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#1 - If someone doesn't want to be your friend because you have dif…  [+] (31 replies) 08/31/2016 on Trumper Comp32 +266
#154 - lawlight (09/01/2016) [-]
even if that "friend" is a dirty communist?
just joking you can be friend with a commie if you want it, it's alright
Joke on you! it's not okay goddamn commie
#127 - masterboll (09/01/2016) [-]
but you can often identify white racists and islamophobes by their political views.

i met an islamophobe a while back who i thought i could trust with my life but i only found out that he hated muslims after he drank too much and all of his political views started leaking out of him.

if youre friends with people with specific political views, its not you who should always be blamed for not wanting to be friends with them. just a thought.
#197 - ryanruin (09/01/2016) [-]
I can say openly I'm Islamophobic and it not be a bad thing; reason being that looking at facts and figures you can easily see that Islam is quicker to create a violent scenario or a terrorist act in the name of their ideology. I have nothing against Middle Eastern people, but I do have something against Islam. If your ideology calls for the deaths of my country and my family just because I don't agree with them, I'm not just against it, I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid of it gaining power and supporters because people are too afraid of being labeled racist to go and take care of a problem of global prominence. Hell, if I have to risk my country and my own life to not be labeled racist, hell call me it all you want.

Racism also doesn't need any color in-front of it; a Black, Asian, White, Hispanic, Latino, anyone can be a racist. If you make a judgement about somebody based upon that person's skin color, you are a racist. However, facts are facts. If people say that Blacks are more likely to commit violent crime, its a fact. If people say that Mexicans usually have larger families that is a fact. Hell if people say that usually Whites grow up in better households that is also a fact. That does not mean that every person in that group of people is under that trait.

Remade because FunnyJunk can't let me hit tab to create paragraphs.
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#198 - masterboll (09/01/2016) [-]
islamophobes tend not to hold back on their fear or hatred of muslims because its widely accepted among infidel communities, unlike racism which is only accepted in remote parts of countries away from civilisation.

these "facts and figures" about terrorism and violent acts in the name of a conveniently picked ideology that you believe to be present among all muslim communities are nothing more than biases associated with confirmations that result from your own prejudices.

the whole myth of islam calling for the death of paranoid islamophobes is largely a result of fearmongering perpetuated by not only religious extremists but also infidels who seek to promote unjustified hatred towards muslims.

you can be as islamophobic as you want, it doesnt deserve any more respect than racism does, but dont pretend like the fear based on your fabricated reality is a rational one.
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#199 - ryanruin (09/01/2016) [-]
Well if you want to hug a guy with a bomb strapped to his chest that's your problem, but personally I don't want my country to suffer the same fate as a moron who can't just look at some of the shit they've done. I know this is bait and all, but I gotta hope that you actually don't believe in that shit.
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#200 - masterboll (09/01/2016) [-]
there is a difference between a suicide bomber and muslim going about living his life. one seeks to kill and the other probably doesnt even notice you.

nobody is telling you to hug a guy with a bomb strapped to his chest. the whole point of islamophobia promotion is to convince gullible minds like yours that every muslim is out to get you with bombs strapped to themselves. i assure you, reality is far from your paranoid reality.

terrorist organisations have indeed carried out atrocities but at this point, youre making it pretty clear that you dont actually understand what "facts and figures" means. these terrorist attacks are carried out by terrorists and those associated with them, not everyday muslims with no connections to terrorism.

someone who understands facts and figures would easily know that more than 99.9% of muslims arent a threat to them, but a paranoid person who rationalises his islamophobia and takes pride in it would miss the important parts that suggest that nearly all muslims in the world arent terrorists.
#204 - masterboll (09/02/2016) [-]
1. im gonna ignore the "religionofpeace" website since thats one of the most overused piles of shit infidels link me to. the number of quotes it takes out of context is astonishing.

2. "germany rape migrant crisis". you do realise that raping people on the streets is widely considered unislamic, right? or are you just interested in gathering as much dirt as you can and associating it with islam?

3. islamism is a political ideology that many muslims reject and infidels often argue that its common among all muslims. its like holding all white christians responsible for the ideology of the KKK. not to mention, these are the terrorist attacks that i mentioned in the previous comments and pointed out that 99.9% of muslims dont do these.

4. wanting sharia law isnt the same as wanting to kill you for being a paranoid islamophobe. sharia law also differs according to different groups and is still a widely disputed topic. islamophobes will often argue that there is only one version of sharia.

