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#40 - This is hitting home a bit more than usual today. Stayed up to… 09/24/2015 on Can U relate? +1
#27 - What's the source of this gif?  [+] (1 new reply) 09/18/2015 on Starting the season just... +1
User avatar #42 - isuriand (09/18/2015) [-]
#26 - So I saw this episode yesterday evening, and at this point I r… 09/18/2015 on Starting the season just... 0
#29 - Wait... what? How?  [+] (1 new reply) 09/18/2015 on Crusader Kings or life... 0
User avatar #30 - thesecretbear (09/18/2015) [-]
Had an affair with the female prince bishop of italy (not sure how that happened), and had a kid, my lover got elected pope, the first female pope. My daughter quickly followed her, being elected by the bishops after my lover had died.

I guess the fact that she was a woman, a bastard, and only 11 had little to no bearing on her becoming pope, she led the strongest theocracy in europe so she was elected.
#11 - You fool! She will push the tv's apart with one arm coming out… 09/11/2015 on Avoiding the Horror +11
#5 - This is the kind of person that will end up killing someone so…  [+] (1 new reply) 09/10/2015 on Autism 0
User avatar #8 - distortedflare (09/10/2015) [-]
That or until the neighbor kicks in his front door and bludgeons the cunt to death.
#3 - That last guy has the creepiest face  [+] (1 new reply) 09/10/2015 on vote er die 0
#4 - anon (09/10/2015) [-]
That's why he was the deal with it picture. It makes for maximum rustled jimmies.
#2 - partypooper Are you capable in the capacity … 09/10/2015 on Do you sense the particles? 0
#14 - Anyone know the episode? 09/10/2015 on Getting btfo? 0
#22 - Uhm... really? O.o Do they get paid for that?  [+] (4 new replies) 07/18/2015 on Nordic Power 0
#44 - anon (07/18/2015) [-]
He is talking out of his ass, the FDF has 3 main things it does:

1. Defend Finland
2. Support authorities during a crisis
3. Join peacekeeping operations (mainly UN)

So lets say an earthquake hits finland, one of our Nuclear powerplants blows up => FDF will help in any way, even draft people if necessary.
User avatar #39 - angelious (07/18/2015) [-]
military is mandatory.

you go to military for training. up to one year of time depending on if you stay as a recruit or if you advance in ranks.

you get paid depending on how much a pack of cigarettes costs in the stores.

after that you are moved to reserves. meaning if there comes an invasion you are called back for military service.

only commanding officers and such make a ca rear out of military service.
User avatar #24 - captainprincess (07/18/2015) [-]
You get paid during your service which is a minimum of 6 months and I think if you don't go into a full career at some base or other as an instructor or the like you can do 2 years service total

But the perk is that if you take up an actual job there you get to retire after like 25 years of doing jack shit service
#45 - anon (07/18/2015) [-]
I bet you served in logistics, what a bunch of pussies.

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User avatar #11 - kibbleking (12/12/2014) [-]
lel your'e a jew.
User avatar #6 - syrianassassin (08/05/2014) [-]
#7 to #6 - spamzor (08/05/2014) [-]
#8 to #7 - syrianassassin (08/05/2014) [-]
holy hannukah.   
im just bored and wanted to talk
holy hannukah.

im just bored and wanted to talk
#10 to #8 - spamzor (11/13/2014) [-]
So wassup?
#9 to #8 - spamzor (08/05/2014) [-]
Bad timing man, nothing more
#1 - leobreacker (04/09/2013) [-]
Sorry for scaring you ;D

The first time I clicked the link, (last week)
I fell of my chair, i had earphones in full volume and I was home alone.
******* knee started bleeding! Enjoy the link, ;D
#3 to #1 - spamzor (04/09/2013) [-]
I won't spread such evil on the world :p I'm way too lucky for that. You see, I was not wearing my headset.
User avatar #4 to #3 - leobreacker (04/09/2013) [-]
Why not!?
Evil is needed in this world to survive.
#5 to #4 - spamzor (04/09/2013) [-]
Yeaaaah, but people are modifying their enviroment so strongly that evil will soon only enter it on excemptional occasions, so we might as well already learn to live without it
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