleed into the rest of your life. Something can happen and you just start shaking and tensing up because your body is expecting you to go try to pick up a few hundred pounds. It's a lot of stress. Right now, there aren't many things I care about more than getting stronger, but what it entails for me specifically is a bit frightening.
User avatar #246 to #245 - marinepenguin (07/27/2015) [-]
I can find a few parallels with that story, living in my brothers shadow, drifted towards self-hate and turned to activity to deal with it. Although my parents weren't in any way abusive and are great parents, my dad was an exceptional athlete, and so because my brother always was also an amazing athlete he spent a lot more time and money on him. I had a sense of not being good enough, though not as severe as yours. I also wasn't quite as emotional, but every time I was start to feel like **** or think I wasn't good enough I'd just do pushups or drills to get better and show that I COULD be an athlete and that I could be like my dad, although I never got that chance.

What made me really turn myself into an extremely successful and confident individual was balance. I learned that sports don't mean everything, and that while I wasn't known for my athletic ability I was respected by a lot of people for my mentality and personality of overcoming obstacles.

I'm not saying I know how to fix your situation and I'm not saying mine was in any way as bad as yours is. But you need to learn how to challenge yourself in other ways in life. The weight room is an amazing stress outlet and can be used to do awesome things with your body and mind, but ultimately it can be taken away. If you have to find self worth through how much you squat and bench press, you aren't a balanced individual. Like you said, you are an emotional person who likes to punish themselves, you're just lucky that you traded in cutting yourself for lifting instead of drugs or worse. All you are doing now is distracting yourself from a real underlying issue, I'm not saying I know how to help you, but just acknowledging a problem is a good step forward.

Find something else on top of lifting that you can find worth in yourself from, get a job, help people, volunteer, teach kids how to lift properly, anything that can help others or yourself.
User avatar #247 to #246 - studbeefpile (07/27/2015) [-]
I literally do everything you mentioned in the last portion of the post. I work part time, I help people both online and in person. I play music for my church, I teach people how to lift, and I help a lot of people who are going through emotional stuff similar to myself. Like I said in the first post, I've come a long way from where I was. I'm nowhere near as unstable. It's just still difficult wrestling with these demons. It's legitimately difficult for me to even look in the mirror a lot of the time, just because I feel like I could/should be so much better than I am. It can be tough, but I'm learning to deal with it, slowly but surely.
User avatar #248 to #247 - marinepenguin (07/27/2015) [-]
Good! Things should start getting better with time, you'll just have to learn to cope without your close friends. I'm going through that too, when I come back from basic, my super close knit group of friends I've had all through my life are going to be gone except one. It's just a part of life. And I'd stop referring to yourself as the "fat powerlifter", I know it's a joke, but it's still a subconscious way that your view yourself, and joking about it reinforces that, to be able to proudly look at yourself in the mirror you need to shift your entire perception, your whole mentality. You have the ability to be lean, mean, strong as hell, and do anything you set your mind to, I sure believe in you.
User avatar #241 to #237 - studbeefpile (07/19/2015) [-]
I didn't forget, I've just been super busy/tired.
User avatar #242 to #241 - marinepenguin (07/19/2015) [-]
I'm not in any hurry man.
User avatar #238 to #237 - studbeefpile (07/14/2015) [-]
Long story, going to bed soon, but I'll fill you in tomorrow.
User avatar #239 to #238 - marinepenguin (07/14/2015) [-]
User avatar #231 - donnybergerstory (06/22/2015) [-]
Accept my request when you have a chance. Gotta talk to you. (semi lifting related but kinda not.)
User avatar #232 to #231 - studbeefpile (06/22/2015) [-]
What's up
User avatar #233 to #232 - donnybergerstory (06/22/2015) [-]
Just inboxed you.
User avatar #229 to #227 - marinepenguin (06/17/2015) [-]
My feet are already really wide. And I was just focusing on stopping the momentum, not really sitting there for a second. But I'll try to pause a little longer.
User avatar #228 to #227 - studbeefpile (06/17/2015) [-]
Depth needs serious work and the pause should be longer.

As far as depth work is concerned, I think you should probably take a slightly wider stance, and really focus on pushing your knees out, and dropping your ass back and down. Plus you just need to do some stretches. Once you get to the point where you can perform the full squat, the pause squats are their own mobility work, so you won't have to worry about it after that.
User avatar #230 to #228 - marinepenguin (06/17/2015) [-]
I replied to the wrong comment.
User avatar #226 - marinepenguin (06/17/2015) [-]
Will upload vid later when I have WiFi. Refuses to work right now.
#225 - songemot (06/14/2015) [-]
Lest we forget.
User avatar #222 - songemot (05/31/2015) [-]
User avatar #203 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
No one noticed my video, was it **** ?
User avatar #204 to #203 - studbeefpile (05/11/2015) [-]
Video is private you dingle
User avatar #205 to #204 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
Wow that probably explains it.
User avatar #206 to #205 - studbeefpile (05/11/2015) [-]
Vertical filming = heresy (in this instance)

Walking in circles is boring, either stay in the same place, or be walking somewhere.