5. jihadwatch site is talking about fanatics who are sending death threats, not the common muslim going about his everyday life. its might be hard for you to believe but fanatics are still within the less than 0.1% of the muslim population. anyone who leaves the KKK would also receive death threats but thats not important since the KKK clearly doesnt represent the white christian population in the USA, but religious islamic fanatics seem to be your justification for fearing common muslims who arent fanatic.

6. the google site about why islam is a threat is pretty stupid from the first sentence: "Islam is a supremacist political ideology...". ive read one sentence and i can already tell its a fearmongering article trying to promote a narrow view of what islam is. islam isnt a supremacist political ideology. its a religion that doesnt necessarily need to have any association with politics.

i mean, its understandable that misinformation about islam is fuelling this irrational fear of yours towards muslims and the shit sources are probably what compel you to take pride in said islamophobia since they give you the impression that they are factual when they clearly arent.

all said, it doesnt really change what i said in the previous comments about you. youre pretty much a gullible and paranoid islamophobe with little grasp of the real world and islam in it. instead, youre more interested in the fabricated versions of islam, generalisations and internet articles that confirm these generalisations in an attempt to rationalise this irrational fear of muslims that you have.
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#205 - ryanruin (09/02/2016) [-]
Debunking your bullshit one piece at a time:

1. I'm just going to ignore this evidence because its widely used.

2. Rape of Muslim women is against Islamic law - although the rape of non-Muslim women is not, if they are 'captured in battle' or bought as slaves. Even the rape of a Muslim woman is almost impossible to prove under strict Islamic law (Sharia). If the man claims that the act was consensual sex, there is very little that the woman can do to refute this. Islam places the burden of avoiding sexual encounters of any sort on the woman.

3. You literally stated that Islam is an issue, and is comparable with that of the KKK. I also stated above that not all Muslims believe in Islam and those are not an issue, the issue is the large portion that does especially in the Middle East. Where are the sources for the 99.9%?

4. It is though, in Sharia law it specifically states to kill those who speak out against Islam.
Here's most of the problems with Sharia law when colliding with the western world.

5. Where are the statistics for your 0.1%? Also the man who made the site has worked with the FBI and has written many books on the topic, including two best sellers.

6. You only read one sentence, and that sentence is a fact. Just look at ISIS if you need an example.

Your final two paragraphs:

You're assuming I haven't researched anything and are trying to dispel any source that was sent, when you didn't send a single one yourself. You yourself have stated Islam as a problem.
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#211 - masterboll (09/02/2016) [-]
1. "I'm just going to ignore this evidence because its widely used."
i ignored it because it was a website dedicated to being a pile of shit, not because it was widely used. i mean, you can waste your time eating up shit from a plate but its not really my thing.

2. this is potential fabrication but ill give you a chance to present your facts, since youre clearly "debunking" my bullshit. can you give me some of your facts showing that all of these sexual assaults werent merely groups of poorly-behaved perverts attacking strangers, but islamically motivated conquerers claiming their war booty?

3. i know youre good with misinterpreting things but are you legit retarded or something? im comparing an extreme minority of muslims to the KKK, im not saying that islam is an issue. i was also saying that not all muslims follow the ideals of extremist muslims. the sources for the 99.9% of muslims not coming to attacks you can be seen in statistics alone. add up all of the islamically motivated attacks on infidels and then compare it to the overall muslim population to get the percentage. you do the math since common sense doesnt apply to you.

4. im gonna need the quote that specifically states to kill those who speak out against Islam. the "religionofpeace" shitpile website had quite the reputation for twisting words so im not taking any chances. ill comment on it when you find it.

5. statistics for 0.1% is explained on second part of point 3. its interactive so you get to compare the number of people who want to kill you to the global muslim population. also, woopdy doo for the FBI agent who writes books. its almost as if members of authority cant have an agenda and a fanbase.

6. i read some of it and it was pretty obvious that there was more bullshit the further you go down. if you believe it was a "fact", then im not sure you know what a fact is from a narrow perspective on something. using ISIS as an argument for islam as a religion is just showing the sources of your islamophoic paranoia. ISIS is widely rejected by muslims across the world. its like saying if you want an example of white christians being racist murderers, just look at the KKK.

