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#6 - Of course she is -crosses arms- I mean. Tokenizing minorities … 07/10/2016 on No Surprise, new Ghost... 0
#5 - MMMMHMMMM -tilts head and chin, holds arms- 07/10/2016 on No Surprise, new Ghost... +1
#2 - No. But pissing on a dead horse can be fun, after you're done … 07/09/2016 on No Surprise, new Ghost... +6
#121 - He is indeed awesome. But don't forget. The moment our fight i… 07/09/2016 on Dangerous faggot on gamers 0
#118 - at one point his side was* I'm talking pre-gamergate where gam… 07/09/2016 on Dangerous faggot on gamers +1
#117 - Milo is based and awesome, but don't forget that at one point …  [+] (1 new reply) 07/09/2016 on Dangerous faggot on gamers +1
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#118 - steamjester (07/09/2016) [-]
at one point his side was* I'm talking pre-gamergate where gamers were seen as bad/degenerates
#59 - Good roll 07/08/2016 on Dennis is a bastard man 0
#47 - There WAS s fifth Ninja Turtle and he WAS deformed. He was als… 07/08/2016 on 22, ooh-ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah +1
#2 - Ooooooooh Yea. Facebook was soft-banning every post containing… 07/06/2016 on Fire Duck OC. Rate my edit,... 0
#16 - Yup! Even certain Nazis looked down upon soldiers that raped J…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/06/2016 on /pol/ dates a black girl 0
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#18 - GnRNoD (07/06/2016) [-]
I know.
I'm not racist btw.
I have no faith left in humanity as a whole, and I give everyone a chance, maybe even two or three, but when they fit a stereotype they lose all chances, too many people fit stereotypes, I thought I was racist for far too long and felt guilty, but I was being rational about it, it made sense, I can sit and debate why I think a "nigger" is a "nigger" and not all black people are niggers, but most are, there's not many african black people in my country yet the ones that are are those senegalese that sell ripoff chains and watches, and they chimp out, they act like chimps... The "niggers" from my country are more brownish and descendant from ugly places of europe and local indians I guess and you don't want to judge everyone, but they are the ones that put music from their cellphones on the bus, they act like they own the place if they are in a pack and lower their heads if they are alone.
3 guys jumped me on the bus the other day coz I asked them to close a window, two of them started basicly cornering me forcing me to defend myself, and so I did and I kicked their asses, but honest I fucked them up, a family had to get off the bus and 3 other guys ended up jumping on my side, I told the driver to open the door, and literally threw them out. I loved the feeling of power, don't get me wrong, I'm not a violent person. but it was cold as fuck, 8 am and it's the middle of winter there were kids on the bus... I just said "hey could you close the window? it's really freaking cold" and one of them said "the fuck he said?" another said "we'll close it when we get down, we'll get down in two minutes" and I replied "nah, man just close it now" and hte third one closed it, and the first one said " what's wrong with this fucker" I was with a girl, sleeping, I went back to sleep, and I woke up two chimp one and two on my face telling me how I was gonna "get off the bus naked" I kept telling them to just get down, to avoid a confrontation and so on.., when one said "we're gonna steal all your clothes" I just told them to bring it on. I'm a very big guy, and you wouldn't believe how many niggers chimp out while on a group just to prove something by standing up to me, they first use their "I'll ask you for something" when you deny them of something, be it a drink, a cigg or whatever, they get offended, then they call you names unless you shut up and take it (and I mean even saying "whatever" is enough) they'll start chimping around, getting closer, and talking indirect shit the "point and laugh" kinda shit, and it's always the same M.O. The other day at 1am I had an 8 year old walking beside me singing a song about going to jail and making other prisoners his bitches while doing the dopest crack and fucking all the drags from the jail block.
Police has told me in more than one occasion ( I start screaming when they chimp out 1 on 1 or something, just to gather witnesses that I'm not the one seeking the confrontation) "you shoulda just kill them, saved us the trouble".
I still give everyone a chance.