Breathe into your balls (breathe deeply, speak more intelligibly)

If you repeat yourself, repeat yourself from different angles (don't say the same thing over and over again with the same words)

Info seemed fine though
User avatar #207 to #206 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
Yeah it was mainly me filming at 1 am after a movie, being tired, and not writing down the info so I could more easily refer to it instead of trying to recall directly from memory. If I do another one I'll be more prepared and ill keep all that in mind.
User avatar #208 to #207 - studbeefpile (05/11/2015) [-]
Did you say EXCUSES?.

I never write down points either, just the questions. Everything comes from my brain, and just happens to make sense....sometimes..
User avatar #209 to #208 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
If I didn't have excuses I'd be a wreck. it's a coping mechanism, okay I know they're excuses

And I like your videos. Well put together and everything makes sense. Plus you have a good voice. My voice is ****** .
User avatar #211 to #210 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
Honestly that whole logic seems like some serious malarkey.
User avatar #212 to #211 - studbeefpile (05/11/2015) [-]
watch the whole video you kike
User avatar #213 to #212 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
I paused to come here right before he started demonstrating how he releases the tension in his inner musculature. I've watched the whole thing now. Still seems like malarkey.
User avatar #214 to #213 - studbeefpile (05/11/2015) [-]
Well, I used those methods to deepen my voice. Now I sound better, and I have a much easier time breathing into my stomach to brace against the belt while deadlifting and squatting.

Besides, you're the one who said I had a good voice, and it's not just genetics.
User avatar #215 to #214 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
You do have a good voice. But you're also 17. I forced my voice to get deeper in high school just by talking lower and I got used to talking like that.

I'm not saying Elliot doesn't know what he's saying, he's obviously a lot more knowledgeable then me when it comes to fitness. I'm just saying I don't subscribe to energy systems throughout your body, muscle tension, and all that extremely effects your voice.
User avatar #216 to #215 - studbeefpile (05/11/2015) [-]
18 brah.

Honestly though, compare his voice in that video to this one.

User avatar #217 to #216 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
My bad. Still doesn't change anything. Me being 19 isn't any different either.

Plus I've just seen that Elliot Hulse was on steroids, he was taking test and that sort of hormonal change was almost certainly the reason for his deeper voice.
User avatar #218 to #217 - studbeefpile (05/11/2015) [-]
He got off of gear waaaaay before his voice got deep like that. In fact that second video where his voice is higher is around the time he was on gear.
User avatar #219 to #218 - marinepenguin (05/11/2015) [-]
Steroid use has effects on your hormone balance for years even after you get off them.
User avatar #220 to #219 - studbeefpile (05/11/2015) [-]
It does, but not that way. Getting off roids will absolutely not make your voice deeper. If anything, your body won't produce as much test, and you'll end up with a higher voice (without bioenergetics, anyway).

When I actually was going through puberty (14-16ish), my voice dropped, but it definitely wasn't as smooth as it is now, and it's only recently gotten that way within the past few months because of these exercises. Think what you want, but just because it looks or sounds funny, doesn't mean it's not legit. It clearly worked for me, and I think it'd work for you too, if you gave it a shot.
User avatar #199 - nyawgga (05/08/2015) [-]
How old are you?
User avatar #200 to #199 - studbeefpile (05/08/2015) [-]
18. Why?
User avatar #201 to #200 - nyawgga (05/08/2015) [-]
I figured you were a lot older, you look like you've been lifting for a REALLY long time!!!!! You're also super confident for someone only 18... guess that comes with having such massive musclez
User avatar #202 to #201 - studbeefpile (05/09/2015) [-]
I've been lifting seriously for about 3 years, but I've made a TON of mistakes. If I had proper programming and form from the get-go, I'd be waaaay further along. Look at a guy like marinepeng, he's only been lifting for like a year and a half, and he's already pretty jacked. Seems like he really did his homework though.

As far as confidence is concerned, it really doesn't have much to do with the muscles or strength (I don't personally consider myself to be overly huge or strong - I have weird standards), it has a lot more to do with the journey of becoming stronger. Making mistakes, succeeding, and learning about all kinds of things along the way - including learning to being content with the journey - lends itself to confidence, I suppose.
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