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    so i was watching elfen lied so i was watching elfen lied
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    I figured r9k had some autismo I figured r9k had some autismo
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    Arma 2 realism Arma 2 realism
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    Anal Anal
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    what a whore what a whore
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    "Thor" "Thor"
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#5 - she got a name, or is it just zarya?  [+] (1 new reply) 06/20/2016 on Zarya's day off +1
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#8 - babaskeep (06/20/2016) [-]
Stefania Ferrario

Yes she does
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#2 - mizzdepp (06/19/2016) [-]
Arw thank you so much.
That's really so nice to hear
#3 - splendiddust (06/19/2016) [-]
No problem
#2 - honestly thought this was warframe for a second 06/19/2016 on Poor guy +1
#1111 - **splendiddust used "*roll picture*"** **splendiddust rolle… 06/19/2016 on Roll for your hottie... 0
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#84 - Kenesu (06/16/2016) [-]
God of War Spoiler warning.
First game story wise is like a good greek drama, protagonist Kratos is forced to serve under the gods for the crimes he committed, such as killing his whole village including his wife and child. He is punished with the ashes of the dead being grafted to his skin (making him look white) with the red brand, also cursing him with nightmares of what he did until he is able to leave their service. Game starts and Kratos is tasked with saving the city of Athens (which is Athena's city) from Ares, you end up going through a bunch of stuff and end up at the temple of Pandora and open up the chest, gain massive power then kill Ares becoming the new God of War. Second game starts with Kratos invading a city, his soldiers losing and him having to come down to help them out, losing your godly power via Zeus stabbing Kratos in the gut and ends up escaping the underworld and going around visiting the Titans to join forces to kill Zeus, ending with visiting the Isle of the Fates and jumping through time and gathering the Titans. The third one starts with a war between the gods and titans, Kratos is betrayed by Gaia/Gaea and ends up in the Underworld, defeats Hades and goes around killing other Gods til finally killing Zeus and then Kratos kills himself instead of giving the power from Pandora's Box from the first game to Athena who he killed in the Second Game but came back as a ghost, and releases the power "Hope" into the world he just destroyed. Also Kratos finds out that Zeus is his father in the second game. Maybe reborn or dimension hop possibly, will have to wait until release to find out if he's the same one or a different one.
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#109 - mrspyder (06/16/2016) [-]
im 99% sure its the same guy
same warpaint, is still pale from the ashes of his dead family
and if you look closely you can also see the iconic scar on his stomach
bonus: at the unskippable credits in GOW3, most people would have just left the game to do its thing and went to get something to eat and such, but theres actually a small cutscene right after the credits, where we are looking down on the cliff. the corpse of kratos is gone, but theres a trail of blood that the camera then pans over, revealing that the trail ends at the edge of the cliff. but hey thats just my opinion. you never know since theres been a minor fuckup in the story before
#120 - Kenesu (06/16/2016) [-]
I'm pretty sure as well, we might find out how the hell he went from Greece to Scandinavia in the game. I probably will be picking this one up when it's released.
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#121 - mrspyder (06/16/2016) [-]

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