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    Sucks for him Sucks for him
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    Women Women

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#362 - Well you asked for autism 09/01/2015 on 1000 comments and Joshlol... +3
#1225 - Picture 08/30/2015 on A mod will reply to your... +2
#1121 - Altismo Comment!  [+] (2 new replies) 08/30/2015 on A mod will reply to your... +1
User avatar #1224 - Felris (08/30/2015) [-]
thanks obama
#1225 - stonecore (08/30/2015) [-]
#377 - They want background checks on private transactions, but they … 08/30/2015 on Gun Control activists 0
#97 - I have never understood people claiming that any restrictions …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/30/2015 on Gun Control activists +1
User avatar #109 - Greevon (08/30/2015) [-]
I agree entirely on the mental health problem. What's there to hurt with background checks? I understand we already do background checks, so I'm a little confused on what you're specifically talking about and the point you're trying to make.

I think if someone purchases a firearm and they have an individual living in their household that is classified as "at risk" or diagnosed with a mental illness, they should need to keep a gun safe or risk being responsible for those weapons falling into the wrong hands. It's all about being responsible: it's not responsible and not safe to keep guns in a way that they can be accessed by such an individual.

Now, I know this won't solve the problem with criminals or black market selling guns or even guarantee psychotics don't take them from family members. But it's likely to help.

It's also appalling how many people have a lack of gun safety training and a basic lack of respect for firearms. Living in Texas, I'm not unaccustomed to seeing things on facebook like "out hunting with dad! XD" and some dumb bitch is holding the gun pointed at the camera, finger on the trigger. We need more gun safety classes for idiots.
#377 - stonecore (08/30/2015) [-]
They want background checks on private transactions, but they still want to keep the exclusion on transactions between family members (Giving a gun to your son)

Remember, you always assume a gun is loaded, until you verify it is not.
#24 - You could reload the steel if you were determined though, you …  [+] (1 new reply) 08/28/2015 on cheeki breeki +1
User avatar #25 - scowler (08/28/2015) [-]
Oh, that sounds horrifying...
#22 - Most people with AKs use the cheap Russian steel casings, you …  [+] (4 new replies) 08/28/2015 on cheeki breeki +1
User avatar #36 - hamsterball (08/28/2015) [-]
you can reload steel cased ammo, HOWEVER, steel cased ammo is most likely Berdan primed, and those primers are harder than shit to find in the US.
User avatar #23 - scowler (08/28/2015) [-]
Huh, didn't know that.
#24 - stonecore (08/28/2015) [-]
You could reload the steel if you were determined though, you would need a little bit more tools then a average reloader. (Steel is harder to resize then brass, not to mention you will probably only get 1-2 reloads out the case)

You couldn't really justify the purchase though, you would have to shoot like 10000 rounds a week for it to be worth it, and even then the time that would take....
User avatar #25 - scowler (08/28/2015) [-]
Oh, that sounds horrifying...
#31 - I have never understood why you would ever want to be called &… 08/28/2015 on Niggers +1
#8 - At least 95% of it was predictable, it was either that or they… 08/21/2015 on When I meet a qt +2
#7 - Here you go  [+] (1 new reply) 08/21/2015 on HA!@ +59
#30 - gymrah (08/22/2015) [-]
Without the comment and blackspace
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