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Age: 24
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Video Games Played: Pokemon, ESO, WoW, Hearthstone, Zelda, Mario, Pikmin, LoL
Interests: Art, Video Games, Cartoons, Dogs, Fried Foods and Alcohol
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#1888 - limeylim (05/23/2016) [-]
Thought you said you couldn't post content no more or some ****.
#1887 - anon (05/23/2016) [-]
#1886 - crixuz ONLINE (05/23/2016) [-]
#1885 - murphyslawtesties ONLINE (05/22/2016) [-]
#1884 - rubusguy (05/22/2016) [-]

How did you do it??
#1882 - hellscythe (05/18/2016) [-]
How many offerings to satan are to many?
#1881 - vetis (05/18/2016) [-]
Fresh Start Fever Lyrics  You Me At Six jamesssmeatsix

Thought you might enjoy this based on previous music you said you liked.
#1876 - thewafflearmeee (05/16/2016) [-]
Hope you don't mind, i always feel strange hitting up people i'd consider 'famous' in a way

like yeah you're a person and wanna be treated as such, but i could also be a rabid fanboy with a camera in your hedge

point being, HOI, just doing what i do best; showing up unannounced and being generally vague and confusing!

Is the new comic you're doing a recent endeavor, or a continuation of something? I could have sworn the main girl looks kinda familiar.
#1877 to #1876 - soule (05/16/2016) [-]
I've actually been working on this project since middle school. If you've ever been around my deviantart or tumblr there is lots of art of the characters in the series. There's also quite a bit of **** I've done of all the characters as well.

Also that gif wtf
#1878 to #1877 - thewafflearmeee (05/16/2016) [-]
It's an edit of one of my fave webcomics, Prequel, i HOPE you've read it, if not, you should, it's top-tier and amazin

and that's really cool, though. I never really learned to draw, and have always been intimidated to learn, so it's cool that you can actually kinda realize that dream you've been working on, you know? Eheh

i've gotten by with commissions of a few of my characters, but it's still always baffled me how it can come so naturally to people like you, it's really impressive, considering anything above a stick figure is really tough work, in my case.
#1879 to #1878 - soule (05/16/2016) [-]
I always tell people that with enough practice anyone can be a good artist.

And I'll have to check out that comic sometime. :0
#1880 to #1879 - thewafflearmeee (05/16/2016) [-]
You should, it's SO cute

it's based off of TES IV: Oblivion, but you really don't need to have played the game to get it, it's a really self-sufficient kind of story. Always helps to get those little insider quips though

and yeah, that's what i've been told, but i dunno. I'm kind of a wierd learner, i have a hard time learning by myself, and i've always kinda needed someone to sit with me and patiently spell out things for me. I mean, i'm an information SPONGE once i get something, but learning something that's completely foreign always was a bit troublesome for me

I still enjoy my writing though, so i at least have that
#1874 - fukitidk (05/15/2016) [-]
Sometimes, i dream about cheese
lots and lots of cheese
#1875 to #1874 - soule (05/15/2016) [-]
Me too.
#1873 - anon (05/15/2016) [-]
WTF? I haven't seen you at the gym in a week
#1883 to #1873 - soule (05/19/2016) [-]
I assume that's why you unfriended me.