my final two paragraphs:

i was stating the islamophobic paranoia youre were experiening and the source of that paranoia, as you have demonstrated even up to here with the ISIS part. youve definitely looked into it but i wouldnt go as far as saying youve looked into anything that gives you any grasp of reality and the religion of islam. instead, youre heavily focused on wordplays, by pretending that ive somehow "literally" stated that islam is the problem, when i was clearly talking about an extreme minority of muslims in comparison to the majority. the sources youve presented are not only far from fact, but only a few of them are actually concerned about what islam is with the rest trying to create its own version of islam in their own minds and in the minds of the gullible such as yourself.
#196 - ryanruin has deleted their comment.
#191 - masterboll (09/01/2016) [-]
free speech is indeed the bane of white racists and islamophobes
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#181 - presidentmoose (09/01/2016) [-]
shut the fuck up
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#117 - drtrousersnake (09/01/2016) [-]
As a Californian, 90% of everyone around me has accept Obama as their personal savior and he declared trump the bad man
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#50 - alarubra (09/01/2016) [-]
Well, if their political views are RooshV's political views, it says something about their character. Hell, a lot of your political views, especially if you're willing and able to explain why you hold those views eloquently speak to your character. If someone has radically different political opinions than me, they may not be the kind of person I want to associate with, and I may not be the kind of person thy want to associate with.
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#29 - notwalkingwaffles (09/01/2016) [-]
Kind of depends on the political views I'd say.
The "All niggers should die" when you're a black dude for instance seems a fair dealbreaker.
#41 - richardhandler (09/01/2016) [-]
Whoa whoa whoa just because your black doesn't make you a nigger
#151 - averagewhitekid (09/01/2016) [-]
#129 - masterboll (09/01/2016) [-]
nigger was and is a term used by racist whites to address all black people

this imaginary difference between "nigger" and "black person" is created by racists to justify calling blacks "niggers"
#30 - greyblade (09/01/2016) [-]
if you've got someone who is bent on wiping out blacks, but still wants to be your friend, then I'd say you two have something special.
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#32 - notwalkingwaffles (09/01/2016) [-]
Well, extremists aren't known for their unfathomable consistency or amazing logic or their well explained arguments for why they are right, they are known for their hypocrisy, generally not thinking things all the way through, and declaring themselves right whenever it fits them.
Example: "Live an ascetic life as your lord and saviour or we shall come for you" said the man on the golden throne in the palace filled with treasure.
#33 - greyblade (09/01/2016) [-]
well, yeah.

but it could be bromance man.
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#35 - notwalkingwaffles (09/01/2016) [-]
I mean, it was a hypothetical scenario.
But yeah, we're not arguing I suppose.
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#7 - notmadguy (08/31/2016) [-]
make sense, but I avoid Hillary supporters because of their affiliation, to avoid drama and violence, and of course to avoid being called every -ism, -ist, and -phobia insult... so that would make me a hypocrite to agree.
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#8 - kamusioso (08/31/2016) [-]
Yeah, but if you had a friend, and eventually he became a Hillary supporter, you wouldn't cut bonds with him, right?
User avatar
#18 - imadethistopost (08/31/2016) [-]
no but i'd respect him less for being an idiot.
#17 - inept (08/31/2016) [-]
Supporting Hillary isn't a choice it's a mental disease..

So of course you should help them through this difficult time in their lives...

Pic related..
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#12 - oxymoronking (08/31/2016) [-]
i live in oregon
if i cut ties to hillary supporters i would probably not be able to leave my house
#96 - grossgoschad (09/01/2016) [-]
So what would change?
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#134 - oxymoronking (09/01/2016) [-]
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#9 - zzforrest (08/31/2016) [-]
It's a matter of being a respectful person IMO. I have friends who are fervently anti-Trump, one who is a practicing Muslim, and they all respect me as long as I can explain my position. They challenge me at every turn, sure, but I'd say they have also sharpened me, I know a lot more about Trump than I would have because I had to do research to be able to answer their challenges. That's good, I think. I like those friends.
#37 - The knife has a sick damage multiplier on Krauser though, it's…  [+] (1 reply) 04/05/2016 on Resident Evil 4 took such a... +2
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#38 - penelo (04/05/2016) [-]
Yeah, I don't know why they did that. I was just saying it was overpowered because, when playing Resi5, I could no longer rely on the knife as much. Lucky for me Chris can smash everything in sight.

That is true, but it's fun to do nonetheless
#6 - Even though Yoda said ''do or do not, there is no try'' …  [+] (1 reply) 11/09/2015 on Disney beef 0
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#7 - angelious (11/09/2015) [-]
the actual quote was "only a sith deals in such absolutes"

aka only a sith sees one as either an ally(to be backstabbed later) or an enemy(to be backstabbed as soon as plausible.)
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