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#102 - So is this why he stopped her WILLING sacrifice to save h…  [+] (10 replies) 09/09/2016 on TLOU is still a horrible... -2
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#106 - cykocd (09/09/2016) [-]
she wasnt the first immune they disected, and they werent any closer. besides, so what if they found a cure. the world is already fucked.
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#108 - steamjester (09/09/2016) [-]
But isn't she like...carrying a VERY SPECIFICALLY RESISTANT form of whatever's keeping her immune? And way to spoil it, but whatever. But yea, the writing was shit. I'm very much a Utilitarian in a scientific sense. I hate Communism, because it's shitty Utilitarianism, but I'm all for Science/saving the human race from shitty things.
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#122 - nickelakon (09/10/2016) [-]
The point is cure or not the world is already absolutely fucked
There is no going back from what it has become.
Mankind is far too divided and far too willing to pry eachothers skulls apart.
Even if they made a cure and even if making the cure made people stop being bandits wherever the cure was made there would be no way to spread the cure enough.
And on top of all that
There was a 70% chance that they wouldn't be able to make a perfect cure or even just a vaccine, and even if they could by the time they got it ready to use it would be too little too late.
Joel made the right call.
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#124 - steamjester (09/10/2016) [-]
Well that's a bit negative...
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#127 - nickelakon (09/10/2016) [-]
Its in the title bro
Game is called "the last of us"
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#128 - steamjester (09/10/2016) [-]
Yea, it's as depressing as Nier's "Canon" ending. Now Square is pulling a FF13 and ignoring what happened in the Canon ending, so Nier 2's coming out.
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#129 - nickelakon (09/10/2016) [-]
Sqaure isnt ignoring the ending
Nier automata is just so long in the future that the ending doesnt entirely matter
also nier the brother does live, Nier the Father could possibly also live in the end too.
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#130 - steamjester (09/10/2016) [-]
So the human race magically comes back? Even-though their souls were destroyed by the Physical's Nier's retardation?
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#131 - nickelakon (09/10/2016) [-]
No there were actually living humans on the moon or something if I recall the story correctly.
If not I think they improved the replicants or something so that the damaged souls didnt matter, since the Replicants had started to become self aware, I think its implied that they somehow got souls of their own.
I dunno man, Nier was kind of weird to begin with anyway.
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#132 - steamjester (09/10/2016) [-]
There was a site dedicated to the entirety of the canon (including stuff that was saved from the official Nier Square site) that included stuff from Drakengard AND Nier. They said that (at least one of the) canon ending(s) resulted in the death of humanity and the Replicants, leaving an empty world. Fucked up.
#1843 - Where'd you get the Snake Eater picture?  [+] (6 replies) 09/09/2016 on warioteam's profile 0
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#1848 - warioteam (09/10/2016) [-]
sorry for the shitty watermark on those last two
#1847 - warioteam (09/10/2016) [-]
#1846 - warioteam (09/10/2016) [-]
#1845 - warioteam (09/10/2016) [-]
#1844 - warioteam (09/10/2016) [-]
i dont remember
heres the original
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#1849 - steamjester (09/10/2016) [-]
#3 - The worst part? The original DS can run SNES games, albeit som…  [+] (1 reply) 09/09/2016 on Nintentard & Kuntnami 0
#8 - anon (09/09/2016) [-]
Have you ever played Hyrule Warriors Legends on an O3DS? That game made me feel like I wasted my money before I got my N3DS because of how laggy it was. I still think they should of just made it N3DS exclusive so O3DS users wouldn't have to waste their money. Also SNES VC has been coming out since March and have all been N3DS exclusive, why are you just now complaining about it?