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#14 - Where can I get one...??  [+] (2 replies) 06/17/2014 on Glass Octopus 0
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#21 - CXJokerXD (06/17/2014) [-]
#65 - Comment deleted  [+] (8 replies) 03/16/2014 on Ukraine in a nutshell -8
#145 - thatoneiranianguy (03/16/2014) [-]
Good goyim, tell the people like it is!

No but seriously get fucking educated before you speak
#132 - anon (03/16/2014) [-]
Well, when you start realizing that the nazisnever dissapeared, just switched sides, you'll probably see who starts WW3 in a couple of years. Ukraine is a puppetshow performed by more than the russians. (This other state has also been known to appear as a troll, ignorant or not at all willing to think, bashing and giving bad credits to people that are starting to wake up! Hence your
#133 - anon (03/16/2014) [-]
Hence your seven thumbs down, and a stupid comment at the top. (Sorry, my post replied before I checked it for spelling and completed it -.-)
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#113 - PlagueDoctor (03/16/2014) [-]
Check your facts pls! Germans WERE being mistreated in Poland, Chezhoslovakia,.. and so on.
#93 - anon (03/16/2014) [-]
Do you notice the similarity between what Russia is doing now and almost every war?

Fuck off with your Russian Nazi bullshit, wanna see Nazis? Look at the Ukrainian defence Minister and his Right Sector goons
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#116 - dimppa (03/16/2014) [-]
I think the point was pointing out the possibility of WW3, instead of saying russia is ruled by nazis.

So next time READ the whole comment before you start bashing around.
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#71 - stgfilitov (03/16/2014) [-]
They started WWII by claiming some poles attacked a german radio station near danzing or something.
#68 - haeckal (03/16/2014) [-]
German minorities really were being mistreated in Poland. Pic is an ethnic German murdered in Poland just as WWII was beginning (this man was NOT a soldier).

There are plenty of ethnic Russians in Ukraine, especially in the Crimea, and a lot more Ukrainians who speak Russian as their native tongue. As far as I'm aware there hasn't been much violence against Russians in Ukraine at this time, but the Ukrainian government passed a law outlawing the teaching of Russian in schools, which has led to systematic discrimination against Russian minorities living in the former Soviet Union in the past.
#14 - Comment deleted 08/01/2013 on Vagina 0
#12 - Comment deleted  [+] (2 replies) 08/01/2013 on Vagina 0
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#13 - esmebuffay (08/01/2013) [-]
Away We Go, it's about this couple that find out they're pregnant and have to find a new place to live, so they travel the country (and Montreal) to look for a new home. It's funny and heartwarming, so if you're into that find of film I would recommend it. It's got Mia Rudolph and John Krasinsky (Jim from The Office) with a beard.
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