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    Big Mac Best Friend Forever Big Mac Best Friend Forever
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    MLP Bachelor Party MLP Bachelor Party
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    Subtitles Subtitles
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    Uploaded: 10/05/15
    Extremely painful Extremely painful
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    I don't even... I don't even...
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    Uploaded: 06/28/14
    /a/ /a/

latest user's comments

#173 - **stimate used "*roll picture*"** **stimate rolled image ** 07/26/2016 on Roll for next President 0
#9 - Wow, dude! You're very much welcome! 07/25/2016 on Enchanting Ophelia - Taking... 0
#5 - Here you go, Anon. I just went ahead and made it, I hope O…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/25/2016 on Enchanting Ophelia - Taking... +2
#8 - shazzaburrel (07/25/2016) [-]
I had to log in again for the first time in like forever.
I have had this account for so long, but I still post 20% shit posting as anonymous for longer than my account has been here.

I am Anon #2 and you have temporarily freed me from the cell of anonymity.

Thank you mini FunnyJunk Jesus.
#9 - stimate (07/25/2016) [-]
Wow, dude! You're very much welcome!
#14 - Amagi Brilliant Park. I've never seen it myself.  [+] (40 new replies) 07/19/2016 on Extra guns +51
User avatar
#16 - autogoth (07/19/2016) [-]
thank you, it seems crunchyroll wont let me watch it though.
User avatar
#98 - Riukanojutsu (07/20/2016) [-]
it was p.good.
#41 - anon (07/20/2016) [-]
masterani.me master race
User avatar
#34 - jesusisagoose (07/20/2016) [-]
User avatar
#29 - motherfuckingkenji (07/20/2016) [-]
>not Glorious Golden KissAnime Master Site
Do you even watch anime?
#127 - clannadqs (07/20/2016) [-]
KissAnime is an utterly shite option to use if the series is on Crunchyroll and you are a member. All Kissanime has are rips off of other streaming sites or torrents. Hell, a huge majority of them are ripped straight from Crunchyroll. Look at the image I provided. That' a small example within the first ten seconds of the first episode of the new season of Food Wars and that's a less clear example than others I have experienced. Kissanime is great for when the series is not on Crunchy, though.
User avatar
#137 - clannadqs (07/20/2016) [-]
The top is CR obviously.
User avatar
#108 - frenzyhero (07/20/2016) [-]
ew KA is shit dude
#91 - messier (07/20/2016) [-]
**messier used "*roll picture*"**
**messier rolled image** KissAnime are little bitches about me running AdBlock so i use chrunchy roll and any other site
User avatar
#129 - clannadqs (07/20/2016) [-]
Stick with Crunchy if the show is on there. Look at that comparison I provided.
User avatar
#92 - motherfuckingkenji (07/20/2016) [-]
I have no problem with turning off Adblock to support a site that's totally free and lets you stream and download any and all anime ever made in HD either subbed or dubbed entirely for free.

Why the shit would I spend like $10 a month or whatever for Crunchyroll when I could get the same service for free?
#93 - messier (07/20/2016) [-]
**messier used "*roll picture*"**
**messier rolled image** I have a 1080P TV and stream the anime to Ps4 in 1080 P. This is why I pay the 6 bucks a month
User avatar
#67 - benaz (07/20/2016) [-]
>not Glorious torrenting at true 1080p on nyaa.se or bakabt.me

Do you even watch anime?
User avatar
#128 - clannadqs (07/20/2016) [-]
>true 1080

Hahaha, there has only been like a handful of shows in the history of anime that had source material of 1080p. Fuck off with this bullshit.
User avatar
#135 - benaz (07/20/2016) [-]
Its more true than the streaming "1080p", I mean, every fucking anime is upscaled and the only animes animated at more than 720p are really fucking few like was Fate Stay Night that was animated at 900p. Still, everything looks better than fucking streamed, you can't compare BD rips to a stream.
#134 - benaz has deleted their comment.
#94 - messier (07/20/2016) [-]
**messier used "*roll picture*"**
**messier rolled image** That's too much work tbh

I have a 1 gb connection and could download all that shit in less than a few mins, but just turning on the ps4 and binge watch a series is soo much easier. I'll prob do that for shows that are not available there... I also get to watch the shows a few hours after they are released in japan which is nice
User avatar
#38 - aznfanta (07/20/2016) [-]
so many pop up ads now from kissanime its annoying
#63 - reddeadelite (07/20/2016) [-]
>not using an adblocker
#71 - kyleassante (07/20/2016) [-]
you can't use adblock on kissanime, it stops the video after a few seconds.

Honestly I just click the little 'hide' button under all the adds and full screen the show.

Also I just finished all of BoJack Horsemen and my heart aches
#86 - lonerifter (07/20/2016) [-]
Unless you click that option below the video that's like use your devices player/clickhere, then boom no ads (lower quality though.)

Then again, you can hide ads by clicking the hide button next to each one.
#81 - anon (07/20/2016) [-]
we totally need hentai of the adblock chick. Jussaiyan
User avatar
#74 - dudelolz (07/20/2016) [-]
uBlock Origin, the icon in his comment, works on Kissanime.
#120 - jovanlisac (07/20/2016) [-]
#75 - kyleassante (07/20/2016) [-]
I had no idea that was a thing
#52 - xxsikoticxx (07/20/2016) [-]
the ads you dont even see once full screened?
User avatar
#62 - aznfanta (07/20/2016) [-]
it defull size my computer, like i said pop up ads lol
#64 - xxsikoticxx (07/20/2016) [-]
My bad, skimmed your comment and missed the "pop-up" part in doing so. Still though... I guess ublock origin blocks the pop ups even though I have it disabled for that site so I never noticed them. (I don't really feel like uninstalling it to test the theory either)
User avatar
#76 - aznfanta (07/20/2016) [-]
i havent been able to use adblocks on there, but i only have adblock plus n adblock
#77 - xxsikoticxx (07/20/2016) [-]
yeah you have to disable it for it to work, but I guess it still stops the popups since I have never seen them on that site
User avatar
#78 - aznfanta (07/20/2016) [-]
ill try ublock, hopefully it works out lol, thanks for the info
#79 - xxsikoticxx (07/20/2016) [-]
User avatar
#35 - SoraDono (07/20/2016) [-]
not using whatever result works on google

fucking tryharders
User avatar
#96 - captchakid (07/20/2016) [-]
its like kissanime doesnt have its own search or something
User avatar
#40 - yugiohkris (07/20/2016) [-]
>watching in shitty 360p
>not using meme arrows
>thinking tryhard is an insult
>being this much of a pleb
#131 - sircontagious (07/20/2016) [-]
<not torrenting everything to watch it in glorious 1080
/fucking scrub
#69 - kyleassante (07/20/2016) [-]
I always saw "tryhard" as an insult. Mostly because people always call me it in games prefixed by the words "a shitty"

I'll wear it like a badge of honor from now on thanks to you. along with my other 4 gold medals every match. As a slight side note, I've come to hate getting 4+ gold medals every ranked match. That means that my team is doing literally nothing. I challenge them to take them from me. Of course I don't actually type that (except for a few occasions when my team was just salt baby city) other than that it just tilts them so I try not to bring it up
User avatar
#107 - SoraDono (07/20/2016) [-]
i actually feel the same when i play zarya or roadhog

like, i get how i can have gold on objective time and objective eliminations, but how the fuck do you people playing offense heroes have less damage than the fucking tank, and less kills too
User avatar
#61 - SoraDono (07/20/2016) [-]
User avatar
#22 - xXMAQXx (07/19/2016) [-]
#9 - Picture  [+] (6 new replies) 07/19/2016 on Extra guns +65
#13 - isthataweapon (07/19/2016) [-]
#68 - gabeinated (07/20/2016) [-]
wait isthataweapon ? it looked more like a some sort of cane or walking stick
User avatar
#65 - wazoowonseventeen (07/20/2016) [-]
#32 - blokrokker (07/20/2016) [-]
#33 - sentinyl (07/20/2016) [-]
It's better when it's not narrated by a fucking faggot
User avatar
#139 - strangesir (07/20/2016) [-]
He did say he was sorry not sorry

#330 - **stimate used "*roll 1, 000-999*"** **stimate rolls 569** 07/12/2016 on Roll trips, get a FREE waifu 0
#75 - I hate pretty much everything about this new PPGs. I have … 07/09/2016 on Nu-Power Puff Girls'... +4
#131 - There'll be peace when you are done 07/09/2016 on My Asshole Cousin 0
#95 - Daaaayum girl. You **** in the streets with dat ass? 07/07/2016 on Tapp Faggiak Wontassamu +4
#6 - Nevermind, I found it. Artist's name is Njike. 06/28/2016 on Legal Age +18

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